Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favourites - Bloggers part 2

Okay so here are my other favourite blogs. This is part 2 of the blogs that rock!

6/ Positively Meesh
I've been reading this blog for a long time. She recently made a big change on the blog to update it and start over again with a new layout, design and lots of new posts. She writes about struggles in weight loss, stuff she's eating and life. I find her blog highly entertaining.

7/ another mother runner
I found this blog after I found the book run like a mother, and I LOVE both so much. The book was raved in another post and will probably be in my favourite running books. The blog is great because it profiles mothers who run and whenever I read about another mom who runs I feel great about how I'm not alone and inspires me to work harder. It also profiles other races and discusses issues with running and such and I love how much it teaches me.

8/ a cake for a wife.
I've been reading Sarah's blog since I started blogging. She's a true inspiration as she's lost 100 lbs. Any time I felt like I couldn't do it, I just read her blog and was reminded of how the whole thing is a journey and can take time but is so worth it in the end. She's now just gotten engaged and started another blog about food, so I look forward to reading all about her new exciting journey in the next while

9/ Back in Step
Sarah is a blogger who doesn't write very much right now, but working full time with a hubby and two girls can make life busy (I would know). The special thing about Sarah is that I've actually met her in real like. We ran our first half-marathons together in 2010. Her sister lives in my area so she came to run the race here and it was really cool to meet someone who I had chatted with through blogs.

10/ Mama's (soon to be) Fit Life
My final blog is a mommy blog that I enjoy reading. This is another case where I know where the author is coming from. She's a mother of two, working in education and has a new baby. She writes about her struggles to lose weight and get healthy, which is another thing I understand too well.

Bonus/ Steve's Tech blog
Okay so this is my shameless plug for my hubby's blog. He writes about computers, programming and technological stuff. He's a computer programmer and is a major nerd but I love him to bits and find his website to be highly educational and at times very funny. So if you like computer stuff feel free to check it out.

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