Monday, August 29, 2011

Got my run on.

So this week I definately got my run on. I did almost 30km this week (29.62 to be exact). That means I ran further this week than any week since Katrina was born. I laugh a bit since everything says not to go more than 10% extra per week but since I started at 12km that would take forever to get anywhere real. So I threw caution into the wind and just run what I am comfortable doing and see where it takes me.

After such a busy running week I am having a day of rest today, and honestly I must say it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a rest day as much as I'm enjoying today. After running all my errands to various grocery stores today I came back home, and have plopped myself onto my couch for some nice knitting. Well, after I unpacked the car, made Lillian lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, washed the dishes, took out the cloth diapers for the service, put Katrina down for a nap and ate lunch myself.

So now I am going to go back to my knitting. Hope everyone has a nice day.

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