Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favourites - Big equiptment

Okay, so I have two major pieces of equipment that I love, love, love when I run! First my handy dandy treadmill, and my bouncy jogging stroller.

So my treadmill is a beast! I weighs a tonne and when we recently had to move it from our second floor to the basement (in order to make room for our daughter's big girl room) we actually had to have people come in to take it apart and move it to the basement because it's THAT heavy. But when you're someone who HATES hot weather and humidity being able to run in the cool basement is heaven and allows me to keep running from June-September when it gets Hot, Hot, Hot here. We have a Life Fitness F3 which is a newer model that has the strength and stability of a full set up treadmill but it folds up! So while it was upstairs it was located in my sewing room and that was nice to be able to fold it up.

The best part about my jogging stroller is the fact that it holds my Graco car seat, so I can run with my newborn. Most jogging strollers require the kid to be 6 or 9 months old in order for them to have appropriate head control and be safe. When we went shopping for a stroller I knew we needed one that an infant could be placed in. I wrote a blog about this a while back when I first started running. We also have a two kid jogging stroller for when my hubby and I want to run together. The sad part is that baby K will have to be 6-9 months old to run with both in that stroller, which I'm SOOO sad about since everyone loves the idea of pushing 40-50lbs while they run, but the awesome part is that our double jogger can also seat 1 in the middle so we can each jog with one. I can't wait to get out with my stroller!

So my plans are to start my jogging on my basement at first. That way I am cool (I SERIOUSLY hate heat and humidity) and can stop whenever I need to if I get too tired. As soon as I managed to hit 5km or it gets nice and cool outside I'll plop baby K into the stroller and then head off to use my stroller. 

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