Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dinner Party

So my dinner party last night was a huge success.

Katrina decided she wanted to sleep all day, (and she's doing it again today so I think she's in a major growth spurt) and Lillian had a wonderful nap in the afternoon and spent the morning playing in the yard. Maybe that's what caused the nice long nap.

We started the meal with artichoke fritters and the Quinoa walnut salad you see above. Both were really good. I made the salad from a combination of two different Quinoa salads.

For the main course we had three-cheese stuffed mushrooms, homemade wheat cheese and spinach ravioli with chunky sauce, and italian grilled cheese (those are the baguettes below).

We ended the meal with a Mocha pound cake with ganache sauce, whipping cream and raspberries. And it was chocolate heaven! The cake was just amazing. My friend Cecilia brought it, and yes it was from my new cook book, Nourish. So all in all it was a wonderful meal and I had a great time with my running BFF and her guy, and look forward to doing it again, soon!

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