Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Starting to feel it.

Okay so I still want to keep running and when I am running I feel fantastic and alive and I know it's helping keep me from gaining a tonne of weight, but I'm starting to feel it a lot more after, at least that's what my hubby thinks. My exercise is helping me to fall asleep quickly and easily in the evening, but it may be causing some cramps in my legs too. I know pregnancy causes a lot of funny things and I have read about it making your legs feel odd but I have it in one particular muscle on both sides. I figure I'll keep the running going and when I see my OB in two weeks I'll ask him if what I'm feeling is common and let him decide what I should be doing, if anything, about it.

I've also been thinking a lot lately, most likely induced by my hormonal past few days, especially since so many of our friends are expecting and having babies right now. My old roommate from university (who I still keep in touch with) became an aunt again, and her nephew was born just before 38 weeks. Is it bad that, this makes me jealous? I also know a few pregnant woman, most of whom I am trying to make a baby quilt for, I plan to spend a lot of time next week quilting while my mother is up visiting, and am very excited that my daughter is going to have more playmates. I also know a few couples, at least two, who are trying right now too, so it's just baby, baby, baby in my world right now.

So next week I'll be posting my next belly shots to show off my ever growing bump and I'll keep you posted when I get my butt back on the treadmill again. I do have another "run and brunch" planned for Saturday so if I slack until then at least I have one good run planned already!

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