Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favourites - Post run indulgence

Okay, I figure that we all have our guilty pleasures, and some that are saved specifically for after running!

The simplest pleasure I have after a run is a nice hot shower! I know it sounds silly but with two girls under the age of 2 a shower is a real luxury to me! My husband and I have a deal that no matter how busy we are I get 10 minutes a day to shower. So no matter what comes up I get a few minutes of silence and time to myself to clean up, and rinse myself. I hate heat, I hate being hot, and I hate being sweaty, so if I don't have a shower each and every day I cringe! So nothing feels better after a run, whether it be in the hot summer or snowing winter, is to have that hot water beating the run off me. I have even been known to plop my first born in her crib or bouncy chair and set her outside the shower in order for me to get that special "me" time, even if she was not happy about it and cried for the whole time.

The next guilty pleasure I have after running is to enjoy a nice big bite of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. We typically only buy ice cream where I can pronounce all the ingredients and know what exactly they are and Haagen-Dazs is so yummy! I especially love the Latte flavour, Mayan Chocolate, and Rocky Road. If I manage to get a nice run in, I grab one of my spoons (size depends on the length of the run) and I stand at my freezer and savour a nice spoonful of ice cream. Add that to the endorphins from the run and I am one happy lady!

Finally, my big indulgence is a post-race meal out. After running a half-marathon or 10k I enjoy going out with my family. My husband's family are big fans of the Mandarin all you can eat buffet and we love going but try to avoid it since we end up eating so much. However, both of us agree that after running 21km you earned the right to eat what you want. The exception was in May of this year when my hubby ran a half and I was pregnant. We decided to do brunch together since he was doing it alone, and we wanted to avoid me overeating too much. In the end it's something that helps push me through to that last little part since I know there will be a yummy treat waiting for me shortly.

So, what are your guilty running pleasures after a race?

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