Saturday, July 2, 2011

The new countdown begins!

Okay my peanut is asleep and the monkey is watching strange cartoons so I have a few minutes to post. So I have booked my post-birth doctor's appointment. I have decided to see my OB this time around since I did my family doctor last time and I just want to make sure that everything is good so I can start running again. I need to know that I am all healed so I can get my run on, and I felt that seeing him would be better. So my appointment is July 29th, which means I do have to wait another 28 days but that's okay. My get back to pre-baby weight plan is to start eating healthy now, and then on July 15th to join my weight watchers again so that I can adjust my points and such before I start the workout again. I also want to talk to my doctor and visit them a little more than I did with Lillian to have Katrina weighted just to make sure that she gains properly.

So the countdown is on. On July 15th I'll weigh myself for my official post-baby weight, and then July 29th I'll be cleared and can start running on that day if I'm cleared. So wish me luck as I try to wrangle two kids, and start my journey to healthy mommy again, and hopefully this time our newborn will keep gaining weight and we won't have the issues we did with Lillian.

University best friends' babies! Baby play dates are the best!!

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