Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adventures in Mommyhood.

Warning, this blog entry has yucky mommy details.

So we're visiting my mother for a week and normally that means loads of fun for me and Lillian and my mom, but things got off to a rocky start yesterday on the drive down. We left early thanks to my hubby taking the baby for her shots, so I could get ready which was great. He got to kiss everyone goodbye before we left and I got to have a coffee and miss rush hour and be at my mom's before lunch. Now I know every kid is different and I love both my girls for it, but Katrina is a bit of puker. Lillian has only been sick 3 times in her whole life, until yesterday. Yesterday, it became 4. The only thing worse than your two year old throwing up, is your two year old throwing up on themselves and their car seat, in your car while you're driving on the 401. So I had to pull over and wash my kid off on the side of the 401. We had no rags and very few wipes in the diaper bag, so I grabbed her a change of clothes and my pj bottoms to wipe her off with. I was on the verge of tears but managed to keep it together so Lillian didn't get too upset. We were 40 minutes into a 2 hour drive and I have no cell phone so I had to make the choice on my own of whether to turn around and go home or drive on. I wish I could have asked my husband but couldn't so I took a few deep breathes and drove on. She ended up doing fine, and was clapping and singing with the radio after 30 minutes and then slept the last half hour.

My mom is great and while I unloaded the car she gave Lillian a bath, and we combined efforts to clean the car seat (note to self, no eggs and toast before long car rides anymore). So after she was all cleaned up and happy she was allowed to eat some food and did fine. My mom lets her run around in just a shirt and little undies here since they live in the country. Well wouldn't you know it, 5 minutes after putting her in the high chair she peed on it.So then we had to clean up pee off the floor, wash the high chair cover and Lillian again. Great way to start a trip, eh?

But oh it gets better. Today while I was talking to my hubby on the phone, while my big girl and mom and stepdad were getting food, Katrina starting spitting up and she managed to spit up all over herself, me, the blanket. As far as baby messes go this one was a doozie! And then later this afternoon she managed to poop out of her diaper and all up  her back. She also managed to get her onsie, the blanket, pillow case and even the nursing pillow dirty! I had to get my mother for help. I yelled "Help! Katrina pooped!" She laughed and me and I said "I don't have my set up here." and then she turned around to see me holding Katrina up back out, and understood. After a nice bath and a clean baby everything was better, and so far no more messed this evening. And I just hope it stays that way!

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  1. oh boy do i feel for you!!! My #2 was a puker and #1 was a major pooper! At least you know that it doesn't last that long- although feels like the end of the world at the time!