Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I do when I can't run.

So while I love running and am sad that my belly is now to big to comfortably be able to jog anymore I have found some things to do that keep me busy until I can run. I'm 57 days away from my due date for anyone who wants to know. So today I decided to show off a few of the baby quilts I've made (some with my mommy's help) this year. I have two more that are almost finished so they will be shown off once they are complete and my hubby brings my camera back from his business trip. You'll notice that these quilts all have something in common, which happens to be that everyone and their brother wants to do a jungle animals theme.

Jungle Animals - complex
 I call this one Jungle animals complex because I stitched around every animal (except the top and bottom border), plant and leaf on this whole thing! It took an eternity! I started it last year, got about 75% done and was so sick of it that I just gave up and shoved it into my closet. Then this year I pulled it out and became determined to finish it since I have a very dear friend who has been having a very difficult pregnancy and I know that this would just make her day. So this little quilt has a home with a little boy who will have two big sisters (who each have their own quilt by me) and it will be well used and very loved. So it was meant for them and that's why it needed to wait to be finished. I'm actually giving it to her this week, so yippy!

Crazy Jungle Animals in Orange
The next quilt was made half by me and half by my mom. I call it crazy because the animal shapes are very different. It's more artistic than a standard, cutsie baby quilt. I also went with orange so that it can go to a boy or girl. I started it and my mom snatched it when she was up visiting to finish and managed to get it done in her time here. Square quilts are easier to do because they have less complicated parts and boxes are much easier to quilt around.

Crazy coloured alphabet animals
The last quilt, is one that was done completely by my mother, however, I have done this same quilt myself before. The only difference is that when I did it I used a black with crazy polka dot background. She took this one to her place in pieces and brought it back finished. I personally LOVE this baby quilt. It's cool, it's fun and so long as you use a neutral colour can be for a boy or girl and teaches letters!

Currently in my "Unstarted Projects" box I have 8 baby quilts and a set of pillows for Lillian's big girl room. Of those 8 quilts, 1 is another copy of the crazy coloured alphabet animals, 1 is another copy of the complex jungle animals (complete with felt zebra fabric that I add to the sides which is not part of the pattern), 1 is a copy of a pirate map I did last year, 1 is a copy of a LOVE quilt I did last year and the rest are unique. I find that when I really enjoy how a quilt turns out and the fabric is still available the next time I go (which is only every 3-6 months unless I need something specific) I get another one just so that I have it. A lot of these quilts have specific owners in mind, others are just in case quilts. The two that are almost done (theme are surprise since they are not jungle animals) are for people I know, which the other two here are not for a specific person.

So there are my lovely  baby quilts! Hope you enjoyed a topic on something other than running and being fat and pregnant. I'll post a photo of the other two when I finish them. One should be this week the other, hopefully Easter weekend.

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