Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've got a running date.

Baby K - 3 weeks, 6 days old. "What's up?"
Okay, so I have my first official running date post delivery. I'm both excited and terrified! But that is normal, right?

My doctors appointment is on July 29th so can you guess what day my running BFF has picked for the run? Have you figured it out?? Yup, the morning of July 30th! So I'm leaving my hubby with our toddler and taking my little lady with me and my jogging stroller.

The plan is to wake up, feed the baby, hop into the car and drive to my girlfriend's apartment. She lives beside a park so we'll load baby K into the stroller and walk/jog/run around the park with her until I'm done. Then we'll head back to her place, feed the peanut and go out for brunch. During that time Steve will be having a daddy/daughter morning with our monkey. I think Lillian will enjoy time with her daddy.

So now I have something to really look forward to that is all mine and makes me feel good about myself, even if most of my first run is just walking.