Saturday, July 30, 2011

First outside run.

So I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and was given the go ahead to start my running again, and today I had my first outside run with my running BFF. In a perfect world we would have gone faster and further but that's alright. I had a baby 6.5 weeks ago so I need to be easier on myself, and today I did my best. We ran for 1 hour, and yes that was exactly 1:00:00 on my garmin, which allowed us to go 5.2km. So that was my furthest run since having the baby. I think it may have even taken me longer than it did the first time I went 5.2km but in my defense I had been running 2 or 3 miles on a treadmill when I headed outside. Right now the longest run I've done before today was 1.9 miles.

So my Garmin got it's first workout in a while, my running shoes got to feel some socked feet in them, and I feel like a million bucks and now have a starting time to improve. And my little peanut got her first run outside in our baby jogger and she seemed quite pleased. She slept through the whole thing which was wonderful.

And while running I picked a sort of baby run to be my first race back at it. I'm a University of Waterloo alumni (and current staff member) and my running BFF is also an alumni (and current faculty in my department) so we are going to do the AHS fun run that is held during homecoming weekend every year. It's a free race (meaning no fee), it's only 5km, it's a month before my 15km race, it's on campus, and you can take strollers so we'll each push one of the babies. My running BFF is getting back from an injury and wasn't sure if she should do the race since she'd feel the urge to really try to win, but with a jogging stroller and a baby she can't rush and so will pace me and take her time.

So now I have a new countdown and something to look forward to.

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