Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favourites - Bloggers part 1

So I love writing my blog. I slacked a bit while I just had our baby and when I was almost due because I didn't have much to write about other than being sick of being pregnant. One thing I've noticed lately is that a lot of my favourite blogs have slowed down the writing. I don't know if it is because it's summer and people get busy or if they've just gotten tired of blogging. So now I'm a bit sad, since I like to read my blogs every night (especially when I'm nursing very late) and I'm running out of things to read. If you write a blog please feel free to post it in the comments and I add it to my reader. This is my first part of a two part series on my favourite bloggies!

1/ Grande Skinny Latte
Meg makes me smile. She writes about her struggles and is so honest. She writes about food, life and her struggles with weight loss. She writes really interesting stuff and has some really great stories. I enjoy her blog a lot and am glad she writes regularly.

2/ Runninghood
I just recently found this blog, but I'm really enjoying it. Amanda is a mother of three and a runner and a real inspiration to me. I strive to be a great mom who still makes time for myself to be healthy and keep my sanity, so strong women like her inspire me to want to be like them. Her blog is very well rounded and touches on so many different topics, from life to homeschooling to running, and it's nice to have so much variety in one blog.

3/ Running on Healthy
Annie is fabulous! She's a nursing student and I've been reading her blog for a while now, almost since she started her journey. She is a huge inspiration to me as she has been so successful and I hope that I too can do things as well as her this time around.

4/ 21 Days
This blog makes me so happy! Jess works at a university as an instructor in English (I have an English degree), her daughter is a month older than my oldest, her son was born 10 days before my daughter. So I love reading her blog because it literally feels like my life sometimes. She's dealing with a toddler and a newborn and she works with university students who can drive you NUTS (which I so understand). She's also a runner, and I love that reading her blogs makes me feel as if I'm reading about my life.

5/ Baby Weight and Beyond
So this is one of the blogs that doesn't post very often, but seeing as it's written by a mom with a little one I can't blame her. I enjoy reading about her struggles with her body issues, something I can understand, and about her adventures with the little one!

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