Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another great run.

So I did my second outside run today with my running BFF and my pace greatly improved! According to my Garmin my average moving pace was 10:33/km this week, while last week it was 11:20/km. So as you can see that is quite the improvement! I feel so good about myself today even if the stupid scale didn't like me on Thursday. The scale is but a number, and I like me today!

After our run the three of us (Katrina joins us on our outside runs since she requires me for food) headed back to my friends place and she made us some super yummy pancakes for breakfast. Carbs are always a good option after a run, and since we ran the same amount of time but went 0.25km further we were in need of something carbie! After that I ran an errand, dropped by friend off to run an errand and then headed home. I got to see Lillian before nap time, and then let my hubby have some quiet 'Steve' time to himself.

And on the menu tonight is homemade pizza. We make pizza almost every weekend and I'm looking forward to our usual weekend food after having made so much delicious and fancy food this week. Something I can eat with my fingers is always nice, especially when we know Lillian will gobble it up too.

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