Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ran again.

Okay so I'm officially a crazy running woman. I ran outside today in 6 degrees, sunny weather with my 22lbs toddler in her jogging stroller for 5.3 km. I only ran at a 6km/hr pace but I did have to push her and I am 30 weeks pregnant so I think I'll cut myself some slack. I'm also feeling really tired. Today was supposed to be my day of rest but due to an appointment my home daycare lady had to close at 12:30pm today so instead of picking Lillian up at 4:30 I had to pick her up at 12:30pm. It was nice that I got her at nap time so she slept from 1-3pm but it was still a long day. So I at least managed to run, and am really proud of that. I've been feeling really down this week since my weight gain this pregnancy is just CRAZY and I feel huge and fat and am really unhappy about it. I've already gained more than I did with Lillian and that scares me. While I know it's going to be worth it I'm still feeling really scared that I won't be able to lose it all with two little babies (under 2 years old) and I'll be back to being fat and unhealthy. Those feelings make me want to cry. So now I've released them into the internet and hope they will stop haunting me.

Above is a lovely photo of my daughter eyeing her daddy's Jello. She managed to get him to share it with her, and I had to get him a second bowl since she ate most of that one. After that we actually made her, her own batch of Jello.

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  1. (((HUGS)))
    I too hope now that you have released your thoughts about being fat and unhealthy you are feeling better!!!

    You so will get back to your pre-pregnancy weight and lifestyle because you are an awesome woman and mom who cares about these may take longer to do it all and you may need to find different ways to make things work but you will definitely DO IT!!!!

    Have faith in yourself!!!