Monday, August 1, 2011

Family photo.

So July has come and gone. It was busy, it was crazy, and some days seriously just SUCKED but I have managed to get into a routine with my little ladies. Everyday Lillian naps for about 3 hours (12:30-ish through to 3:30-ish) and in that time I manage to run, shower after my run, feed Katrina, wash the breakfast/lunch dishes, do laundry (if needed), sweep, and start dinner prep if it's a cooking night. I feel truly blessed that Lillian has adjusted to her big girl bed so well and that she LOVES her nap. Having her down for the count for a bit makes my life much easier.
Our first family photo.
So now that we are getting into a grove I'm trying to add more things for Lillian. Last week we had a play date with Dee and Naomi, another day we went to the park, and another one we went shopping. My girlfriend was right when she said the first six weeks with two kidlets is super hard and after that things get better. I can even bathe the two of them without too much trouble.
Big Sister Lillian with her Little Sister Katrina.
So today we did our first photo shoot with Katrina. We did one for Lillian at 6 weeks so for Katrina we did another one. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and we got a few really beautiful shots. We got a few nice family shots, so super cute sister shots, and a few adorable baby shots. I'm very excited to have such a beautiful family. Over the next while I'll post more photos from the family shot but here are a few to make you smile.
My newborn becomes a baby.

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