Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favourites - Weather

In honour of this crazy hot summer I'm going to write about my favourite weather to run in. You'll all think I'm crazy but I started to run in the winter months originally so I enjoy a nice cold winter day. I've run in -12 degrees, hail, snow, wind, and rain and honestly the cold, wind and snow free days of winter are my favourite. The sun being out, shining on me as I run, the cool air keeping me from getting crazy sweaty, and the silence that only winter can provide and lets me think about whatever I want.

We have these CRAZY psycho bugs here that are very territorial and actually chase you when you run down the road which drives me crazy in the summer, spring and fall, but in the winter these buggers (pun intended) are no where to be found, so I'm less worried about them harassing my baby. So I can bundle a baby in a snowsuit (or two - yes Lillian was in 2 snow suits on that -12 degree run) and run off with no ugs buzzing around her head.

I run on a lot of country roads, which are usually dirt roads, so ice usually isn't a big issue for me. My jogging stroller provides extra support when things get a little icy. As for the nasty slush and snow, even when we have a few centimetres on the ground (or several for that matter) my baby jogger can get through it no problem.

Sample of our snow here versus my toddler.
So give me a cold, winter day and I'll show you how we do it in Canada!

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