Sunday, August 14, 2011

Running Mad woman.

So I managed my first outside solo 5km run today and I rocked it! It is my fastest post pregnancy run to date according to my daily mile which does make me smile. I hope you're proud Cecilia because I am! I did it in 5 sets of 200m walking, 800m jogging. The details are below (I've excluded the cool down since it takes me over 5km).

Lap 1 - 8:40 or 6.9km/hr
Lap 2 - 8:27 or 7.1km/hr
Lap 3 - 8:16 or 7.3km/hr
Lap 4 - 8:37 or 7.0km/hr
Lap 5 - 8:26 or 7.1km/hr

Total: 42:26 or 7.1km/hr

So needless to say I feel AWESOME! My friend Cecilia is going to have me start doing different types of running when we train for my marathon so I figured I should get comfortable with pace and speed work. I started easy today and wanted each lap to be between 8:15 and 8:45. I managed to achieve that, and I may even program my garmin to do the split for me so I don't run the first 200 of my 800m harder because my watch does my pace including the 200m walking at the start.

I've now managed to run 5km a few times and I'm always making progress. Below you can see my daily mile information including warm ups and cool downs.

July 30 - 5.2km in 1:00:00 -- 11:31 pace (outside, with Cecilia and stroller)
August 6 - 5.45km in 59:43 -- 10:57 pace (outside, with Cecilia and stroller)
August 9 - 5.15km in 45:00 -- 8:44 pace (treadmill)
August 14 - 5.08km in 43:22 -- 8:32 pace (outside, solo)

You may think the pace only drops so much today because of the lack of a stroller, but yesterday during my 4km set (same style of run but 4km not 5) I had a pace of 9:16 and I had to walk the last km because my stomach got upset and I desperately needed a bathroom. So even if we use that pace, you're looking at a difference of 2:15 faster. I even looked back in my running history and my old hard pace was around 7:00 give or take 0:15 so I am getting closer to it. Still have to drop another 1:32 but I'll get there soon enough!

So to conclude I rule!

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