Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dirt is great.

On days when I'm feeling down I just need to look at my beautiful daughter to be reminded of how wonderful the world around us can be. Here is a video I took of her almost a year ago today. She's so happy to wake up and play!


Next you can see her delight in the clothes pins while I'm hanging laundry. This was taken at the end of last summer.

Finally is a video from today. Look how delighted she is to have discovered that dirt can be smeared on things, including her!

It's amazing how such small, simple things can be so delightful for a little baby and just make me smile!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Not around much

Sorry I've been slacking in the posting lately. I've got a bit of a cold, and am getting nervous about next week's start of term. Usually the first two weeks are crazy for me, with week 1 being CRAZY and week two being a bit crazy, but this time both are CRAZY! So honestly I'm a little bit nervous right now and just want these two weeks to be over. Part of me is concerned that if I am going to go into labour before I'm term it will happen during my 2nd crazy week. I know it's not good or helpful to think like that but I can't help it. My stress level will be much higher for those two weeks.

34 weeks pregnant in my pjs!
One bit of good news is that my mother just found out her summer course is not going to happen. So if she doesn't have to work since her course got canceled she's going to come up and help us with Lillian and maybe even take her to her house for a few days, up to a week. While I really, really miss my  baby while she's gone, I know that I will sleep a little better not having to worry about rushing out the door in the early am to get to work for 7:30am so that I can be done at 2:30pm to rush to daycare and pick her up. So there is that advantage. But first we have to see if she has to work or not. My mom is being retrained and honestly the way this system is run is so messed up. She has to take a class or they'll make her get a job and her friend in the same situation doesn't have to go to school or work. She just gets the summer off. I think it's utterly ridiculous how they treat two people so different. And don't even get me started on how they schedule courses at that school. I schedule my school's courses and am working on the Winter 2012 term, and my mom found out today that her class on Monday isn't happening! Seriously!!

So now I'm getting ready for my weekend, and counting down the 40 days left until my due date (19 days of work left). My weekend plans involve trying to talk my hubby into taking the toddler to go visit his dad, so I get a day off, and cheering him on during his half-marathon on Sunday. My best time is 2:30:47 so let's see if he can beat that on Sunday. If not I'm still the fastest runner in our family. Wish him luck or me in keeping my record!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo Monday!

Here is my lovely little lady in her pretty Easter dress from her great grandma.
Here are the two loves of my life colouring eggs. One knows what he's doing and the other just wants to stir the colour.
 Ops! A bit of blue colour got away but don't worry she's got us covered. I just noticed a bit of baby butt crack in this shot. Such a classy girl.
 Chilling inside after a busy busy weekend!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finding some awesome help.

So I haven't finished anything yet, but I have found out that I have some super awesome and talented friends! One friend took a cooking course in Thailand and will help me with my Pad Thai (#65), another friend who has a fantastic scone recipe (#66), another one who will test all my black forest cakes for me (#67), a friend who can help me learn to iron (#37), the same one who is can iron will help me get some volunteering in (#48).

So all around I have some wicked awesome friends! Here are some Easter celebration photos of my monkey and our family! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 1, Item 9, 1/5 done!

Okay so I started my list today! Number 9 is to try 5 new sewing projects and tonight my girlfriend Jenn and I made a knitting needle case! I'm super excited it turned out, since it's a gift for her mom.

I also have a friend who will teach me how to make pad thai, another one who has a fabulous scone recipe, and one who will try every black forest cake I can come up with. I also found someone who will go skydiving with my hubby for his crazy thing so she can leave her baby home with me and my little ladies and then call me before and after they jump so I don't feel so scared.

All in all I'm really excited about all this and starting the first time on my list feels GREAT!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

101 Things in 1001 days.

Okay so I'm seriously excited! A friend of mine wrote a blog about doing this 101 things in 1001 days and now I am going to do this too. I find it exciting to think of having something else to work on besides cooking a baby and complaining about being unable to run. So here is a way to better myself in many different ways, and not stress out about how long I have to do it. Some will be great for my family, some are sallow, some silly, and some are just based on things I've wanted to do for a long time.

So some days I will be writing about this and detailing my accomplishments and how far I'm getting with them. Below you can see my list! I left a few blank so that I can add a few over the next few days and weeks. So wish me luck on this journey! I hope that you enjoy reading about my accomplishments along the way! I'm excited and nervous but I know this is going to make me a stronger person!

So today is day 0, April 18th, 2011 and my last day will be January 14th, 2014.

1. Read 20 classic books.
2. Knit 10 scarves for people I adore.
3. Quilt 10 baby quilts.
4. Teach Einstein 10 new words.
5. Write a handwritten letter every month.
6. Paint another picture for our house.
7. Don’t swear for 2 weeks.
8. Send baby photos to the great-grandparents every month.
9. Try 5 new sewing projects.
10. Don’t complain about anything for a week.
11. Reach 1001 blog posts on mommy blog.
12. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
13. Finish Lillian’s baby book.
14. Finish Katrina’s baby book.
15. Finish the baby album for me.
16. Organize our photos on the backup.
17. Get a nice family photo taken and frame it in the house.
18. Go to a convention of some kind.
19. Beat my time in the Horror Hill run.
20. Run a full Marathon.
21. Run a half-marathon in under 2:22:22.
22. Hit 5,000km total run on daily mile.
23. Run at least 10km in -10 degrees again.
24. Run at least 10km in +20 degrees.
25. Sign up and complete a bootcamp.
26. Bike 100 km.
27. Buy a real running outfit.
28. Destroy 2 pairs of running shoes.
29. Go rock climbing.
30. Make a professional baby book for Peter and Nancy.
31. Plant a tree in honour of my loved ones.
32. Apply for Canadian citizenship.
33. Be in a play (tech or on stage).
34. Take my mom to a spa treatment or play.
35. Take my family on a real picnic.
36. Buy a cool spring/trench coat.
37. Learn to iron dress clothes.
38. Learn first aid.
39. Donate blood.
40. Read the Old Testament.
41. Read the New Testament.
42. Write something for Wikipedia and have is stay up for a week.
43. Do something with my wedding dress.
44. Teach the babies to swim lessons with swim lessons.
45. Take the babies to the park or library every day for 2 weeks.
46. Take the babies to Niagra Falls.
47. Spend a weekend away with my husband.
48. Volunteer for 20 hours.
49. Take my family camping.
50. Go to L.A.with Steve.
51. See a real observatory (not Waterloo).
52. Let Steve do something crazy/adventurous (sky diving, bungee jumping, hot air balloon)
53. Don’t lose my temper for 10 days.
54. Finish a crossword puzzle with no help
55. Put up a back splash in our kitchen.
56. Eat brussel sprouts again.
57. Volunteer for the cleanup at my church.
58. Go TV free for 10 days (including netflix).
59. Avoid Facebook for 10 days.
60. Have a Star Trek marathon.
61. Actually grow sunflowers.
62. Photograph the kids beside the growing sunflowers.
63. Grow 10 different fruits/veggies/herbs in our home garden.
64. Host another Hanov/Barey family function.
65. Learn to make yummy Pad Thai from scratch.
66. Learn to make yummy scones (not rocks).
67. Learn to make a yummy, authentic Black Forest Cake.
68. Try 10 new foods or dishes (at least 3 must be spicy).
69. Try 10 new fruits or vegetables.
70. Don’t eat out for 25 days.
71. Try 5 new flavours of ice cream.
72. Bake at least 3 kinds of bread from scratch (as in no bread maker).
73. Write a small program to impress Steve.
74. Ride a roller coaster and not cry.
75. Pray everyday for a month.
76. Attend weekly Mass for 6 weeks straight.
77. Complement my husband everyday for a month.
78. Get a new hot mommy hair style.
79. Reduce my clothes by a third.
80. Save up $1,000 from my allowances to save for things.
81. Photograph my second baby as much as my first baby.
82. Reduce my book collection by 10%.
83. Go to 5 concerts or shows.
84. Do pretty landscaping on our front lawn.
85. Go to the zoo.
86. Spend a rainy day resting and relaxing in bed.
87. Edit the video footage on our camera.
88. Have a successful birth for our second baby.
89. Finish the alien decorations for Lillian’s room.
100. Apply for a Master’s program.
101. Beat my record.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Late Update.

Another quilt all done.
So here's my new belly shot! I know I'm sounding like a broken record but I am really starting to feel HUGE now. I am fully aware that I am not because I am going to get larger soon enough but I just feel massive. I am always in the way and I can't seem to fit into places that I used to and I can't bend over normally anymore and I'm so done with it.

Here is the other quilt that I managed to finish up. This is the one I made for a coworker. I am super excited about it since it's really cute and was a lot of fun to do. So now it's all done and my friend and I can do our surprise gift for my coworker on Monday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have snow on the ground AGAIN so I'm hopeful that things will be nice tomorrow and I get to have a play date with another good friend. So the mood is good this weekend and hopefully will keep hanging around.

My sleeping angel.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I do when I can't run.

So while I love running and am sad that my belly is now to big to comfortably be able to jog anymore I have found some things to do that keep me busy until I can run. I'm 57 days away from my due date for anyone who wants to know. So today I decided to show off a few of the baby quilts I've made (some with my mommy's help) this year. I have two more that are almost finished so they will be shown off once they are complete and my hubby brings my camera back from his business trip. You'll notice that these quilts all have something in common, which happens to be that everyone and their brother wants to do a jungle animals theme.

Jungle Animals - complex
 I call this one Jungle animals complex because I stitched around every animal (except the top and bottom border), plant and leaf on this whole thing! It took an eternity! I started it last year, got about 75% done and was so sick of it that I just gave up and shoved it into my closet. Then this year I pulled it out and became determined to finish it since I have a very dear friend who has been having a very difficult pregnancy and I know that this would just make her day. So this little quilt has a home with a little boy who will have two big sisters (who each have their own quilt by me) and it will be well used and very loved. So it was meant for them and that's why it needed to wait to be finished. I'm actually giving it to her this week, so yippy!

Crazy Jungle Animals in Orange
The next quilt was made half by me and half by my mom. I call it crazy because the animal shapes are very different. It's more artistic than a standard, cutsie baby quilt. I also went with orange so that it can go to a boy or girl. I started it and my mom snatched it when she was up visiting to finish and managed to get it done in her time here. Square quilts are easier to do because they have less complicated parts and boxes are much easier to quilt around.

Crazy coloured alphabet animals
The last quilt, is one that was done completely by my mother, however, I have done this same quilt myself before. The only difference is that when I did it I used a black with crazy polka dot background. She took this one to her place in pieces and brought it back finished. I personally LOVE this baby quilt. It's cool, it's fun and so long as you use a neutral colour can be for a boy or girl and teaches letters!

Currently in my "Unstarted Projects" box I have 8 baby quilts and a set of pillows for Lillian's big girl room. Of those 8 quilts, 1 is another copy of the crazy coloured alphabet animals, 1 is another copy of the complex jungle animals (complete with felt zebra fabric that I add to the sides which is not part of the pattern), 1 is a copy of a pirate map I did last year, 1 is a copy of a LOVE quilt I did last year and the rest are unique. I find that when I really enjoy how a quilt turns out and the fabric is still available the next time I go (which is only every 3-6 months unless I need something specific) I get another one just so that I have it. A lot of these quilts have specific owners in mind, others are just in case quilts. The two that are almost done (theme are surprise since they are not jungle animals) are for people I know, which the other two here are not for a specific person.

So there are my lovely  baby quilts! Hope you enjoyed a topic on something other than running and being fat and pregnant. I'll post a photo of the other two when I finish them. One should be this week the other, hopefully Easter weekend.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Already sad.

My hubby has only been gone for 9 hours and I already miss him and feel super lonely. My bed is too large without him here and I'm a bit nervous about having to handle everything on my own. Funny how I have no doubts in my ability to handle everything at home once we have two babies but 4.5 days on my own with him at MIT and I'm shaking in my boots!

Oh well. No running this week since my body (legs, back and pelvic region) have been really sore. Planning to move from jogging into walking next week and will keep you posted!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm.

So it's 10:30pm. My baby girl is sound asleep, my hubby is packed and working on his computer to set things up before he leaves, I've had my nighttime snack, my quiltting is enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to a silly TV marathon tomorrow on discovery (I watch Deadliest Catch - yes I'm a loser). So now everything is calm, quiet and a typical Saturday night, but tomorrow, oh watch out! Tomorrow all hell breaks lose! My hubby leaves after lunch (during nap time) to go on a business trip and won't be home until late, on Thursday (and by late I mean his plane lands at 11pm). So that means I'm a single mommy for the next 5 days, ekkk!

Lillian watching the bunny in our yard.
I didn't run today because my hubby and I went out of our way to spend the day together and it was wonderful. We ran errands, got our all season tires on his car (mine still has snow tires) so I can drive a car to work this week without killing our snow tires (my snow tires are brand new, and we need new all seasons so we have to wait until we have time to buy my tires to swap them), and managed to get a few winter things really cheap for Lillian, a few new pairs of shoes and more food than the three of us girls (well 2.5) could eat in 3 weeks, let alone 1. So all around it was a WONDERFUL day and I really enjoyed just being with the family (even if our baby only got half her usual nap).

So now he's off for an adventure at MIT for his work and can enjoy his symposium knowing that me and the baby are good and taken care of. I just hope I make it through this week without going crazy or driving anyone else crazy! At least I have a day with my mommy friends on Wednesday to look forward to. New belly photo coming soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feeling SOOOOO Tired.

Lillian licking the frosting bowl for the first time.
Big surprise! 30.5 weeks pregnant and I am EXAUSTED this week. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'm just not sleeping through the night and I've seriously had enough of it. This little baby is a crazy wiggle baby. My hubby and my theory is that because Lillian was 8lbs 4oz, and this little baby is only 3lbs right now she has CRAZY amounts of room to jump, kick, bounce, wiggle, kick, and hop back and froth inside my womb. So now I have a crazy kicky baby (for the record I was a crazy kicky baby) that won't stop kicking and gets especially active from 8pm until the morning. During the day she doesn't really do much but at night it's almost non-stop. Hence the not sleeping. So now I'm cranky, and tired and counting down the days until this baby is out and I can actually get some sleep without being kicked. I know, I know, I'll be waking up for feedings then but at least I can sleep in between longer than I am now.

Wish me and my 65 days luck.