Monday, July 18, 2011

Evil heat.

Okay, it's not secret that I am NOT a fan of heat or humidity but this week is BRUTAL! I'm currently hiding in the basement with my peanut and my monkey is staying with my mother and I've told her to keep her until Thursday sine they have air conditioning and we do not. Having highs of 30 that feels like 36 at noon is a lot to handle for someone who does not like the heat. Part of me is thinking that maybe we should put a shed in next year and do the air conditioner this year, but I know we need the shed more and in the winter I'll be very thankful to have the room in the garage to keep my matrix in the garage so I don't have to carry my little ones to the car in the snow. Once you have kids your garage disappears quickly! Ours has  4 strollers (jogging stroller,  double jogging stroller, a regular stroller, umbrella), a wagon, 2 tricycles, and in the winter a sandbox and a kiddy pool. That's in addition to our rain barrels, 3 bikes, patio furniture and BBQ. So needless to say you can't move around in the winter, and our cold winters tend to last longer than the crazy hot summers. So I guess I just need to suck it up and deal with the hot weather and keep hiding in my basement. It's too hot to even bother trying to clean or do house work. After 5 minutes you are sweating like you did a 5km run, which is crazy.

Anyone have any tips for staying cool in the summer?

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  1. Sorry, no advice on staying is HOT here also.
    I find breastfeeding in the heat the worst possible thing ever, who wants to be that close to another person in the heat?!?!?1

    Good luck staying cool!