Friday, June 10, 2011

This is getting ridiculous!

40 weeks pregnant - June 8th due date.
Okay so not only am I past my due date, I'm 40 weeks, 2 days pregnant, and seriously tired for having a sore back and being crampy. My mom came up Wednesday because my back hurt and I kept having cramps. Well 2.5 days later and still nada!

I'm done being pregnant. I want my body and myself back. I'm losing patience, it's too hot, and I want to meet my new baby girl. My mom is up now probably until the baby arrives, though she thinks we just called her so she'd help with the dishes and laundry, which is nice, but I much prefer that my husband doesn't call me every two hours from work asking if I'm in labour, or if the baby is coming. He can work without the worry because my mom is here. Plus, she keeps my mind off things. We did laundry, went shopping, went out to lunch, and did some stuff around the house. Though we failed to garden the baby out, shop the baby out, eat ourselves to the point of the baby coming out, and walked the baby out. I'm running out of ideas.

Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day, but honestly I doubt it.

Lillian's opinion of there not being a new baby yet. Okay actually b/c we were leaving the park, but still obviously it would be more fun with a sister.

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  1. I always 'tried' everything to get the baby out never worked!!! So I know the feeling, hang in there and try to enjoy the last few days of being pregnant with no engorgement, sore lower parts and just one little one to give all of your affection to.