Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy, wonderful life.

So I haven't disappeared off the face of the world, honestly I promise!  I've just been adjusting to my wonderful new busy life and honestly it's crazy, busy and I don't get much sleep or remember to eat enough, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!
Lillian on her couch.
My toddler is adjusting wonderfully to having a baby sister and we haven't had many meltdowns or anything. A few little hissy fits and I cried once too when everyone was crying (including the parrot) but I am very happy with my little family.
Baby Katrina at 6 days old.
I truly feel so blessed right now. When I feel stressed out I just remind myself that I am so lucky to have beautiful, healthy babies, a wonderful husband who loves our girls and wants nothing more than to be a good husband and father, and to live in a beautiful country and have a good job and people who love me.

So even when I'm sleep deprived, and haven't showered and smell of milk I can hold my girls and remember how blessed I am.

I'll keep posting whenever possible and hopefully once I have more of a routine I can work my blog into it more often!
Steve with the baby.
My girls with their great-grandma, my Oma.

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