Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favourites - Inspirational Women

So today I want to talk about the women in my life who inspire me to be healthy and run better than I did before.

1/ My babies. 
I am always inspired by my girlies. They make me smile every single day, they remind me why I need to be healthy, and they just melt my heart. I have had a lot of issues with my body and I never want that for my girls. I want them to be proud, strong, and independent, something that took me until my twenties to be. We even let them watch me on the treadmill and my husband has been telling Lillian that mommy and daddy run to be healthy for them, and she smiles at us. It's really cute. So when I run, I think of them and try extra hard so that they will be proud of me, and just maybe follow in my footsteps.

2/ My mommy.
My mother and I have an interesting relationship. She's always been there for me, she's super supportive, but we're so much alike that we often butt heads and sometimes she drives me a bit crazy, but that's what everyone has with their mom's right? So the reason I am inspired by her is because she seems to manage to do everything and is great at it. She's an amazing cook, always has a spotless house, and is a wonderful person. My mother did so much to help and support my dreams, and I strive to be as good of a mother as she is. I only hope that I can always be there for her the way she's been there for me, even if my house isn't as clean as she thinks it should be.

3/ My running BFF Cecilia.
So I am majorly in awe of Cecilia. She has it all put together. She's smart, active, talented/creative and a really nice person. She really inspires me to be a better athlete and has the knowledge to be able to help me. She's a professor who specializes in Health Statistics so she not only knows her running stuff, but has a love of statistics like me, and can also give me an interesting fact to keep me going. She's going to train me for my marathon and is currently recovering from a running injury caused by a Marathon and Half-Marathon on the same weekend (the Disney Goofy). She's taught me so much and I'm very thankful to have her around to help me, and I promise not to do the goofy!

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