Friday, June 3, 2011

For the love of God get out!

Wondering where her little sister is already!
Sorry in advance, but this kid needs to get out already! I'm 39 weeks and 2 days along and I'm so OVER being pregnant! My plan is lots of walking and resting this weekend, then on Monday I see the OB and if he doesn't see anything happening I'm going to get some pregnancy reflexology/massage on Monday evening to see if that helps get things moving along a bit. Worst case it does nothing and I got a massage so I figure it doesn't hurt to try.

I'm trying to be greatful that I have had a healthy pregnancy, my girlfriend hasn't, and I'm trying to think how lucky we are that this baby came so easily, my other girlfriend hasn't been so luck, and I'm thankful that my husband has let me keep Lillian in daycare for the next month so I can rest and bond with the new baby, not everyone can afford that, but I'm done. My belly is huge and rock hard, the 60lbs are really wearing on me, and frankly I'm exausted and feeling a bit lonely. I've been home all week and while I've managed to do 22 of the 26 things on my list, I feel sad. I want to meet my baby and just have this end already.

Tomorrow I go to a GIANT mom to mom yard sale to hopefully find some new things for my toddler and baby. Wish me luck that I'll get great deals and not have a cranky pants baby the whole time.

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