Sunday, April 17, 2011

Late Update.

Another quilt all done.
So here's my new belly shot! I know I'm sounding like a broken record but I am really starting to feel HUGE now. I am fully aware that I am not because I am going to get larger soon enough but I just feel massive. I am always in the way and I can't seem to fit into places that I used to and I can't bend over normally anymore and I'm so done with it.

Here is the other quilt that I managed to finish up. This is the one I made for a coworker. I am super excited about it since it's really cute and was a lot of fun to do. So now it's all done and my friend and I can do our surprise gift for my coworker on Monday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have snow on the ground AGAIN so I'm hopeful that things will be nice tomorrow and I get to have a play date with another good friend. So the mood is good this weekend and hopefully will keep hanging around.

My sleeping angel.

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