Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm gonna feel this tomorrow.

Today I pushed myself on the treadmill and I know I'm going to REALLY feel it tomorrow. I went 9.17km today and until this my longest run was only 6.06 km. I think I read that you are not supposed to increase your distance more than 10% at a time. Opps. So now my poor legs feel like pudding already and I have a huge list of things to do over Sunday and Monday. I have a feeling that my errands will be a bit slower than I planned.

My toddler will be back on Wednesday, after I pick her up so I plan to use that as my next rest day, my previous one was yesterday and I am hopeful that I can get a speed run in either tomorrow or Monday. Most likely Monday since I don't think I'm supposed to do speed and distance in the same 48 hours. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken please. Otherwise I'll do a nice little run tomorrow and see how I do with a nice jog maybe even with my peanut.

My loves.

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