Sunday, July 31, 2011

Figured out the cooking obsession.

So I finally figured out what has caused me to become so obsessed with cooking lately, and it's not just how wonderfully delicious the food is. I enjoy going out with friends or my husband for a nice meal but while I was pregnant with Katrina I was tired a lot and fast food was very easy, especially Subway which is less than a km from our house. But now, with two small kids having the time and being able to leave them with people isn't easy, and honestly taking them into a Subway would just be more trouble than it's worth. Honestly, picture Lillian running around, saying hi to strangers and Katrina crying in the not moving car seat. Plus, how do you get the food to the car when one arm has the car seat and the other holds Lillian's hand to keep her from bolting across the parking lot!

So this pretty much means I'm not spending my allowance every week on going out to eat. I do manage a starbucks visit but they know me at the one by my house so I don't worry if Lillian runs around a bit there. They like her, and think Katrina is adorable. But since I can't go out to get my foodie fix, I have to bring the great food home. The advantage for me of cooking it all myself means I have more money in my allowance to buy new running stuff, books, etc... and my family is eating this really great, healthy, wholesome food and I get to be all fancy and creative in the kitchen.

We tried the flat bread recipe today from the new book and it was really good. I liked it better than our usual pizza crust so it may be the replacement thin crust, especially since it was only 4 weight watchers points and my other one is 8 or 9. That's a BIG difference! So my plan is before shopping tomorrow, go through the book and get the ingredients I'm missing for 10 new recipes so if I feel the urge this week to make something from the book I can! I have about 6 different recipes I keep going back to and am missing a key ingredient or two, but honestly I can keep white wine vinegar, molasses, fresh mozzarella and things like that around no problem and then I can whip up something whenever the urge strikes, which right now it does almost daily!

I'll try to post some photos of my awesome meals. Above is a salad I made with the leftover salmon and blueberry mango salsa on Friday. It was CRAZY good!

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