Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Ladies.

I had a great week. My university friends came down yesterday for a play date and to meet my new addition. It was a wonderful day. I really miss them when they aren't around so it was great to see them again. We are thinking of going to the zoo in July but the drive for me is almost two hours and my little Katrina eats so often that I can't make it right now. The eating happens every 90 minutes from start to start so I feed her for 40 minutes and then get 30-40 minutes off before she wants more, but when she cluster feeds it's only a hour between feedings. So I am rather concerned that I won't be able to make the drive all the way there.
Katrina slept for more than 5 hours again last night which is awesome though I'm concerned since I'm getting used to sleeping quite a bit so if she decides to stop sleeping so well it's going to suck for me. But I guess I should just count my blessings and enjoy the sleep while I can.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy, wonderful life.

So I haven't disappeared off the face of the world, honestly I promise!  I've just been adjusting to my wonderful new busy life and honestly it's crazy, busy and I don't get much sleep or remember to eat enough, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!
Lillian on her couch.
My toddler is adjusting wonderfully to having a baby sister and we haven't had many meltdowns or anything. A few little hissy fits and I cried once too when everyone was crying (including the parrot) but I am very happy with my little family.
Baby Katrina at 6 days old.
I truly feel so blessed right now. When I feel stressed out I just remind myself that I am so lucky to have beautiful, healthy babies, a wonderful husband who loves our girls and wants nothing more than to be a good husband and father, and to live in a beautiful country and have a good job and people who love me.

So even when I'm sleep deprived, and haven't showered and smell of milk I can hold my girls and remember how blessed I am.

I'll keep posting whenever possible and hopefully once I have more of a routine I can work my blog into it more often!
Steve with the baby.
My girls with their great-grandma, my Oma.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Katrina's Birth Story

So here is Katrina's detailed birth story. If you are faint of heart or don't like gross details then don't read any further. I plan to add Lillian's birth story in a few days for comparison.

Katrina’s Birth.

I went to bed on Saturday (June 11th) wondering when this baby would finally arrive. I woke up at 4am in pain and had to sit up to make the pain manageable. I timed a few contractions, still 12-15 minutes apart and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to let my mom and husband sleep and played on the computer until almost 7am. Then I woke up my mom and husband to let them know I think things had started. We spent the day keeping me busy but as the day went along the contractions didn’t really get much closer together or all that much stronger and if I worked hard to not think about them I could be distracted. I personally felt they were pretty strong, and they averaged 4.5 minutes apart. We decided to be safe and head to the hospital. I called my girlfriend to come look after Lillian. My mother waited for her while  Steve and I headed to the hospital.

Once there Steve and I headed to triage and were signed in. They hooked me up to the fetal heart rate monitor so we got to hear the baby and know she was doing well. Next they checked me and I found out I was 2-3 cm dialated. The nurse sent me walking with Steve for an hour and said they’d check me again then. I said if nothing changes in that time I would prefer to go home to keep labouring in my own space. We updated my mom in the family waiting room and then wandered around the outside of the hospital for the required hour. Once we got back to the room there wasn’t any change. The nurse said since it was slow they could try breaking my water and induce me. I asked the doctor whether that meant I had to go on oxytocin and remain sitting or laying down or if they could just break the water. Since I would have had to take the drugs too, I decided I didn’t want to do that yet. So he cleared me to go home.

So we left the hospital, and my mom joked that we should pay for parking since it was yet another false alarm. By now my mom had been up at our house since the due date and we’ve just been sitting around waiting. By now, we were rather disappointed but at least we knew the baby was doing good and I was 2-3cm which was better than nothing. But I had seen my obstetrician on Monday and was 1cm then so that means I’d only gone 1-2cm in 6 days!

On Monday I woke up with the same pain as Sunday morning but the contractions were still only 5-7 minutes apart. Needless to say I was not impressed. They were a good minute long now but still really weak. My husband decided to work from home this day, though he ended up not working, and after reviewing the birth partner book again he felt his place was beside me supporting me. He’s really a good guy. So we fed our toddler breakfast and then my husband brought her to daycare for the day. By now my contractions were mostly 6 minutes apart and 1 minute long but still not so intense.

So we set about keeping me distracted. Since the pain was more frequent I found myself feeling rather naeuous. I had since the contractions started so I wasn’t eating much. My mother made me cream of wheat and got me to eat some even though I didn’t want to. They really had to push me to eat for the rest of the day. As the day went on the contractions started to hurt more. Steve got me walking around the block and when I walked they were every 5 minutes but when I sat down they 5-7 minutes. We watched a movie in the basement while my cleaning ladies cleaned the house. They only come one day a month, so the fact that is was this day amused me.

As the day wore on the contractions become 3-5 minutes apart and lasted for 90 seconds on average. By the afternoon they were starting to get strong. Once we had Lillian picked up from daycare, we ordered pizza and I managed to eat one slice. My mom noticed that my breathing were getting louder and more heavy when I walked around. By 6pm the pain was getting bad, so my mom recommended we go to the hospital again to have me looked over. I called my girlfriend and Steve and I headed to the hospital. We had promised to call my mom once we knew more.

We arrived at the hospital just after 7pm. Once there we learned that I was now 6cm along. We called my mom and other family members to let them know things were happening. My mom arrived and I moved into my labour room. We kept me walking around the room and I learned that if I wanted an epidural this time I had to make up my mind asap since he was going into a long process. But by the time I made into the room, he was no longer available so I couldn’t get one at that time. In honesty though at that time I was okay still.

For the next while I paced around the room and had my baby checked every 15 minutes, and me every hour. The next time they checked me around 9pm I was 6-7 cm so that was promising. The doctor then arrived and asked if I wanted my water broken to help speed things up. She also said I could have oxytocin if I wanted it. I asked to have the water broken but wait on the drugs. This is when things really picked up. The contractions started to really hurt and were very strong. I swayed while holding Steve, walked around, bounced on the birthing ball and just kept waiting while my body did it’s thing. Shortly after midnight I was in a lot of pain and gave into wanting an epidural. So they hooked me up to an IV to get my fluids up and a bit before 1am they arrived to give it to me. Steve held my hand and as soon as the drugs kicked in I felt a very strong urge to push. My nurse checked me, and I was 9.5 cm along. We just needed to wait for a bit more stretchiness.

A few contractions later I was set to go. I could not feel the pressure in my pelvis anymore but my vaginal reason was still fine, so I knew when my contractions were hitting and knew this baby was coming and soon. Steve and my mom took their spots on either side of me and the nurse, and medical student began to help me push. They realized quickly that I could feel everything because I would tell them when a contraction was coming and start to push when I needed to. They wandered around the room setting up tools and such until I called them for a contraction. After a few pushes they noticed the baby was facing the wrong direction and said I should stop pushing until she turns. I said no, and explained my first faced the wrong way too. The nurse smiled and called them ‘sunny side up’ babies, and we kept going.

Soon after that the nurse went to fetch the OB and told me to stop pushing hard until she got there. It was really hard not to push and I ended up pushing a bit anyway. Once the doctor was there I pushed harder and did exactly as she told me to. The nurse and doctor kept working on stretching me and in less than an hour from starting to push the baby came out and was confirmed to be another girl! I had been told she was a girl, but I was a guaranteed boy so I needed to see her to know for sure. My husband followed the baby to photograph her and my mother got to cut the cord.

Katrina arrived a 2:43am on Tuesday, June 14th. I riped less this time than with Lillian and my baby was 7 ½ oz lighter than Lillian. She weighed 7lbs 13.5 oz, was 50cm/19 3/4 inches long and arrived in around 7 hours once we got to the hospital.  One blessing from this whole thing, is that this baby was born exactly two years to the day that my mother-in-law passed away. We lost her suddenly on June 14th, 2009 and then 2 years, exactly, later we brought a new baby into the family.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

She's here!

Our newest addition, Katrina Denise arrived on Tuesday, June 14th at 2:43am. She was 7lbs, 13.5oz (7.5 smaller than when her sister was born) and is 50cm/19 3/4 inches long. I'll post more on the weekend when I've written out her birth story. For now, enjoy the photos.

What is 3am and why do you dislike it?

One tired but very proud mommy.

Already telling her sister secrets!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I think I'm finally in labour. I woke at 2am sore, rolled over, went back to sleep. Same thing at 3am but took a bit longer to sleep. At 4am laying down was not happening anymore and I had to get up. Played on Facebook a bit, watched some TV and now at 6:30am sitting isn't so fun anymore. Time to sneak in a last shower, and then wake up my hubby and mommy so we can keep me walking until standing/walking is too much and then we can call the sitter and head in to the hospital. At least I could let my helpers sleep a little more than I got to!

Fingers crossed that this is it! I'm also amused because I think today is the day my coworker/running best friend picked in our work baby pool. I think she'll be pleased.

Friday, June 10, 2011

This is getting ridiculous!

40 weeks pregnant - June 8th due date.
Okay so not only am I past my due date, I'm 40 weeks, 2 days pregnant, and seriously tired for having a sore back and being crampy. My mom came up Wednesday because my back hurt and I kept having cramps. Well 2.5 days later and still nada!

I'm done being pregnant. I want my body and myself back. I'm losing patience, it's too hot, and I want to meet my new baby girl. My mom is up now probably until the baby arrives, though she thinks we just called her so she'd help with the dishes and laundry, which is nice, but I much prefer that my husband doesn't call me every two hours from work asking if I'm in labour, or if the baby is coming. He can work without the worry because my mom is here. Plus, she keeps my mind off things. We did laundry, went shopping, went out to lunch, and did some stuff around the house. Though we failed to garden the baby out, shop the baby out, eat ourselves to the point of the baby coming out, and walked the baby out. I'm running out of ideas.

Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day, but honestly I doubt it.

Lillian's opinion of there not being a new baby yet. Okay actually b/c we were leaving the park, but still obviously it would be more fun with a sister.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting closer!

Saw the OB this morning and I am 1cm dilated. For some this is no big deal, my mom walked around 1cm for weeks before my sister was born, but for me when I was pregnant with Lillian I didn't hit 1cm until the day before my water broke. So I stay sealed up right until the end, so 1cm is a big deal! I have another appointment for next week on Tuesday, but he doubts I'll make it that long, though if it does happen we'll figure out the plan for being induced at that time.
Soon to be big sister.

I'm going to get a nice massage tonight from a reflexology person, who also happens to be my daycare lady. :) Her home business is doing so well that she won't be doing daycare anymore after September, so when we pull Lillian out in July she will not be going back to the same place. But I know she'll do well where ever she goes. So I'm hopeful that the massage, combined with the 1cm will help this little miracle come out ALREADY!!
Daddy's little helper.
Either way, I'm good. I've got plans for this week so I won't be sitting at home bored, just waiting. And if she comes they are nothing that can't be canceled or postponed! So let's hope that things work out well in the next few days. I've got my babysitters, my hospital bag is in the car, my mother is on call for as soon and I start to go. Hopefully I'll be home with a beautiful baby soon!

Friday, June 3, 2011

For the love of God get out!

Wondering where her little sister is already!
Sorry in advance, but this kid needs to get out already! I'm 39 weeks and 2 days along and I'm so OVER being pregnant! My plan is lots of walking and resting this weekend, then on Monday I see the OB and if he doesn't see anything happening I'm going to get some pregnancy reflexology/massage on Monday evening to see if that helps get things moving along a bit. Worst case it does nothing and I got a massage so I figure it doesn't hurt to try.

I'm trying to be greatful that I have had a healthy pregnancy, my girlfriend hasn't, and I'm trying to think how lucky we are that this baby came so easily, my other girlfriend hasn't been so luck, and I'm thankful that my husband has let me keep Lillian in daycare for the next month so I can rest and bond with the new baby, not everyone can afford that, but I'm done. My belly is huge and rock hard, the 60lbs are really wearing on me, and frankly I'm exausted and feeling a bit lonely. I've been home all week and while I've managed to do 22 of the 26 things on my list, I feel sad. I want to meet my baby and just have this end already.

Tomorrow I go to a GIANT mom to mom yard sale to hopefully find some new things for my toddler and baby. Wish me luck that I'll get great deals and not have a cranky pants baby the whole time.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello June!

39 weeks pregnant.

So I'm officially having as June baby as it's June 2nd and I'm still pregnant. That's okay. I want a nice healthy baby and she is squirming like crazy in there so I know she's doing well, and if she can move so much it must mean that she's smaller than Lillian was at this stage (fingers crossed). I feel huge like a house but I'm off work now so I've been keeping busy around the house. I planted our summer vegetable garden today so that is a good thing and will hopefully provide us with lots of yummy fresh veggies this summer to enjoy. So that's my update for now. Hope everyone is doing well and feel free to post your blogs in my comments. A lot of my blogs I read nightly are giving up blogging or just not posting a lot since it's summer and I'm looking to add to the list.

Hope you're enjoying the sun!

The mini garden. Peas, lettuce and a watermelon.