Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy, busy, mommy tasks!

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing too much too soon since having Katrina. I have a week without a toddler but I've been doing stuff all the time. I managed to put up the deck railing on our deck to keep Lillian from falling off when she tries to eat our raspberries, which is everyday right now. Along with that I've been watering the garden, running to and from the hardware store, going to baby group, having lunch with friends (and my hubby on Friday). So now my whole body hurts (from putting up the railing yesterday and today) and I've got a pain in my abdomen that pops up every time that I bend over all the way. I think that tomorrow I should stick to bundling my lavender, sewing a quilt, and painting my butterflies on a hanger for Lillian's room.
My lovely deck with nice new rails!
I've started trying to eat healthier this week and so far it's going okay. I am fine all morning, afternoons are a hit and miss, and evenings I am just starving. That doesn't surprise me very much since Katrina eats non stop from 5 or 6pm until like 11pm. So it makes sense that I'll be more hungry when she eats more. Today I bought some hummus so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get some more veggies in at night when I'm starving. So on Friday I weigh myself and we start this whole healthy eating, weight loss thing again.

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  1. You did a beautiful job on the deck....but like you said, may be to much too soon!
    Relax and put your feet up for a day and just cuddle the babe while you can. This is easier said than done...I would be doing the same thing if I was at home with the baby! lol