Friday, April 29, 2011

Not around much

Sorry I've been slacking in the posting lately. I've got a bit of a cold, and am getting nervous about next week's start of term. Usually the first two weeks are crazy for me, with week 1 being CRAZY and week two being a bit crazy, but this time both are CRAZY! So honestly I'm a little bit nervous right now and just want these two weeks to be over. Part of me is concerned that if I am going to go into labour before I'm term it will happen during my 2nd crazy week. I know it's not good or helpful to think like that but I can't help it. My stress level will be much higher for those two weeks.

34 weeks pregnant in my pjs!
One bit of good news is that my mother just found out her summer course is not going to happen. So if she doesn't have to work since her course got canceled she's going to come up and help us with Lillian and maybe even take her to her house for a few days, up to a week. While I really, really miss my  baby while she's gone, I know that I will sleep a little better not having to worry about rushing out the door in the early am to get to work for 7:30am so that I can be done at 2:30pm to rush to daycare and pick her up. So there is that advantage. But first we have to see if she has to work or not. My mom is being retrained and honestly the way this system is run is so messed up. She has to take a class or they'll make her get a job and her friend in the same situation doesn't have to go to school or work. She just gets the summer off. I think it's utterly ridiculous how they treat two people so different. And don't even get me started on how they schedule courses at that school. I schedule my school's courses and am working on the Winter 2012 term, and my mom found out today that her class on Monday isn't happening! Seriously!!

So now I'm getting ready for my weekend, and counting down the 40 days left until my due date (19 days of work left). My weekend plans involve trying to talk my hubby into taking the toddler to go visit his dad, so I get a day off, and cheering him on during his half-marathon on Sunday. My best time is 2:30:47 so let's see if he can beat that on Sunday. If not I'm still the fastest runner in our family. Wish him luck or me in keeping my record!

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