Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lots of big news.

And by big news I mean nothing about running! I know I'm a tease.

The girls with my grandma.
Today my baby met her other great-grandma for the first time. Katrina met my grandma (Oma) in June when she was here from Germany and since my husband's grandma (Lala) was sick when his father and brother came to meet her she missed out. So yesterday he took the day off, and we loaded up the car and drove to Hamilton to see her. It happened to be her birthday on Thursday so it worked out pretty nicely. We all went out for lunch with her and my father-in-law and my husband and I got to visit with them and the kids got to see them too.

After our lunch, we managed to look at the sheds I want to buy. The company is closer to their place than ours so we got to see some samples and now Steve is very happy with the look and quality of the shed I want to buy so we'll be ordering it tomorrow. The gravel will be delivered Monday for the yard, and we can get the shed up and start moving all our kids toys and seasonal stuff into it, so we'll actually have room in our garage again. Funny how your garage is invaded by kids things once you have babies. I'll post photos after it's here and up.

Finally, my cookbook arrived. Since I nurse so much during the day I watch some daytime TV. One of the shows I enjoy is Anna and Kristian's Grocery Bag or Shopping Bag. I watched an episode of the Grocery Bag earlier this week where they had a cookbook from a spa called Nourish that focuses on eating whole foods, not depriving yourself, and eating local, good for you type things. This is right up my alley and when they both gave the book a buy (something that rarely happens on the episodes I've seen) I thought I'd get it. So it arrived today and I have flipped through it and am so excited to try some of these recipes! I'm so excited I added it to my 101 things list! It's number 93, and I have to make 45 recipes from the book, and at least 3 have to come from each of the 11 chapters. I'll try to blog about the super yummy ones for anyone who's interested. 

Have a great day everyone. We are having a BBQ tomorrow to introduce our peanut to all our friends so I have a lot of cooking and cleaning to get done today. Let's hope Katrina lets me sleep so I can get a lot of it done and that it isn't so horribly hot on Sunday, since we don't have air conditioning.

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