Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Summary

So here is the end of August summary!! Woot woot!

I have managed to run 103.28 km this month in 15 hours and 4 minutes, which is awesome because I broke the 100km mark! This month it works out to an average of 3.33 km each day or 29 minutes each day. So now I feel super proud having finally managed to start really running again! I am going to have to get my butt in gear training wise for my 5k in September and my Horror Hill Run in October.

My weight loss this month wasn't as good as I had hoped but that's okay. I have to realize that I am still feeding a baby and I don't want the same issues that I had with Lillian. Despite that and going on vacation for a whole week, I still managed to drop 2.6 lbs and now still have a LOT left to go. A lot meaning 35-45lbs. But it's exciting that I am getting closer to the 170's again. Hopefully this week I'll get even closer.

I have been feeling really frustrated at how long it's taking this time around for the weight to come off. It actually makes me wonder whether I want to have a third baby because it would mean going through all this again. Then again, when Lillian was 2.5 months old, I was only starting my weight loss journey and weighed 192lbs. Now Katrina is 2.5 months old, and I am 184.4lbs. So that means 7.6lbs lighter than I was last time around. Always have to look at that silver lining!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Need help with short, speed work.

I did another long-ish run today. I finally really broke the 10k mark at 10.3km in 85 minutes doing 4.0/5.0 sets followed by straight running from 5.0 down to 4.5 in 5 minute increments. I love these runs because I know they are really working to melt away the fat that is making me so psycho about my appearance. Today I even made up a song while I was running about how I run to lose my flab, and keep me from going mad. I can't remember the tune anymore but it made me laugh at the time. 

And, now I need your help! Okay ladies, gentlemen and my hubby who reads this blog, I need some assistance from you all so it's time to vote. I was told years ago by a trainer that when I do my speed work I should be EXHAUSTED at the end of it. This doesn't mean running for 90 minutes in sets, like I've done for the past few days, but rather 10 sets of 2:30 where I feel like I'm done for by the 9th set. Right now walking at 4.0 and running at 5.0 just is NOT cutting it. I can go 20 sets, 23 sets, etc... at this pace and I'm thinking that for a long run it works for me but for a 30 minute quick work out while my kids are sleeping. So here is what I need help with. I am trying to figure out how much to push this so that I get a real workout in these 30 minute speed runs and not a never ending set.

Option A --> speed up my walking and bump up my running
Move from 5.0/4.0 to 5.2 running and 4.5 walking. This way I'm doing a more continuous pace without slowing down too much or getting a major rest.

Option B --> speed up my running and bump up my walking
Move from 5.0/4.0 to 5.5 running and 4.2 walking. My old walking speed was 4.2 and has been 4.0 as of late, so it isn't too much more. The running speed is also my old running speed. If I find that I have too much energy after 10 sets I will try moving the 60 running/90 walking up to 70/80 and then make the call. I can always go to running at 5.7 or 6.0.

Option C --> bump up my speed and drop my running
Move from 5.0/4.0 to a crazy 6.0 running and a relaxing 3.5 walking. This way I'm really forcing myself to run and push myself but giving myself more than enough rest time in between.

So my blog reading running friends, what do you think I should do?? I'll let you know what I decide and how it goes in my next run.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Got my run on.

So this week I definately got my run on. I did almost 30km this week (29.62 to be exact). That means I ran further this week than any week since Katrina was born. I laugh a bit since everything says not to go more than 10% extra per week but since I started at 12km that would take forever to get anywhere real. So I threw caution into the wind and just run what I am comfortable doing and see where it takes me.

After such a busy running week I am having a day of rest today, and honestly I must say it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a rest day as much as I'm enjoying today. After running all my errands to various grocery stores today I came back home, and have plopped myself onto my couch for some nice knitting. Well, after I unpacked the car, made Lillian lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, washed the dishes, took out the cloth diapers for the service, put Katrina down for a nap and ate lunch myself.

So now I am going to go back to my knitting. Hope everyone has a nice day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Examining Life (rant warning).

Smooshie face.
So I have been thinking a lot lately and have been feeling a bit sad and off. I figured if I blogged about it I might feel better. So lately I'm feeling a bit down, especially about my relationship with my husband. I am a firm believer that marriages are living entities that grow and evolve over time. The marriage we had when we got married at 22 and 27 without a care in the world, is very different from the one we have now with two little ones under the age of two, and that is very different from the one we'll have in 12 years when our babies are teenagers. I also know that we'll have good and bad days, weeks, months and years. But lately I find myself feeling a bit resentful of him, and very lonely at home.

I know my husband loves me, he loves our babies, he works hard and does his best, but lately I feel like he just doesn't care and has been very selfish. I feel like he doesn't notice or acknowledge all that I do, and a lot of things he does shows me that he just doesn't care. He doesn't see it the same way that I do which is normal, but I work so hard to provide him a nice home and when he just tosses stuff everywhere it makes me feel like he's disrespecting me. He also does a bunch of little things that just irk me to no end. He sighs all the time when I ask him to do something, which makes me feel like anything I ask is such a burden or inconvenience. When I ask him to do something he doesn't always realize that means NOW and sometimes he just does it half way, like washing the dishes but leaving all the ones on the stove because he didn't see them and that drives me nuts.

I often find myself feeling unloved and like his maid or mother and I don't want to be either of those. We had a long talk a week ago so he's working on trying to make me feel better, but I think it'll be a long process. I acknowledge that part of it may be the hormones settling down, or the combination with the new ones now that I'm back on birth control. Also, a lot of my bad feelings stem from the fact that I am not happy with my body right now and that makes me super sensative and unhappy a lot of the time. For example when he tells me I look so thin, and I feel like a fat cow, I think he's full of crap and a liar which doesn't help the situation. I also admit that I have a very hard time asking anyone for help, but when he sighs in response or only does half of it, it doesn't encourage me to keep asking him. I also feel resentful of his freedom. I take the girls to my mom's and he gets a week to himself. Then he goes away to a convention for a day, and I'm with the girls. Everything seems to result in him doing something alone and me being responsible for both babies. He's also going to a convention in October which will be good for him but means I'm a single mom for four or five days and that terrifies me.

He's also the kind of person who needs 9 hours sleep and I can get by easily on 6, so he's always complaining about being tired, and comes home and wants to sit and rest, after a day of sitting at a desk all day. Meanwhile I've been on my feet running around the house since 8am and am still running around doing things while he's on his butt. That drives me crazy, but I doubt there is much I can do about that. I know we'll work through this, and that a lot of parents struggle to find a balance when they have a new baby in the house, but right now it sucks a lot and tends to bum me out. I will just have to keep pushing myself to run as much as possible. I know you need rest days in between but now I remember why I ran so much after Lillian. Running is the only thing that keeps my sane and the endorphins make me feel less resentful.

I also really miss church. We haven't managed to be up and get both babies ready in time to go on Sunday mornings and I enjoy church. It makes me feel better about life in general and is nice to be part of a community that all feel like there is a higher power guiding us. I find I feel happier and more fulfilled in my life when we go. I keep wanting to go but it hasn't worked out yet. Maybe next weekend when we're all actually at home on Sunday.

Finally anyone out there have tips for dealing with these feelings?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dinner Party

So my dinner party last night was a huge success.

Katrina decided she wanted to sleep all day, (and she's doing it again today so I think she's in a major growth spurt) and Lillian had a wonderful nap in the afternoon and spent the morning playing in the yard. Maybe that's what caused the nice long nap.

We started the meal with artichoke fritters and the Quinoa walnut salad you see above. Both were really good. I made the salad from a combination of two different Quinoa salads.

For the main course we had three-cheese stuffed mushrooms, homemade wheat cheese and spinach ravioli with chunky sauce, and italian grilled cheese (those are the baguettes below).

We ended the meal with a Mocha pound cake with ganache sauce, whipping cream and raspberries. And it was chocolate heaven! The cake was just amazing. My friend Cecilia brought it, and yes it was from my new cook book, Nourish. So all in all it was a wonderful meal and I had a great time with my running BFF and her guy, and look forward to doing it again, soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favourites - Weather

In honour of this crazy hot summer I'm going to write about my favourite weather to run in. You'll all think I'm crazy but I started to run in the winter months originally so I enjoy a nice cold winter day. I've run in -12 degrees, hail, snow, wind, and rain and honestly the cold, wind and snow free days of winter are my favourite. The sun being out, shining on me as I run, the cool air keeping me from getting crazy sweaty, and the silence that only winter can provide and lets me think about whatever I want.

We have these CRAZY psycho bugs here that are very territorial and actually chase you when you run down the road which drives me crazy in the summer, spring and fall, but in the winter these buggers (pun intended) are no where to be found, so I'm less worried about them harassing my baby. So I can bundle a baby in a snowsuit (or two - yes Lillian was in 2 snow suits on that -12 degree run) and run off with no ugs buzzing around her head.

I run on a lot of country roads, which are usually dirt roads, so ice usually isn't a big issue for me. My jogging stroller provides extra support when things get a little icy. As for the nasty slush and snow, even when we have a few centimetres on the ground (or several for that matter) my baby jogger can get through it no problem.

Sample of our snow here versus my toddler.
So give me a cold, winter day and I'll show you how we do it in Canada!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thinning Thursday

So I did my weigh in today and was down 0.8 lbs. I was really hoping to have a larger loss this week since I tried hard while I was away, but I'm aware that I didn't have my scale with me to weigh my food and I couldn't get out and run as much as I wanted to.
Lillian showing off her new dress.

In other news I had a fantastic run today. Everything was coming up my way, and my little monkey and peanut napped a long, LONG time. I was on the treadmill for 80 minutes and managed to run almost 10km which is great and is my furthest run to date. I'm feeling great about the run, so maybe next week will go better when I get on the scale. 

Happy Katrina!
I'm also really excited for tomorrow since we're having friends over for dinner. With two small kids it's hard to go out to eat so I keep cooking up a storm and inviting friends over for dinner. It's a lot of work since I'm a crazy perfectionist but soooo worth it. The food is always yummy (since I'm the one cooking it) and the company is great. So lots of cooking and cleaning on my list for tomorrow and if I remember I'll try to photograph some of it. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad day.

I had a bad day today. I had to run and everything seemed to be against me. Because of this I ended up crying today out of just having had enough. I felt tired, upset with my husband, upset with myself and just all around horrible. I'll write more about it tomorrow. In the end, I did manage to run, finally at 8 something, but had to stop after 30 minutes because Katrina cried for food, again. To make it through the day I had to keep reminding myself today why I run.

I run for my sanity.
I run for my daughters.
I run for my health.
I run for my family.
I run for me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Running on little sleep.

My girlies chatting about girl stuff.
So here is a topic all mom's will be familiar with but also students and busy professionals too. With a toddler in the house, mornings come early, like usually between 7 and 8am. With a baby in the house, bedtime comes really late, as in typically 10pm to 1am, and honestly when the 10pm happens you try to get something else from the mommy list done before you go to bed too. So if you average sleeping from 11:30 to 7am and you are getting up once or twice or three times for about 30-45 minutes in between it makes for a really long night, and once you have a few weeks of this, that makes for some very, very, long days. And I have to keep reminding myself that we are actually part of the lucky few. My babies seem to enjoy sleeping at night. Daytime, well that's another story but my 9 week old has already slept for 8 hours twice, 7 hours about five time and at least twice a week does a 5-6 hour stretch, so honestly I am not allowed to complain since my friends 9 month old still won't sleep more than 5 hours at a time. But, what I find amazing or better yet fascinating is those moms who manage to get a run in at 5am. I have a hard enough time functioning and getting my kids ready by 9am to hit the grocery store, and yet these mom's are up and out while I drag my sorry butt back to bed to try and sleep a little more before the that awkward 6am feeding or the toddler decides to perk up at 7 instead of 8 today.

I find for me, when I am feeling as if my sleep is not enough (as it is now, which you can see by how horrible that last sentence was and yet I feel no need to change it - bad English major) I need to wait until the afternoon or even evening to run because I am worried about injuring myself in the morning especially while I'm still groggy. I can see myself trying to run on the treadmill, misplacing my footing and falling face first onto the belt and being propelled off the machine and into the open area of my basement. Yes, that would be very graceful and classy. I'm such a lady.

Katrina in her Bumbo for the first time.
I find that running at night is more possible for me than the morning. I know a lot of moms will think I'm crazy because at the end of the day you are so tired from doing all you have to but I have my husband at home and I know he'll take care of my babies. He's here in the mornings too but I find because of being awake at night so much my abilities in the morning are not what they used to be. One funny thing is that my hubby isn't a morning person and yet he manages to get his butt out of the bed and goes to the gym around 8am, three days a week. And sadly I am the morning person, who wants to hide in bed and can't find the energy to get up in the morning.

I know that as long as I can keep my kids napping in the afternoon I can run then, and when the big race days come, I can manage to get up to run. Part of the thing is that for a real race you're up so early that you wake up long before you hit the start line.
My little helper.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm gonna feel this tomorrow.

Today I pushed myself on the treadmill and I know I'm going to REALLY feel it tomorrow. I went 9.17km today and until this my longest run was only 6.06 km. I think I read that you are not supposed to increase your distance more than 10% at a time. Opps. So now my poor legs feel like pudding already and I have a huge list of things to do over Sunday and Monday. I have a feeling that my errands will be a bit slower than I planned.

My toddler will be back on Wednesday, after I pick her up so I plan to use that as my next rest day, my previous one was yesterday and I am hopeful that I can get a speed run in either tomorrow or Monday. Most likely Monday since I don't think I'm supposed to do speed and distance in the same 48 hours. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken please. Otherwise I'll do a nice little run tomorrow and see how I do with a nice jog maybe even with my peanut.

My loves.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favourites - Treadmill TV shows

So with the summer heat I have been spending a lot of time running on my treadmill. With life as a busy mom the treadmill is my best friend as it lets me run day or night, in heat or cold, it doesn't matter. Some days when I run I just want to sign my favourite chick music at the top of my lungs but I tend to save those runs for outside because then I won't scare anyone by accident or make someone go deaf by accident. My favourite music will be discussed in another blog. Right now we want to focus on the shows I watch while I run.

While pregnant I found watching shorter shows (22 minutes without commercial) was ideal since it let me run a bit but not overdue it, and days where I had a tonne of energy I could do two episodes. For these runs I watched all of season 1 to 4 of big bang theory. The only thing I would sing was the theme song.

During my longer runs or speed work I enjoy a (41 minute without commercial) longer show. I watched a lot of Star Trek and X-files on when running previously and also really enjoyed Eurkea. I'm a big Sci-fi buff and love to run and have something to make me laugh or think while on the treadmill. The other great thing about TV shows is that when I do long runs I can watch multiple episodes and since I watch it on my laptop I can set it up to just keep going one after another after another.

One other show that is a serious guilty pleasure on the treadmill for me is X-weighted. I love watching my "fat people" shows. I find seeing someone lose weight really inspiring. I laugh when it comes on TV and I'm on the couch (which is where I was when I watched the odd Biggest Loser episode). I also owe the show a lot because I finally managed to succeed in my weight loss journey because of the idea from the show about having a fitness challenge, and this was my original treadmill TV show. So without this show I wouldn't run with the same passion that I do.

Finally, the last great thing about watching TV on the treadmill is that I find wonderful TV shows to watch that I really enjoy, and the way I ensure I keep running, is that certain shows I only allow myself to watch while running. While pregnant I could only watch Big Bang Theory on the treadmill so it really helped to keep me motivated. I find that knowing I have to be running to watch the show.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Funny mommy post.

I have a blog I read the looks deep into what woman keep inside their purses. Today sometime mine will be featured. So if you are amused by home much "stuff" us ladies can hold in our bags check it out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Further.

So today I drove 95 minutes back from my dad to my mom. How did I celebrate? I got home, unloaded the car and went for a run. I did 6km, my furthest one so far, and pushed Katrina the whole time. I feel on top of the world, and really enjoyed our dinner. I treated my mom and stepdad and baby girl to pizza tonight. We don't order out very often so it was so super yummy. No weigh in tomorrow as I'm still away from home and don't have my scale. It'll have to wait until next week.  I'm looking forward to a Sunday alone with Katrina while my hubby is at a convention. I hope to go to church with her, and then shopping at a wool place I love. Should be lots of fun.

The supervisor.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Running Mad woman.

So I managed my first outside solo 5km run today and I rocked it! It is my fastest post pregnancy run to date according to my daily mile which does make me smile. I hope you're proud Cecilia because I am! I did it in 5 sets of 200m walking, 800m jogging. The details are below (I've excluded the cool down since it takes me over 5km).

Lap 1 - 8:40 or 6.9km/hr
Lap 2 - 8:27 or 7.1km/hr
Lap 3 - 8:16 or 7.3km/hr
Lap 4 - 8:37 or 7.0km/hr
Lap 5 - 8:26 or 7.1km/hr

Total: 42:26 or 7.1km/hr

So needless to say I feel AWESOME! My friend Cecilia is going to have me start doing different types of running when we train for my marathon so I figured I should get comfortable with pace and speed work. I started easy today and wanted each lap to be between 8:15 and 8:45. I managed to achieve that, and I may even program my garmin to do the split for me so I don't run the first 200 of my 800m harder because my watch does my pace including the 200m walking at the start.

I've now managed to run 5km a few times and I'm always making progress. Below you can see my daily mile information including warm ups and cool downs.

July 30 - 5.2km in 1:00:00 -- 11:31 pace (outside, with Cecilia and stroller)
August 6 - 5.45km in 59:43 -- 10:57 pace (outside, with Cecilia and stroller)
August 9 - 5.15km in 45:00 -- 8:44 pace (treadmill)
August 14 - 5.08km in 43:22 -- 8:32 pace (outside, solo)

You may think the pace only drops so much today because of the lack of a stroller, but yesterday during my 4km set (same style of run but 4km not 5) I had a pace of 9:16 and I had to walk the last km because my stomach got upset and I desperately needed a bathroom. So even if we use that pace, you're looking at a difference of 2:15 faster. I even looked back in my running history and my old hard pace was around 7:00 give or take 0:15 so I am getting closer to it. Still have to drop another 1:32 but I'll get there soon enough!

So to conclude I rule!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood.

Warning, this blog entry has yucky mommy details.

So we're visiting my mother for a week and normally that means loads of fun for me and Lillian and my mom, but things got off to a rocky start yesterday on the drive down. We left early thanks to my hubby taking the baby for her shots, so I could get ready which was great. He got to kiss everyone goodbye before we left and I got to have a coffee and miss rush hour and be at my mom's before lunch. Now I know every kid is different and I love both my girls for it, but Katrina is a bit of puker. Lillian has only been sick 3 times in her whole life, until yesterday. Yesterday, it became 4. The only thing worse than your two year old throwing up, is your two year old throwing up on themselves and their car seat, in your car while you're driving on the 401. So I had to pull over and wash my kid off on the side of the 401. We had no rags and very few wipes in the diaper bag, so I grabbed her a change of clothes and my pj bottoms to wipe her off with. I was on the verge of tears but managed to keep it together so Lillian didn't get too upset. We were 40 minutes into a 2 hour drive and I have no cell phone so I had to make the choice on my own of whether to turn around and go home or drive on. I wish I could have asked my husband but couldn't so I took a few deep breathes and drove on. She ended up doing fine, and was clapping and singing with the radio after 30 minutes and then slept the last half hour.

My mom is great and while I unloaded the car she gave Lillian a bath, and we combined efforts to clean the car seat (note to self, no eggs and toast before long car rides anymore). So after she was all cleaned up and happy she was allowed to eat some food and did fine. My mom lets her run around in just a shirt and little undies here since they live in the country. Well wouldn't you know it, 5 minutes after putting her in the high chair she peed on it.So then we had to clean up pee off the floor, wash the high chair cover and Lillian again. Great way to start a trip, eh?

But oh it gets better. Today while I was talking to my hubby on the phone, while my big girl and mom and stepdad were getting food, Katrina starting spitting up and she managed to spit up all over herself, me, the blanket. As far as baby messes go this one was a doozie! And then later this afternoon she managed to poop out of her diaper and all up  her back. She also managed to get her onsie, the blanket, pillow case and even the nursing pillow dirty! I had to get my mother for help. I yelled "Help! Katrina pooped!" She laughed and me and I said "I don't have my set up here." and then she turned around to see me holding Katrina up back out, and understood. After a nice bath and a clean baby everything was better, and so far no more messed this evening. And I just hope it stays that way!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favourites - Inspirational Women

So today I want to talk about the women in my life who inspire me to be healthy and run better than I did before.

1/ My babies. 
I am always inspired by my girlies. They make me smile every single day, they remind me why I need to be healthy, and they just melt my heart. I have had a lot of issues with my body and I never want that for my girls. I want them to be proud, strong, and independent, something that took me until my twenties to be. We even let them watch me on the treadmill and my husband has been telling Lillian that mommy and daddy run to be healthy for them, and she smiles at us. It's really cute. So when I run, I think of them and try extra hard so that they will be proud of me, and just maybe follow in my footsteps.

2/ My mommy.
My mother and I have an interesting relationship. She's always been there for me, she's super supportive, but we're so much alike that we often butt heads and sometimes she drives me a bit crazy, but that's what everyone has with their mom's right? So the reason I am inspired by her is because she seems to manage to do everything and is great at it. She's an amazing cook, always has a spotless house, and is a wonderful person. My mother did so much to help and support my dreams, and I strive to be as good of a mother as she is. I only hope that I can always be there for her the way she's been there for me, even if my house isn't as clean as she thinks it should be.

3/ My running BFF Cecilia.
So I am majorly in awe of Cecilia. She has it all put together. She's smart, active, talented/creative and a really nice person. She really inspires me to be a better athlete and has the knowledge to be able to help me. She's a professor who specializes in Health Statistics so she not only knows her running stuff, but has a love of statistics like me, and can also give me an interesting fact to keep me going. She's going to train me for my marathon and is currently recovering from a running injury caused by a Marathon and Half-Marathon on the same weekend (the Disney Goofy). She's taught me so much and I'm very thankful to have her around to help me, and I promise not to do the goofy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scale wars - Alice 1, Scale 1.

So this morning my scale was less evil. Here are my last three weigh ins:

July 28 - 187lbs
August 4 - 188lbs
August 11 - 185.2lbs

So I dropped almost 3lbs this week! I am aware that last week was most likely a water weight gain and so the loss is more likely a pound each week but who cares. I have lost weight and am happy about it. I ran more this week so I'm pretty sure that didn't hurt with the weight loss. I also got into the pain zone on Tuesday so that should help next week. My leg muscles are still a little tender from that run even after a day off! So I know it was a great workout, and will do a nice little easy run today too.

One funny thing is that my friend Cecilia asked me if I was eating enough so I looked at my week and realized that I used a lot of points on snacky foods and not filling stuff, so this week I focused more on using the points for food, even if it's stuff I baked or cooked and less on snacks like freezies, and I think it really made a difference. Maybe I wasn't eating enough food. It always sounds funny to me that you can stall weight loss by not eating enough.

So after my gain last week I'm very proud that I didn't let the gain phase me and instead focused on doing better this week. Now tomorrow I leave for my mothers for a little over a week so my posts may be few until next weekend, but I've written my Friday favourites ahead of time so they will still post themselves. If I don't manage to write, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I hope I don't overdue it on goodies while I'm away!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello pain, it's been a while!

So something happened today that has not happened since before I got pregnant. I ran on the treadmill and got into the pain zone. I don't think everyone has the power to do this, but I know that this is what made the real difference in my weight loss the last time and I forgot about it.

I was doing my run, and I planned on doing 30 minutes with 5 minutes for warm up and cool down and then 10 sets of 2:30, where I'd run 70/80 seconds at 5.0/4.0 mph. When I hit set 9 I felt my legs start to turn into jello and my chest wasn't functioning at it's best and I was counting the fractions of how much more I had to run of my 70 seconds (yes I turn my remaining time into fractions or percentages so I can be pleased that 60% is over just 2/5th to go). But after the 9th set, during my 80 seconds slow jog I ran upstairs to check on my baby and the peanut was sound asleep and the baby monitor for the monkey had just gone silent and I thought why not try to push myself to try and do 5km on the treadmill today.

I was at 2.1 miles and thought only 1 more mile and with both little ones out cold, I figured I have loads of time, but I didn't know if I could push myself anymore. So I thought okay, do 12 sets instead of 10 and you can walk or slow jog the rest. Set 10 and 11 were HARD and at the end of 11 I almost stopped but I told myself one more and you can walk. But then something happened in set 12 that I forgot about. The pain in my legs went away, and both my breathing and legs stabilized and I kept running. I ended up doing 16 sets and felt like I could fly.

I am so proud of myself for pushing myself through the pain in order to keep going and get a great workout in. I now remember that I can push beyond the discomfort that comes with running past your usual pace and distance and I can't wait to do it again!

Monday, August 8, 2011


My Oma is a very wise woman. It comes with years of experience, two grown sons, a grown grand daughter, two great-grand daughters, years of hard work and more laughs and wonderful memories than could ever be counted. Her favourite saying to me as a child (other than telling me I "may do the dishes" or "may put away my laundry" - which I am totally stealing to use on my kids) is: "if you had all your dreams and wishes fulfilled you'd never have anything to look forward to".

I find this quote to be very powerful and it has always stuck with me and helped me through a great deal of things in my lifetime (which my 27 years is quite short compared to my Oma's 76+ years). It's comforting to me when I have to wait for something that I really want, and it reminds me that I shouldn't fulfill all my wishes too quickly or else I'll be sad. Makes you think of the other saying that money doesn't  make you happy.

So here are my wishes or countdowns, whatever you want to call them!

  • Visiting my mom --> 3 days and counting
  • Horror Hill Run --> 82 days and counting
  • Katrina's Baptism --> 95 days and counting
  • Waterloo Half Marathon --> 265 days and counting
  • Have to go back to work --> 273 days (and not counting)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another great run.

So I did my second outside run today with my running BFF and my pace greatly improved! According to my Garmin my average moving pace was 10:33/km this week, while last week it was 11:20/km. So as you can see that is quite the improvement! I feel so good about myself today even if the stupid scale didn't like me on Thursday. The scale is but a number, and I like me today!

After our run the three of us (Katrina joins us on our outside runs since she requires me for food) headed back to my friends place and she made us some super yummy pancakes for breakfast. Carbs are always a good option after a run, and since we ran the same amount of time but went 0.25km further we were in need of something carbie! After that I ran an errand, dropped by friend off to run an errand and then headed home. I got to see Lillian before nap time, and then let my hubby have some quiet 'Steve' time to himself.

And on the menu tonight is homemade pizza. We make pizza almost every weekend and I'm looking forward to our usual weekend food after having made so much delicious and fancy food this week. Something I can eat with my fingers is always nice, especially when we know Lillian will gobble it up too.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favourites - Big equiptment

Okay, so I have two major pieces of equipment that I love, love, love when I run! First my handy dandy treadmill, and my bouncy jogging stroller.

So my treadmill is a beast! I weighs a tonne and when we recently had to move it from our second floor to the basement (in order to make room for our daughter's big girl room) we actually had to have people come in to take it apart and move it to the basement because it's THAT heavy. But when you're someone who HATES hot weather and humidity being able to run in the cool basement is heaven and allows me to keep running from June-September when it gets Hot, Hot, Hot here. We have a Life Fitness F3 which is a newer model that has the strength and stability of a full set up treadmill but it folds up! So while it was upstairs it was located in my sewing room and that was nice to be able to fold it up.

The best part about my jogging stroller is the fact that it holds my Graco car seat, so I can run with my newborn. Most jogging strollers require the kid to be 6 or 9 months old in order for them to have appropriate head control and be safe. When we went shopping for a stroller I knew we needed one that an infant could be placed in. I wrote a blog about this a while back when I first started running. We also have a two kid jogging stroller for when my hubby and I want to run together. The sad part is that baby K will have to be 6-9 months old to run with both in that stroller, which I'm SOOO sad about since everyone loves the idea of pushing 40-50lbs while they run, but the awesome part is that our double jogger can also seat 1 in the middle so we can each jog with one. I can't wait to get out with my stroller!

So my plans are to start my jogging on my basement at first. That way I am cool (I SERIOUSLY hate heat and humidity) and can stop whenever I need to if I get too tired. As soon as I managed to hit 5km or it gets nice and cool outside I'll plop baby K into the stroller and then head off to use my stroller. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bummed but moving on.

I had my weigh in this morning. Result, up 1lbs. Seriously BOO! I worked out this week, ate healthy, and still up. Grrr. I'm not happy with my weight and my body and really needed the emotional uplift of seeing the scale drop but I'll get over it. I actually felt like crying when I saw this number this morning but I'll live. After a bit of thinking about it, I reminded myself that Katrina is only 7 weeks old, and I didn't start losing weight with Lillian until she was 10 weeks. So I'm starting earlier, the night routine isn't set up quite yet, weight watchers changed their system (and I have to say the new one is not impressing me one bit) and we've been pretty busy.

I know what my weaknesses are. I'm not drinking as much water as usual, I am so desperate for coffee (and far too much of it) and I'm snacking a lot later in the day, so I'll work on those things this week and see if that helps. I'm also going to cut out pop this week and see if that makes any difference for me.

So good luck for the week!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feeling down.

So I had a little cry today before my run. Like literally two minutes before I was on my treadmill running. I've been feeling off the past few days, and I don't like it. All married couples have their little disagreements and usually I'm the one who's fine five minutes later and has to tell Steve it's not a big deal and to get over it, but this weekend we had one of those tifts and this time I'm the one who's feeling it days later. I won't go into details of why I feel so depressed (mostly because 1/ he reads my blog and 2/ I don't feel like bashing my hubby on the internet tonight) but it centers around how I feel as a mom. He basically made me feel like I'm a horrible mother. He tells me I do a good job and am a wonderful mother, but then he makes me feel as if I'm expected to do the major child things while he rests after his day of work and criticizes me whenever I show weakness or impatience. So ultimately he says one thing and does another, and now I'm all depressed and feel like an awful mother.

I just wish I had more patience and could be the mother I wish I was. I have so many insecurities about my skills as a mother and about when and how I can control my temper and now he's made me feel so much worse. I am working hard to get my running in everyday to help offset my temper and make me more patient and happy but I just want to curl up into a sad little ball right now. I know I will get over this, and I know my husband and I will be fine (we'll be together forever and can make it through anything) but I just feel so judged by him right now that I've avoided touching him for the past few days and don't really want him touching me, and that makes it worse because I start to feel lonely. Hopefully I'll suck it up and get over this soon so I can get on with my busy day to day life. Wish me luck.

Here are my precious girls that I wish I could be a better mother to.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Family photo.

So July has come and gone. It was busy, it was crazy, and some days seriously just SUCKED but I have managed to get into a routine with my little ladies. Everyday Lillian naps for about 3 hours (12:30-ish through to 3:30-ish) and in that time I manage to run, shower after my run, feed Katrina, wash the breakfast/lunch dishes, do laundry (if needed), sweep, and start dinner prep if it's a cooking night. I feel truly blessed that Lillian has adjusted to her big girl bed so well and that she LOVES her nap. Having her down for the count for a bit makes my life much easier.
Our first family photo.
So now that we are getting into a grove I'm trying to add more things for Lillian. Last week we had a play date with Dee and Naomi, another day we went to the park, and another one we went shopping. My girlfriend was right when she said the first six weeks with two kidlets is super hard and after that things get better. I can even bathe the two of them without too much trouble.
Big Sister Lillian with her Little Sister Katrina.
So today we did our first photo shoot with Katrina. We did one for Lillian at 6 weeks so for Katrina we did another one. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and we got a few really beautiful shots. We got a few nice family shots, so super cute sister shots, and a few adorable baby shots. I'm very excited to have such a beautiful family. Over the next while I'll post more photos from the family shot but here are a few to make you smile.
My newborn becomes a baby.

July Summary

So this is a long time no write, so even though it's a teeny, tiny summary.

So in my one week of running, I managed to go 12.77 km and ran for a total of 2:15, which makes it 5.67 km/hour. So obviously that isn't very much but for the first week I will take it! I also managed to take off 4.5lbs so I am very proud of myself.

Really that is all I can say for this month. I hope that my August summary will have a lot more exciting news to it!