Monday, May 9, 2011

Slacking a bit.

Okay so my blog has been lacking for the last bit, but it was my first week of term which is CRAZY for me, and I'm down to only 14 work days left until my maternity leave. And 14 is the maximum, since 1 day is a public holiday, and 2 are vacation days, which actually only leaves me with 11 and a whole bunch of work to get done. Eeeeck! So now my baby is visiting with her Oma for the week so I can get my work all done and get ready to start my maternity leave without worrying about things at the office.

First full day at Oma's and loving the make-shift sand box they set up.
Other than having a ton to do things have been well. My husband made my mother's day very special. My mom came down in order to take the baby back with her, and we went yard saling on Saturday and for only $30 got a whole bunch of clothes for our daughter and I am so excited about them. Wooden peg puzzles, duplos, a giant bag of crayons for $1! We couldn't have done better! Then on Sunday my hubby made breakfast for me, my mom and our baby. It was amazing and so yummy (eggs benedict -my favourite). I think I should let him make breakfast more often! :) After that we went to a large, local park and had a lot of fun with the baby. She played to the point of being exausted and then we headed home, fed her and let me mom take her.

So now I'm working on getting my work done on time, all while trying not to miss our baby too much. Hope all the mommy's who read this blog had a wonderful mother's day.

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