Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm.

So it's 10:30pm. My baby girl is sound asleep, my hubby is packed and working on his computer to set things up before he leaves, I've had my nighttime snack, my quiltting is enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to a silly TV marathon tomorrow on discovery (I watch Deadliest Catch - yes I'm a loser). So now everything is calm, quiet and a typical Saturday night, but tomorrow, oh watch out! Tomorrow all hell breaks lose! My hubby leaves after lunch (during nap time) to go on a business trip and won't be home until late, on Thursday (and by late I mean his plane lands at 11pm). So that means I'm a single mommy for the next 5 days, ekkk!

Lillian watching the bunny in our yard.
I didn't run today because my hubby and I went out of our way to spend the day together and it was wonderful. We ran errands, got our all season tires on his car (mine still has snow tires) so I can drive a car to work this week without killing our snow tires (my snow tires are brand new, and we need new all seasons so we have to wait until we have time to buy my tires to swap them), and managed to get a few winter things really cheap for Lillian, a few new pairs of shoes and more food than the three of us girls (well 2.5) could eat in 3 weeks, let alone 1. So all around it was a WONDERFUL day and I really enjoyed just being with the family (even if our baby only got half her usual nap).

So now he's off for an adventure at MIT for his work and can enjoy his symposium knowing that me and the baby are good and taken care of. I just hope I make it through this week without going crazy or driving anyone else crazy! At least I have a day with my mommy friends on Wednesday to look forward to. New belly photo coming soon!

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