Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favourites - Treadmill TV shows

So with the summer heat I have been spending a lot of time running on my treadmill. With life as a busy mom the treadmill is my best friend as it lets me run day or night, in heat or cold, it doesn't matter. Some days when I run I just want to sign my favourite chick music at the top of my lungs but I tend to save those runs for outside because then I won't scare anyone by accident or make someone go deaf by accident. My favourite music will be discussed in another blog. Right now we want to focus on the shows I watch while I run.

While pregnant I found watching shorter shows (22 minutes without commercial) was ideal since it let me run a bit but not overdue it, and days where I had a tonne of energy I could do two episodes. For these runs I watched all of season 1 to 4 of big bang theory. The only thing I would sing was the theme song.

During my longer runs or speed work I enjoy a (41 minute without commercial) longer show. I watched a lot of Star Trek and X-files on when running previously and also really enjoyed Eurkea. I'm a big Sci-fi buff and love to run and have something to make me laugh or think while on the treadmill. The other great thing about TV shows is that when I do long runs I can watch multiple episodes and since I watch it on my laptop I can set it up to just keep going one after another after another.

One other show that is a serious guilty pleasure on the treadmill for me is X-weighted. I love watching my "fat people" shows. I find seeing someone lose weight really inspiring. I laugh when it comes on TV and I'm on the couch (which is where I was when I watched the odd Biggest Loser episode). I also owe the show a lot because I finally managed to succeed in my weight loss journey because of the idea from the show about having a fitness challenge, and this was my original treadmill TV show. So without this show I wouldn't run with the same passion that I do.

Finally, the last great thing about watching TV on the treadmill is that I find wonderful TV shows to watch that I really enjoy, and the way I ensure I keep running, is that certain shows I only allow myself to watch while running. While pregnant I could only watch Big Bang Theory on the treadmill so it really helped to keep me motivated. I find that knowing I have to be running to watch the show.

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