Sunday, July 31, 2011

Figured out the cooking obsession.

So I finally figured out what has caused me to become so obsessed with cooking lately, and it's not just how wonderfully delicious the food is. I enjoy going out with friends or my husband for a nice meal but while I was pregnant with Katrina I was tired a lot and fast food was very easy, especially Subway which is less than a km from our house. But now, with two small kids having the time and being able to leave them with people isn't easy, and honestly taking them into a Subway would just be more trouble than it's worth. Honestly, picture Lillian running around, saying hi to strangers and Katrina crying in the not moving car seat. Plus, how do you get the food to the car when one arm has the car seat and the other holds Lillian's hand to keep her from bolting across the parking lot!

So this pretty much means I'm not spending my allowance every week on going out to eat. I do manage a starbucks visit but they know me at the one by my house so I don't worry if Lillian runs around a bit there. They like her, and think Katrina is adorable. But since I can't go out to get my foodie fix, I have to bring the great food home. The advantage for me of cooking it all myself means I have more money in my allowance to buy new running stuff, books, etc... and my family is eating this really great, healthy, wholesome food and I get to be all fancy and creative in the kitchen.

We tried the flat bread recipe today from the new book and it was really good. I liked it better than our usual pizza crust so it may be the replacement thin crust, especially since it was only 4 weight watchers points and my other one is 8 or 9. That's a BIG difference! So my plan is before shopping tomorrow, go through the book and get the ingredients I'm missing for 10 new recipes so if I feel the urge this week to make something from the book I can! I have about 6 different recipes I keep going back to and am missing a key ingredient or two, but honestly I can keep white wine vinegar, molasses, fresh mozzarella and things like that around no problem and then I can whip up something whenever the urge strikes, which right now it does almost daily!

I'll try to post some photos of my awesome meals. Above is a salad I made with the leftover salmon and blueberry mango salsa on Friday. It was CRAZY good!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

First outside run.

So I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and was given the go ahead to start my running again, and today I had my first outside run with my running BFF. In a perfect world we would have gone faster and further but that's alright. I had a baby 6.5 weeks ago so I need to be easier on myself, and today I did my best. We ran for 1 hour, and yes that was exactly 1:00:00 on my garmin, which allowed us to go 5.2km. So that was my furthest run since having the baby. I think it may have even taken me longer than it did the first time I went 5.2km but in my defense I had been running 2 or 3 miles on a treadmill when I headed outside. Right now the longest run I've done before today was 1.9 miles.

So my Garmin got it's first workout in a while, my running shoes got to feel some socked feet in them, and I feel like a million bucks and now have a starting time to improve. And my little peanut got her first run outside in our baby jogger and she seemed quite pleased. She slept through the whole thing which was wonderful.

And while running I picked a sort of baby run to be my first race back at it. I'm a University of Waterloo alumni (and current staff member) and my running BFF is also an alumni (and current faculty in my department) so we are going to do the AHS fun run that is held during homecoming weekend every year. It's a free race (meaning no fee), it's only 5km, it's a month before my 15km race, it's on campus, and you can take strollers so we'll each push one of the babies. My running BFF is getting back from an injury and wasn't sure if she should do the race since she'd feel the urge to really try to win, but with a jogging stroller and a baby she can't rush and so will pace me and take her time.

So now I have a new countdown and something to look forward to.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favourites - Post run indulgence

Okay, I figure that we all have our guilty pleasures, and some that are saved specifically for after running!

The simplest pleasure I have after a run is a nice hot shower! I know it sounds silly but with two girls under the age of 2 a shower is a real luxury to me! My husband and I have a deal that no matter how busy we are I get 10 minutes a day to shower. So no matter what comes up I get a few minutes of silence and time to myself to clean up, and rinse myself. I hate heat, I hate being hot, and I hate being sweaty, so if I don't have a shower each and every day I cringe! So nothing feels better after a run, whether it be in the hot summer or snowing winter, is to have that hot water beating the run off me. I have even been known to plop my first born in her crib or bouncy chair and set her outside the shower in order for me to get that special "me" time, even if she was not happy about it and cried for the whole time.

The next guilty pleasure I have after running is to enjoy a nice big bite of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. We typically only buy ice cream where I can pronounce all the ingredients and know what exactly they are and Haagen-Dazs is so yummy! I especially love the Latte flavour, Mayan Chocolate, and Rocky Road. If I manage to get a nice run in, I grab one of my spoons (size depends on the length of the run) and I stand at my freezer and savour a nice spoonful of ice cream. Add that to the endorphins from the run and I am one happy lady!

Finally, my big indulgence is a post-race meal out. After running a half-marathon or 10k I enjoy going out with my family. My husband's family are big fans of the Mandarin all you can eat buffet and we love going but try to avoid it since we end up eating so much. However, both of us agree that after running 21km you earned the right to eat what you want. The exception was in May of this year when my hubby ran a half and I was pregnant. We decided to do brunch together since he was doing it alone, and we wanted to avoid me overeating too much. In the end it's something that helps push me through to that last little part since I know there will be a yummy treat waiting for me shortly.

So, what are your guilty running pleasures after a race?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Weigh in

So this week was a real success. I lost 2lbs which puts me at a total of 4.5lbs lost so far. Considering that I have to lose 44 lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight that means I'm 10% of the way there already, so that's a pretty great start to my journey and it makes me really excited for next week.
Daredevil baby. On the big kid gym herself.
In another journey my peanut saw our doctor on Monday morning and she's gone from 7lbs 13.5oz and 50cm to 10lbs 12oz and 57cm. She is in the 97th percentile for weight and 85th for height! So we have one big baby on our hands. This is different from Lillian too because Katrina is being considered on the WHO (world health organization)'s new breastfed baby chart that came out this year, and Lillian was on the old chart that measured both breast and bottle fed babies. But it's nice to know my baby is healthy.
Princess Katrina. Hmmm I'll take that toy.
So some highlights from my week are:
  • Katrina gave me her first real smile which I got while changing her diaper - it melted my heart.
  • I did not have a latte everyday and instead had some coffees (much lower calories).
  • I got back on the treadmill - twice!
  • I made my first recipe from my new cookbook - zucchini pancakes - and they were AWESOME!
  • Lillian has been talking up a storm and is learning a new word every few days.
 Some goals of mine for next week:
  • Have my first outside run.
  • Keep up the great eating.
  • Make another recipe from the book.
  • Have a great weekend with my family and take our first family shot.
  • Talk to my doctor about my abdominal pain and see if it's a complication from birth and if so when it will go away.
I hope everyone has some fun plans for the long weekend. We've got loads of things planned! I'm going running, removing the crib from Lillian's room, moving the rocks to the back where the shed is, spending time with my hubby, cooking up a storm. It will be a busy but great weekend.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting back to it.

So I promised my running BFF that I wouldn't start running too hard or fast as I get back into the swing of things, and I may have bent that promise a little today. I did a second run today, after yesterdays first run. Below are the specifics. When I got on the treadmill I told myself I could either up my walking speed from 3.2 to 3.5 or add 5 minutes. I chose to up the speed but when Katrina feel asleep at 18 minutes I took it as a sign and did two more sets. Lillian was already down for her nap.

Monday, July 25: 20 minutes - 15 minutes of 60/90 splits with 4.5/3.2 mph, 2:30 warm up, and 60/90 with 5.5/3.2 mph.

Tuesday, July 26: 25 minutes - 20 minutes of 60/90 splits with 4.5/3.5 mph, 2:30 warm up, and 75/75 with 5.5/3.5 mph.

I feel very proud of my increased performance but will take tomorrow off. I can't overdo it before I see my OB, But how much do you wanna bet I'll try to run 5 or 6 days next week? Maybe even a run outside or attempt my first 5k! I know I'm a stinker, but I can't wait! Running Alice is BACK baby.

Time to charge the Garmin. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mommies have bad days too.

So my peanut didn't want to go to sleep until midnight last night. She fussed from 10-12 straight and nothing seemed to work. I nursed her for a good 70 of the 120 minutes, changed her diaper, rocked her, sang to her, cuddled her, walked around with her, put her in the swing and NOTHING worked. Shortly after 12 I swaddled her and bounced on the yoga ball with her on my lap and she quieted down a bit, and shortly after feel asleep. Needless to say it was a very trying night. Then at 5am we got a mini-thunderstorm which had me and Steve running around closing all the windows, and at 6am the peanut was up again. Usually that wouldn't be a big deal but we had to get up at 6:30am today for a doctor's appointment/car appointment so I was really hoping she'd go until 6:30 so I could have that extra bit of sleep. Fat chance. So we fed the kiddies and headed to the appointment. At least we made it early, and were out of the doctor's office by the 8:30 appointment time. Then we walked the block to our mechanic and got the car, grabbed a latte and headed home.

Once home, my hubby headed off to work and I went in to what would be a morning of torture. Lillian was tired because of her 6:30 wake up call and not too pleased. She fussed and cried at every little thing (drama queen). She ate her lunch and then didn't want to sleep despite being obviously tired. I put her in her bed and three times I had to go upstairs and put her back in the bed. Okay I only had to tell her to go back to bed but still, I had to go up to the 2nd floor from the basement. Finally I gave up and brought her down and put her in the bed in the basement. Guest room = no toys and she only came out of that bed once. While all this was going on Katrina was screaming her head off, again for no reason. She was fed, changed, cuddled, and all, she just didn't like to be left while I dealt with Lillian. Buy the last time I put Lillian in bed I couldn't take it anymore and just started to cry along with both of them. Baby screaming, toddler crying because she didn't want to sleep, and mom crying because she just couldn't take it anymore. I'm sure we were quite the site.

Once Lillian finally fell asleep and Katrina ate, again, and went into a little milk coma I headed upstairs and did something I'm not supposed to do, but I don't care. Today it was do it, or I swear I was going to slap someone. So to the right to the right, look at the Training Widget box to the right -->

Endorphins are my friend! Just don't tell my hubby or my doctor since I haven't been given the go ahead yet, but my God it felt great, and I am so back!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good times at the BBQ.

One super cute, hot baby!
 So we had a wonderful time today. We had a BBQ to introduce Katrina to all our friends and family. Many of the guests who came have met her before but for them it was a chance to see her again and they took full advantage in it. I think that everyone had a good time and even Lillian had some little friends to play with. Before her nap a baby just over 2 years old was there to play with, and after dinner her little 9 month old friend was over to play with. So we have a great time, and now I have a few more leftovers for lunch this week. Yum!
Lillian being chased by her friend Naomi.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lots of big news.

And by big news I mean nothing about running! I know I'm a tease.

The girls with my grandma.
Today my baby met her other great-grandma for the first time. Katrina met my grandma (Oma) in June when she was here from Germany and since my husband's grandma (Lala) was sick when his father and brother came to meet her she missed out. So yesterday he took the day off, and we loaded up the car and drove to Hamilton to see her. It happened to be her birthday on Thursday so it worked out pretty nicely. We all went out for lunch with her and my father-in-law and my husband and I got to visit with them and the kids got to see them too.

After our lunch, we managed to look at the sheds I want to buy. The company is closer to their place than ours so we got to see some samples and now Steve is very happy with the look and quality of the shed I want to buy so we'll be ordering it tomorrow. The gravel will be delivered Monday for the yard, and we can get the shed up and start moving all our kids toys and seasonal stuff into it, so we'll actually have room in our garage again. Funny how your garage is invaded by kids things once you have babies. I'll post photos after it's here and up.

Finally, my cookbook arrived. Since I nurse so much during the day I watch some daytime TV. One of the shows I enjoy is Anna and Kristian's Grocery Bag or Shopping Bag. I watched an episode of the Grocery Bag earlier this week where they had a cookbook from a spa called Nourish that focuses on eating whole foods, not depriving yourself, and eating local, good for you type things. This is right up my alley and when they both gave the book a buy (something that rarely happens on the episodes I've seen) I thought I'd get it. So it arrived today and I have flipped through it and am so excited to try some of these recipes! I'm so excited I added it to my 101 things list! It's number 93, and I have to make 45 recipes from the book, and at least 3 have to come from each of the 11 chapters. I'll try to blog about the super yummy ones for anyone who's interested. 

Have a great day everyone. We are having a BBQ tomorrow to introduce our peanut to all our friends so I have a lot of cooking and cleaning to get done today. Let's hope Katrina lets me sleep so I can get a lot of it done and that it isn't so horribly hot on Sunday, since we don't have air conditioning.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favourites - Bloggers part 2

Okay so here are my other favourite blogs. This is part 2 of the blogs that rock!

6/ Positively Meesh
I've been reading this blog for a long time. She recently made a big change on the blog to update it and start over again with a new layout, design and lots of new posts. She writes about struggles in weight loss, stuff she's eating and life. I find her blog highly entertaining.

7/ another mother runner
I found this blog after I found the book run like a mother, and I LOVE both so much. The book was raved in another post and will probably be in my favourite running books. The blog is great because it profiles mothers who run and whenever I read about another mom who runs I feel great about how I'm not alone and inspires me to work harder. It also profiles other races and discusses issues with running and such and I love how much it teaches me.

8/ a cake for a wife.
I've been reading Sarah's blog since I started blogging. She's a true inspiration as she's lost 100 lbs. Any time I felt like I couldn't do it, I just read her blog and was reminded of how the whole thing is a journey and can take time but is so worth it in the end. She's now just gotten engaged and started another blog about food, so I look forward to reading all about her new exciting journey in the next while

9/ Back in Step
Sarah is a blogger who doesn't write very much right now, but working full time with a hubby and two girls can make life busy (I would know). The special thing about Sarah is that I've actually met her in real like. We ran our first half-marathons together in 2010. Her sister lives in my area so she came to run the race here and it was really cool to meet someone who I had chatted with through blogs.

10/ Mama's (soon to be) Fit Life
My final blog is a mommy blog that I enjoy reading. This is another case where I know where the author is coming from. She's a mother of two, working in education and has a new baby. She writes about her struggles to lose weight and get healthy, which is another thing I understand too well.

Bonus/ Steve's Tech blog
Okay so this is my shameless plug for my hubby's blog. He writes about computers, programming and technological stuff. He's a computer programmer and is a major nerd but I love him to bits and find his website to be highly educational and at times very funny. So if you like computer stuff feel free to check it out.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First week.

Okay, so my first week back on Weight Watchers has been more of a struggle than I thought it would be. The chocolate called to me more than I would have liked. The same with the freezies, and chocolate cake that I baked. My husband's coworkers gave us an amazing baby gift so I wanted to give them something to really show how much we appreciated it, so I baked a German chocolate cake with homemade frosting and according to my hubby it was a huge hit. However, there were some leftovers, and I've eaten most of them. Ops! I also, have gone over my points pretty much everyday too. It's okay though. I see my doctor next week and can then add the activity slowly back into my life so I will start with little 3 and 4 km runs and add one mile a week to build myself up to the 15 km I will need to run in October for my race. Slowly I'll get back to my running self, and I'll get my running BFF to make sure I don't overdo it right away.

So here are my results today: 188.8 lbs, which is down only 0.2lbs. I blame the heat and humidity and maybe the chocolate.

My non-weight exciting news is that my big girl spent her first night in her bunk bed instead of in her crib. So now we'll give it a few days to make sure it sticks and then we can move the crib out of her room and she can have more room for toys and books. She is going to love having more stuff in her room. Now if only it were cool enough for her to play in her room during the day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lillian's birth story

Since I posted Katrina's birth story, I figured I'd put Lillian's up too. So here it is. I wrote this the week after she was born n October 2009. If you are faint of heart or don't like gross details then don't read any further. I plan to add Lillian's birth story in a few days for comparison.

Lillian’s Birth.

I went to bed on Thursday (October 15th) with a lot of cramping type pains, and couldn’t sleep all night. I woke up constantly in pain and had to sit up to make the pain manageable. On Friday morning I still was having pains and they were now getting closer together. Overnight I had timed them and they were 12-15 minutes apart so I went back to sleep, or at least tried to. On Friday morning they were timed and were still 12 minutes apart but they were lasting at least 45 seconds now and were stronger. I asked Steve to work from home so he did. Throughout the day the pains became worse and I tracked them and watched them get longer and closer together. I spent time walking on the treadmill and resting in bed, but they kept coming. At 4pm they were 7-8 minutes apart and just under a minute long. By 7pm the pain in my back had become bad enough that I decided to try a nice warm bath. It helped a bit up as soon as I was out the pain was back. After the bath I started to time the contractions again. By 9pm they were only 4.5 minutes apart and lasting for around 66 seconds. That meant the criteria for going to the hospital had been met. I was unsure of whether or not to bother going yet, but after using the bathroom and feeling a liquid run down my leg, I knew I had to go. The rule was 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long, for 1 hour or your water breaking. I now had both.

We fed the dog and birds. I facebooked my mother to let her know what was happening, and we went to Grand River. Once there within about 45 minutes they confirmed my water had broken and I was 3cm along. If only they had noticed my water had split into two we could have saved a lot of pain later on. Since I was only 3cm they sent us walking around the hospital. Steve came with me and we called our parents, to tell the soon to be grandparents that the baby was officially on her way. Upon calling Ridgetown we found out my mom had jumped in the truck and was already heading to Waterloo. Good thing it was a Friday. We called her and she was already more than half way to Waterloo.
At 11:30 they checked me again. Still 3cm so another hour of walking. Mom showed up at 12am and we kept walking. At 12:30 I was still 3cm so they said walk as long as you can. I walked until they had my room ready at 3:30am. Steve took advantage of having my mom there and took a nap on one of the couch benches with one of the pillow I insisted we bring. Mom figured he should try to conserve his energy so she walked with me.

The delivery rooms at Grand River were huge and wonderful. They had a bench couch sort of thing for daddy’s to sleep on and lots of room to yourself. Once in my room they checked me again and I was still only 3cm. The nurse noticed that my water was broken but part of it got separated by Lillian’s head and bubbled on top of my cervix, preventing the part underneath it from ripening. She said someone would come look at it and pop it. I wanted to keep walking but they decided to put me on Oxocyclen to help speed up the ripening and that required an IV so they would need to moniter the baby. The wonderful labour nurse went off to search for the baby moniter that is not hooked up to the machine. Unfortunately Lillian kicked so much that the moniter couldn’t stay on my stomach. But it was really nice of her to give it a shot.

From then on I was in the room. I was stock in that room from about 4:30am on Saturday until Lillian sometime on Sunday when I wandered off to get a treat from Tim Hortons, mostly just so I could leave the room. The contractions were starting to get really strong and painful for me but I was still only 4cm dialated. By this time the pain was very intense and getting horrible for me. I tried rocking in the rocking chair and moved around from the bed to the chair and such to try and handle the pain. Steve was reading the magazines Ghzala bought for us and mom was trying to distract me from the pain. The nurse and I started talking about pain control options and she was explaining to me how the morphine and epidural would effect me and the baby and the side effects of it.

When the medical intern came in the nurse mentioned to her that I was considering pain options and she said that the epidural guy was in a c-section right now so I had time to consider it since he wouldn’t be out until after 7am. So I decided to try the morphine shot, and like I figured it did nothing for me. Mom has had morphine before and it did nothing for her, so I had a feeling that would happen. At 7am our night nurse left and my new labour nurse came in. She was 8 months pregnant which made me feel good since she was about to be a mom for the second time. We talked about epidurals and such and what made me decide to get an epidural was when she told me “pretty much every woman who gets an epidural ask for it again if they come back another time.”

As the contractions got closer together and more painful my nurse suggested that we see how far I was along. I was still only between 4 and 5cms. So I caved and got the epidural. Mom and Steve had to leave the room when the doctor came to give me the epidural. That scared me a bit but the nurse held my hand and after five freezings and pressures in my back I started to get numb. For a while it sounded like hammering on my back which was scary but at least the pain started to go away. By now it was some time between 8 and 9am. Shortly after the epidural the OB on call Dr. Potts, showed up and burst my evil water bubble. From the point of the bubble bursting it only took 8 hours to get me from 5cms to holding Lillian.

As we waited for things to progress along, mom and Steve took turns getting breakfast and coffee since it was a long night for everyone. Both of them kept me full of ice cubes and apple juice as the contractions got stronger and closer together. The next time I was checked I had already hit 7cm and in the early evening I was 9cm meaning it was almost over. At that point they realized that Lillian was facing the wrong direction meaning that we would have to wait for her to turn around in my womb before she could come out.

By now the pressure in my body was almost unbearable. I was in tears constantly because of the pain that was in my back, vaginal region and bum. The intern came back in to check in with my labour nurse about how I was doing because two other woman were now at 10cm and only one of us could go first because there was only one OB on call. She looked at me and they asked me how I was feeling. I honestly told them that I was having immense pressure and a very hard time not pushing when contractions hit. They then decided that I should be the first woman to have her baby of the three of us ready to go and they told me when the next contraction hit I could start pushing.

This is the point where I was so thankful to have my mom and Steve with me. To push you have to grab your legs with your arms and someone else has to push your legs back, at least at Grand River with an epidural you do, and having mom on one side and Steve on the other made me feel really safe. I will always remember the funny looks on the nurse and intern’s faces when I started pushing. Apparently I am a really good pusher. I was allowed to start pushing between 4:30 and 5:00pm. It took a lot of work and they noticed that instead of pushing harder at the start I actually pushed harder with each push in a contraction, so they tended to have me do four instead of three. Mom took a look and was very excited to tell me that Lillian had a full head of hair, just like I did. After Dr.Potts showed up, I was told her head was almost out.

I was very lucky to have a great intern and OB help me not rip. I didn’t want to get cut and they worked hard to stretch me with hot cloths while I was pushing. In the end I didn’t rip very much. Once Lillian’s head started to come out it was even harder to push but the doctor and intern were really great to keep me motivated. Mom kept telling me how far out her head was and soon her head was out. We had a bit of trouble with getting her shoulders out because Lillian had wrapped her umbilical cord around the shoulder and they had to pull out her whole arm before delivering the other shoulder. Then once both shoulders were out Lillian was here and it was all worth it.

She didn’t cry at first, but as soon as she was out, Steve took my advice I gave him before, and followed the baby and just ignored what was happening with me. He didn’t want to cut the cord, and it wasn’t a problem since we’d told the labour nurse in advance. Shortly after they weighed her Lillian made her first little cry, and it was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.

I never could image how much love you could have for one person. A week before all I could think about was whether I’d rip and that if something bad should happen I didn’t want to have anything happen to me. Today, I would die for my baby and kill anyone who would try to hurt her. I understand my mom and her behaviours in my life more than I ever have in my whole life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My temper erupting. Grrrr, angry Alice.
 So while I was complaining about the heat yesterday I purposely left out one major aspect of why I truly hate the heat, and that would be my temper. It's no secret amongst my friends and family that I can be a bit of a cranky pants when I'm hungry, or haven't slept enough, but the worst is when I'm hot, sticky and sweaty. We haven't had this issue for the past two summers but this year it's back and back with a vengeance.
Actually the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Steve took these on our honeymoon.
I get really cranky when I'm hot, and I'm very worried about what it will do for my temper once I have both girls around and they are getting into trouble. I love them more than anything, but I'm worried I'll lose my patience and yell at them when I don't mean to. I know that I'm a good mom, but the thing that helps me keep my temper in check is running and I can't do that yet, and when I finally get to it'll be too hot for me to run outside anytime soon. Not to mention the fact that it will take me some time to build up my distance and speed back up to what it was pre-Katrina.

I just hope my skills come back as quickly as I need them to and that I don't overdue it. I guess that's why my first outside run will be with my friend and my other runs will be on the treadmill so I can stay cool while I get my skills back, and hopefully keep my temper in check.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Evil heat.

Okay, it's not secret that I am NOT a fan of heat or humidity but this week is BRUTAL! I'm currently hiding in the basement with my peanut and my monkey is staying with my mother and I've told her to keep her until Thursday sine they have air conditioning and we do not. Having highs of 30 that feels like 36 at noon is a lot to handle for someone who does not like the heat. Part of me is thinking that maybe we should put a shed in next year and do the air conditioner this year, but I know we need the shed more and in the winter I'll be very thankful to have the room in the garage to keep my matrix in the garage so I don't have to carry my little ones to the car in the snow. Once you have kids your garage disappears quickly! Ours has  4 strollers (jogging stroller,  double jogging stroller, a regular stroller, umbrella), a wagon, 2 tricycles, and in the winter a sandbox and a kiddy pool. That's in addition to our rain barrels, 3 bikes, patio furniture and BBQ. So needless to say you can't move around in the winter, and our cold winters tend to last longer than the crazy hot summers. So I guess I just need to suck it up and deal with the hot weather and keep hiding in my basement. It's too hot to even bother trying to clean or do house work. After 5 minutes you are sweating like you did a 5km run, which is crazy.

Anyone have any tips for staying cool in the summer?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pondering my running future.

I read about a friend of mine today, on facebook, who completed her first 5km race in 27:11 and it got me thinking about my own running. She did an amazing job and I wonder if I will ever be able to run that fast. I know it takes time and work to get there, but I really wonder if some people are just built for distance rather than speed. I can push myself in the last 5km of a 21km race and run 6:30 a km but I'm most comfortable around a 7 something km which doesn't bother me, but I'd like to be faster. I guess maybe I need to focus on speed when I get back to running and have completed my first race back. I'm planning to run a 15km race that I did last year while pregnant. I'll kick it's butt, boost my confidence and start training for my half in April 2012, and then my marathon in October 2012. I may have to do a few longer runs before the half to ensure I have enough full training time. I guess doing speed work in the winter won't be so bad because I won't have to run outside for as long (time wise) and won't get as nasty sweaty as I would in the summer.

Maybe this is something I need to bring up to my running BFF/future marathon coach, since I really want to finish my marathon in under 5 hours. I'm not sure if that is crazy ambitious or not really a big deal and can be done really easily. Any other runners out there have some insight for me, or websites that talk about average speeds of female runner?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy, busy weekend.

I had planned to spend my weekend resting at home, hiding from the heat, but in the begining of this week we learned my husband's family reunion was this weekend so I baked yesterday and today we're heading to the reunion and next week we're having our friends and family over for a meet the baby BBQ. So that's a lot to do, in addition to us building a shed and fixing our fence. My mom asked if she could keep Lillian for a few extra days and even though we really miss her we figured it would be good for us. I miss my monkey though. So now I've got to go get ready to head off to this reunion that snuck up on us. It will be nice for my husband's family to meet our little peanut.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Sleeping baby.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favourites - Bloggers part 1

So I love writing my blog. I slacked a bit while I just had our baby and when I was almost due because I didn't have much to write about other than being sick of being pregnant. One thing I've noticed lately is that a lot of my favourite blogs have slowed down the writing. I don't know if it is because it's summer and people get busy or if they've just gotten tired of blogging. So now I'm a bit sad, since I like to read my blogs every night (especially when I'm nursing very late) and I'm running out of things to read. If you write a blog please feel free to post it in the comments and I add it to my reader. This is my first part of a two part series on my favourite bloggies!

1/ Grande Skinny Latte
Meg makes me smile. She writes about her struggles and is so honest. She writes about food, life and her struggles with weight loss. She writes really interesting stuff and has some really great stories. I enjoy her blog a lot and am glad she writes regularly.

2/ Runninghood
I just recently found this blog, but I'm really enjoying it. Amanda is a mother of three and a runner and a real inspiration to me. I strive to be a great mom who still makes time for myself to be healthy and keep my sanity, so strong women like her inspire me to want to be like them. Her blog is very well rounded and touches on so many different topics, from life to homeschooling to running, and it's nice to have so much variety in one blog.

3/ Running on Healthy
Annie is fabulous! She's a nursing student and I've been reading her blog for a while now, almost since she started her journey. She is a huge inspiration to me as she has been so successful and I hope that I too can do things as well as her this time around.

4/ 21 Days
This blog makes me so happy! Jess works at a university as an instructor in English (I have an English degree), her daughter is a month older than my oldest, her son was born 10 days before my daughter. So I love reading her blog because it literally feels like my life sometimes. She's dealing with a toddler and a newborn and she works with university students who can drive you NUTS (which I so understand). She's also a runner, and I love that reading her blogs makes me feel as if I'm reading about my life.

5/ Baby Weight and Beyond
So this is one of the blogs that doesn't post very often, but seeing as it's written by a mom with a little one I can't blame her. I enjoy reading about her struggles with her body issues, something I can understand, and about her adventures with the little one!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Before and After - here we go again!

So I'm going to start my new journey to lose my baby weight from my second baby. With Lillian I only gained 43 lbs but was heavier when I got pregnant, so this time I gained 60 lbs and now need to drop the rest of it! So here is my first journey stats.

Lillian pregnancy statistics:
October 8, 2009 - 217 lbs
September 28, 2010 - 148 lbs

Pregnancy measurements --> September measurements:
Chest: 43.5 inches --> 39.75 inches
Waist: 39 inches --> 35 inches
Abdomen/Bellybutton: 44 inches --> 37.5 inches
Hips: 47 inches --> 41 inches
Weight: 217 lbs --> 148 lbs

So now I've got another beautiful, healthy, baby girl and I'm ready to get my run on and get back to the healthy, sexy mom I was before I got pregnant with Katrina.

Katrina pregnancy starting point:
June 14, 2011 - 208 lbs
July 12, 2011 - 191.5 lbs
Post-pregnancy 2 measurements: 
Chest: 44 inches
Waist: 42 inches
Abdomen/Bellybutton: 45 inches
Hips: 46 inches
Weight: 189 lbs

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy, busy, mommy tasks!

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing too much too soon since having Katrina. I have a week without a toddler but I've been doing stuff all the time. I managed to put up the deck railing on our deck to keep Lillian from falling off when she tries to eat our raspberries, which is everyday right now. Along with that I've been watering the garden, running to and from the hardware store, going to baby group, having lunch with friends (and my hubby on Friday). So now my whole body hurts (from putting up the railing yesterday and today) and I've got a pain in my abdomen that pops up every time that I bend over all the way. I think that tomorrow I should stick to bundling my lavender, sewing a quilt, and painting my butterflies on a hanger for Lillian's room.
My lovely deck with nice new rails!
I've started trying to eat healthier this week and so far it's going okay. I am fine all morning, afternoons are a hit and miss, and evenings I am just starving. That doesn't surprise me very much since Katrina eats non stop from 5 or 6pm until like 11pm. So it makes sense that I'll be more hungry when she eats more. Today I bought some hummus so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get some more veggies in at night when I'm starving. So on Friday I weigh myself and we start this whole healthy eating, weight loss thing again.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've got a running date.

Baby K - 3 weeks, 6 days old. "What's up?"
Okay, so I have my first official running date post delivery. I'm both excited and terrified! But that is normal, right?

My doctors appointment is on July 29th so can you guess what day my running BFF has picked for the run? Have you figured it out?? Yup, the morning of July 30th! So I'm leaving my hubby with our toddler and taking my little lady with me and my jogging stroller.

The plan is to wake up, feed the baby, hop into the car and drive to my girlfriend's apartment. She lives beside a park so we'll load baby K into the stroller and walk/jog/run around the park with her until I'm done. Then we'll head back to her place, feed the peanut and go out for brunch. During that time Steve will be having a daddy/daughter morning with our monkey. I think Lillian will enjoy time with her daddy.

So now I have something to really look forward to that is all mine and makes me feel good about myself, even if most of my first run is just walking.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The road back is a long one.

So I'm starting to eat healthy this week in order to prepare for my healthy eating and weight loss that I'm starting next week and honestly it's hard. I currently need A LOT of coffee to get through a day so I need to either switch from my lattes (which I love) to coffee with milk and sweetner, or move to tea, or not drink so much caffeine. I don't really like any of the options. So now I have started swapping some of my yummy snacks for healthy ones, but it's a lot harder than I remember. I think part of the problem for me this time around is that I have just had the baby less than a month ago and haven't fully set up a routine yet. Plus I find that I am S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G this time nursing. With Lillian it wasn't so bad, but again longer time after Lillian before I started fixing things in my life.

I know I am one of those people who eats more food when I'm sleep deprived so that is something I really have to work on. I figure if I make my afternoon and morning snacks fruit and veggies only then that should really help to keep me full without having too many extra calories. I'm also a little bit paranoid about how my milk will be when I start eating less. I had so many problems with Lillian that I can't help being a bit paranoid. But since none of my pants fit me (other than maternity clothes) I NEED to get off my butt (which is hard when all you do is nurse a baby - I can't feed the peanut and move around) and work off some of this baby fat.  Speaking of pants not fitting I feel super disappointed that I have to start all over again with this. I know that I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and should be thrilled about that but I feel sad about how huge I am and need to start over.

So let's get ready for the long road back and hopefully it won't take so long this time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Favourites - Running clothes

So welcome to my Friday favourites. My first week is my running clothes. These are my top 3 favourite and required running clothes. I can not even run around the block without all three of these articles that's how much a part of this running mama they have become.

1/ My old nike baseball cap.
Ever had a piece of clothing for so long that it's become a part of you? My Nike cap is like that. Every running photo taken of me, has that hat in it. It's been around since I was 13, which is over half my life and I can't run without it. It is literally molded to the perfect shape of my head. My husband recently bought me a new cap, but since my head is so small, I have to sew it in order to have it actually fit my head.

2/ My Fiona running bra.
Even when I'm not pregnant or nursing I have have a lot to keep in place when I'm running. I have spent years trying to find a bra that works for me, and this one is the best one EVER! I am super excited to have found one since it means I no longer have to wear multiple bras while running, and frankly this one does a better job than two regular bras ever did.

3/ My Saucony shoes.
I'm a creature of habit and when I find something that works for me I stick to it, so these shoes are comfy and I love them. Plus they are a really pretty shade of bright blue and silver instead of being purple or pink which is too girlie for me. I now have 2 or 3 pairs of them, and I will continue to buy them until they stop making them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New features.

So you may have noticed some changes to my blog lately. I figured that since my running will be starting up again soon I'd make some fun changes to the blog! I started by updating the colours to the season, and adding new tabs to keep track of my progress in both my running/weight loss, and my 101 things in 1001 days. Plus, starting this week, every Friday I will be doing a new feature called Friday Favourites. I'll be writing about my favourite something usually related to running or motherhood. I have a list of different topics, ie/ running clothes, running music, race lengths, etc.. that will get me through the summer and then in the Fall I'll keep it up, until I run out of favourites to write about. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment and I'll add the topic to my list.

So I should run and get some stuff done. My toddler is down for a nap and my newborn is actually not hungry this second so I have a small window of time to actually do things!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting things figured out.

So the routine has started to be developed with my two ladies. Yesterday was a complete success. I know that not all days will go as well as yesterday did and some will probably suck big time, but that's okay. I started a new tab to write down my good days that I manage to do a lot of stuff so that when the crap-tastic days come around I know that there will be other good ones and I just need to get through the bad ones, one at a time. So I'm hopeful that the rest of this week will go as well as yesterday, and if not that's okay too.

Proud big sister Katrina, holding her baby sister.

I took Katrina to the doctor today and her crazy eating is paying off. She was 7lbs 13.5oz at birth and now is 8lbs 14oz and she's only 3 weeks old! That rocks. I'm so excited that she eats so well. We're going back in 2 weeks just to keep an eye on her weight when I start to work out again. I also plan to go in between her 2 and 4 month check ups since that was when Lillian's weight really became and issue, and I started to run, A LOT! Her 4 month check up is just before my first race after coming back to running so I need to know that we're doing well. Our family doctor is great and he's really understanding about my paranoia about her weight.

So I'm planning to not get on the scale again until the morning of the 15th when I get my official post-baby weight to start my journey. I have no idea if I'll be able to keep off the scale but I did manage to eat a salad yesterday with my dinner so the veggies are working their way back into my daily diet. So now I just need to get my chocolate cravings under control and reduce my lattes (homemade) from like 5 a day to 1 or 2 and I'll be golden!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best video ever.

I'm sure none of you will find this nearly as funny as I do, but since I'm sleep deprived and all emotional it makes me laugh so hard that I cry!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The new countdown begins!

Okay my peanut is asleep and the monkey is watching strange cartoons so I have a few minutes to post. So I have booked my post-birth doctor's appointment. I have decided to see my OB this time around since I did my family doctor last time and I just want to make sure that everything is good so I can start running again. I need to know that I am all healed so I can get my run on, and I felt that seeing him would be better. So my appointment is July 29th, which means I do have to wait another 28 days but that's okay. My get back to pre-baby weight plan is to start eating healthy now, and then on July 15th to join my weight watchers again so that I can adjust my points and such before I start the workout again. I also want to talk to my doctor and visit them a little more than I did with Lillian to have Katrina weighted just to make sure that she gains properly.

So the countdown is on. On July 15th I'll weigh myself for my official post-baby weight, and then July 29th I'll be cleared and can start running on that day if I'm cleared. So wish me luck as I try to wrangle two kids, and start my journey to healthy mommy again, and hopefully this time our newborn will keep gaining weight and we won't have the issues we did with Lillian.

University best friends' babies! Baby play dates are the best!!