Friday, September 30, 2011

September Summary

I managed to lose and my running numbers are going up this month! Woot!

Running wise it has been a great improvement. I am starting to feel like my old running self. I ran a total of 140.75km this month or 4.69km a day. A nice improvement over last month's 103km! I also ran for a total of 19 hours 0 minutes, or 38 minutes a day! Several of those runs were with babies in strollers, and even one run with both of them in the double stroller. I hope to have many more of those next month, even if it slows my pace down.

As for weight, I managed to drop 4.6lbs which is great and is the highest amount lost in a month since Katrina arrived. I couldn't be prouder about that. Let's home October goes as well.

Friday Favourites - Races

So to date I have not run the same race more than once. That will change soon though as I'm going to run the Horror Hill Run again at the end of October (knock on wood). I'm not going to discuss my times at these races. That information can be found under my statistics page and to the side of my blogs. Instead I'm going to focus on what I really liked or didn't like about the races I've run. I've written them in order of my favourite race to the one I probably will never run again.

Waterloo Half Marathon
Ran this in 2010. It was my first race ever and I really loved it. I was nervous the day of, had a horrible cold, and didn't know if I would actually make it through the race. My mom was going to come up and take Lillian but when we all got sick we told her we wouldn't run it, so she didn't come. Luckily my girlfriend stepped up and took her and we did it. I met Cecilia's dad at this race, and I'm glad I met him before getting to know more about her family since I would have been very intimidated to meet him but since I already have no biggie. I loved the size of this race, as it only had a few hundred runners and because of that I didn't feel overwhelmed or nervous. Also, being in town was great since I slept in my own bed pre-race and got to go home to my own shower post-race. One thing I didn't like when I ran it was that the last km looped through the parking lot so you thought you were there and then had to run another km. They changed this for 2011 when Steve ran it. I also like that several of my faculty members (not just my running BFF) have run this or did run it, so I can discuss the race and get tips from them all. So even though it poured rain for 12km of the race, this race will always have a special place in my heart.

Horror Hill Run
Ran this in 2010, knowing I was 6 weeks pregnant with Katrina, and was well into the first trimester exhaustion. My running BFF and I had trained for this race since my half in September in St.Catherines and she had a marathon within a few weeks of this race, so she'd always planned to pace me during this race. It was fun to get to tell her I was pregnant. My doctor told me I could keep running and do the race, but not to let my heart rate go to high, or push myself to the point that I was gasping for breath, because if I couldn't breathe then neither could the baby. I was on a training run and pretty much told her that I had to reduce my speed and that during the race, she wasn't allowed to push me beyond my comfortable pace because my doctor had said it was bad for the baby. She was very excited for me, and glad I told her since her plans had been to push me to run better than ever. This race was fun, but poorly organized the day of. They started late, so we all stood outside at the end of October so it was a bit cold. I enjoyed the race, and the view was lovely. It's also nice that the start point is about 3.5km from my house, so I got to leave late and got home quickly. I came in dead last here, but it's fine because I was pregnant and am now over my fear of coming in last and never have to worry about it again because it's not bad and didn't crush my love of running. I also had to pee in the bush, got burs in my underwear, but the race goes 1.2km from our house and my mom brought Lillian there so we got a photo of Steve, Cecilia, Lillian, and me (with Katrina in-utero). We also got the best race photo ever taken on this day. I will be running this race again in October, though I'm not so sure I'll crush last year's time as much as I hoped.

Waterloo Classic
This was my first 10k race, and my first all city race. It was very well organized, and started off in the Laurier statium which was nice. It meant real bathrooms not portapotties, the pickup for the kit was a day before so we showed up ready to go. I learned at this race that I don't like 10k. I also learned that races where you loop over the same distance are not much fun, even if I loop distances when I run at home. I was happy that my mom and stepdad had Lillian while we ran. They planned to bring her to the race with them, but she fell asleep in the car, so my mom was at the finish line to see me come in. I loved that she was there, and that made it really special for me. To date this is the only race that she was at the finish line for, but that's fine. I'm sure in the future when I run local races, and the girls get older she'll be at more finish lines. I liked the size of this race, but it was a bit confusing, since there were 3 different lengths all running the same route or part of the same route. There was also a relay going on, so when you go to read the stats on line it's a lot of categories. I don't know if I'd run this race again. It wasn't anything special but it's part of an 8 race series that goes from February to November and I think it would be fun to try to run all of the races in the series one year. This doesn't include the half, and the distances are all between 2.5km and 8 mile. (there is an endurance race of 160km that I wouldn't count as the race, but would sub in the half-marathon instead)

AHS Fun Run
Ran this in 2011, as my first post baby run. This was technically a "fun run" so I didn't know what to expect, and while I enjoyed the familiarity of the location, and race course,  having my friends and family there, and the fact that it was only 6km from my house, I didn't find it to be very organized. First the line to sign in was split into 3 rows, which makes sense except when line A-H is massive because the person working it is very slow and chatty. Literally, 20 people were ahead of Steve, while I only had one in front of me for I-P. So it took him forever to get signed in, then they lost his registration. After that I nursed the baby before the race, and it was supposed to start at 10:15 but we went out at 10:10 and they started less than a minute after that, without any announcement for the runners to get to the start line. So the race was fun for us, but with the amount of work it takes to get two strollers, and two kids in the car I don't feel a 5k is really worth all that effort to run it again anytime soon.

St.Catherine's Run for the Grapes
Ran this in 2010, without knowing I was a few days pregnant with Katrina.This was my first large, out of town race, and it was a learning experience. I arrived at my usual time, a bit over an hour beforehand and there was no one there. There were a lot of people registered for it, but most of them signed in and took off or showed up a very short amount of time before the race. After I signed in I had an hour to kill. When I did my Waterloo race, it took a long time to sign in and we hung out inside to look at booths and warm up, but here it was in a park, and there were no booths when I showed up, and I just walked very slowly around the park, and sat on the curb. I didn't like that there wasn't anything to do, and since we had an 11 month old with us, she decided not to sleep all night so I wasn't in my best condition to start the race off. The route itself was nice, though the run for the grapes had very little of the race actually going through vineyards so that was a bit of a disappointment. I enjoyed the race, but this is not a race I would run again.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thinning Thursday - Quickie Post

It's early in the morning and my babies will be up very soon so here is a quick little post for everyone. I actually lost weight this week. A whole 1.8lbs are gone, which not only bumped me into having lost my first 10lbs, I love the double digit losses, but it also dropped me into a new decade for weight. So hello 170's and goodbye 180's.

I'm super excited by all this, am looking forward to my run today and my two weekend long runs! It's going to be a good day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great day.

Katrina with her first little mini ponytail.
Today was a great day! I added it to my Mommy Miracles list! I did so much stuff today it is unreal. I ironed Steve's shirts, as well as several of my fabric pieces for my cloth bags project. I fed Lillian a wonderful lunch. Both girls went down for a nap at the same time, almost at the exact same time so I managed a +10km run! Next I swept the downstairs. I got the laundry ready and started it at 7pm (cheaper hydro). I baked fresh cookies for my girlies and saved a few raw in the fridge for my hubby so he got fresh cookies when he got home. I also, managed to bake another fresh bread in the bread maker. Plus I gave both girls a bath, alone, as Steve had to work late. So now I feel like super mom today, and even though I'm tired I am looking forward to tomorrow and whatever it might hold!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running, running, running.

So today I managed to run outside with both the peanut and the monkey in the double stroller. I think it went awesome! We ran 6km outside on a beautiful sunny day. Both ladies enjoyed themselves, and I found a way to put my ipod and mini speaker on the stroller so the girls got to have their tunes while we ran. It just doesn't feel quite the same when you run to "wheels on the bus" or "old mac donald" but it's worth it if I can get my run in.

Kisses for the baby!
On hard thing about running with two is the pushing the two. My stroller loves the Newton's laws of motion, since I can push it gently and it'll keep going while I jog after it. But when you have to push it that's 50lbs I'm pushing! Lillian is 25lbs, Katrina is 13lbs, 5lbs roughly for the stroller, and 2lbs of baby stuff like blankets, shoes, etc... I'm sore from that little 6k jaunt but it was worth it and I know the next run will get a little bit easier.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My busy Sunday.

So my busy me day went fairly well. I got my run in, I hit up Lens Mill for some fabric supplies, we had a family breakfast and I feel pretty good. My hubby took the girls for the day and let me do my own thing and that was nice, even if nothing I normally do on Sunday got done, so now it all has to be done tomorrow, but I digress.

So my run was impressive today. I'm usually anti morning runs but at 10:30 was fed and feeling tired and figured I wouldn't magically snap out of it right after lunch so I go dressed and went for the run. I did the route from last weekend but doubled up on the large hills (meaning once at the top I turned around ran to the bottom and trucked back up them again) so that added another 2.5km pushing me over the 15km mark. How did it go? Well I ran slower than I would have liked, taking 2:17 to finish it all, but that extra distance we pure hills! PURE HILLS people! On the plus side I did not cramp up today, thanks in part to drinking crazy amounts of water yesterday and this morning, but also my friend Cecilia told me to breathe from my diaphragm if I cramp and I did that on all the hills to keep my oxygen levels good. So even if my pace was only 9:01 I am trying to stay positive and remember that I have 5 more weeks to improve my skills for this, and while these hill runs REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hurt the day of and after, I have to say that the hills were not as bad today as they were last week so something is working.

Another good thing is that the weather was prefect today for a run. But also, I realized that I was afraid of my race because it would be my first race without someone there to push me or inspire me to finish and it would all be on me for the first time. Then today I realized I'm on crack, because I already had that at the St.Catherine's half last year, in September, and there I didn't even know the city, never ran a foot of the race area before, and was doing 21km. At that rate a 15k hill run, in my town, where I train on the hills regularly should not be a problem! Sorry for being so whiney lately. I promise to try and be my perky self more often and be less of a downer!

And what would a blog post be without an ADORABLE photo, or two of my peanut! In the second one she is literally chewing on my shirt. Apparently is was very NOM NOM!

A reminder of who I run for!
Yummy mummy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feeling the pressure

Okay. The AHS fun run was today and we all came in last but that's alright since we were pushing a toddler and a baby in strollers, but I'm also disappointed by it. I came in last for my 15km hill run last year, and now I'm last at this 5k and at this rate I'm going to be last at my next horror hill run and that makes me sad.

I know it takes time to come back from a set back, such as having a baby, but it really makes me feel bad about myself that I can't get my act together. My pace on Sunday last week was 8:27 which isn't going to cut it for me to beat my time from last year at the horror hill run. I need to be under 2 hours to beat last year's time, and that means a pace of under 8:00 and right now that isn't going to happen. Right now only 3/15 of my last runs were under 8:00 and they were NOT on hills so that makes me feel nervous. So I feel a bit bummed out by this but I will keep at it. I have 5 weeks to work my butt and try to improve my speed. Tomorrow I am planning a 12-15km hill run and will see how I do.

On a happy note, we managed to get a lot of cool things done today. After the race we went to a local place for lunch (stone fired thin crust pizza) and then had a blast with the girls at Value Village. Then once we got home Steve put Lillian down for a nap, and he headed off to Canada computers to buy a new toy. So today was his day of fun, and tomorrow will be mine! I'm going to go on my long run, then to Costco and Len's Mill with my baby while my hubby and monkey go to the park. I'm also planning to try and get some sewing in. I think it's going to be a good day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Favourites - Running Book part 2

So last week I reviewed my favourite running book focusing on information about marathoning and training. This week I'm going to review my favourite fun running book. I've mentioned this book several times on my blog, and it's just because I love it so much. It speaks to me as a busy mom, a runner and a working mom. They are coming out with a new book too called Train like a mother, which I filled out a survey for so I'm looking forward to this book, and am curious to see if any of my comments, quotes or stories make it in.

Title: Run Like a Mother

Authors: Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

How I found it: I was looking up running books and found this one online. I really wanted it but I don't buy books for myself a lot, and with a little baby at home I didn't have a lot of time to read. So my husband told his family that I really wanted this book, and I got it as my gift for the family Christmas exchange. I was so excited to get it and started to read it right away.

Summary: The tag line on the cover says it all "How to Get Moving -- and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity". This book is a really entertaining look at mothers who run. It has a lot of information about the authors and how they manage to fit running into their busy lives, and where their passion comes from. They also have gotten stories and tips from other mothers and have helpful information on topics that are not always discussed in running books and magazines, such as bras, finding a bathroom on a run, pregnancy running, etc. It really is a book that encompasses all the things that moms go through when running whether they are real or perceived.

Likes: I love the fact that the book has 26 chapters, because a marathon has 26 miles. The English major in me loved the .2 that writes about if famous women were runners. Too funny. The writing in general is humourous and makes you feel as if you really know the authors personally. I also appreciated that they didn't just discuss being a mother, but also running while pregnant and getting back to it post-delivery. I read it while pregnant with Katrina, and since I had started running after Lillian I didn't have a post baby running lifestyle but it was really nice to know that the road back is hard but that I'm not alone.

Dislikes: The chapters were short, and there were pages of quotes stuck in random places. I like the quote pages, and the authors did them to make up the .2 miles in a 26.2 mile marathon, but I didn't like when they were in the middle of a chapter. I felt it took away from the book and I had to read ahead to finish the chapter or topic and then go back to read the quotes or added tidbits. I'm not actually sure if I read all of them because of this.

Facts and/or Wishes: I wish the book had been longer. I was sad when it ended and wanted more. I also think it would have been nice if they had gotten a male point of view, especially when the authors were discussing how their husbands help them to run. I would have liked to hear from the husbands about why they support their wives in running in their own words. I wish they had gone more in depth with the clothes, such as finding the best undies for running. I mean if you're going to talk about them may as well go in depth. They also have a blog, which I wrote about on my favourite blogs post, and t-shirts for the run. I have two. One is a pregnancy shirt and I've got loads of photos of me in it on this blog, the other says "badass mother runner" and I need to drop another 5lbs to wear it. Await a photo of it once it fits.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thinning Thursday

Okay, so not so much thinning this week, but also not so much gaining. I am 181.6lbs again this week which keeps me almost the same as last week but not technically enough to drop my 10lbs. So I'm at 9.9lbs lost and with another week of hard work it'll be 10lbs next week. I ate quite a bit of salty food yesterday so I'm not too surprised that I didn't go down. I normally avoid salty stuff the day or two before my WI but I really wanted chips yesterday and bean soup with stock, so that's life!

I plan to rest today and tomorrow so my run on Saturday rocks. I was going to do an easy 5km run today but my legs are sore from my speed work yesterday so I will rest today (physically and mentally) and again tomorrow and then rock the 5k on Saturday and go for another long hill run on Sunday.

So no loss, but that's okay. My mom told me that I may have a slower loss this time even with breast feeding since I got pregnant with Baby K while I was weaning my Monkey. So my body didn't really get used to not nursing, but that's okay. I'm being positive and looking forward to my next week. I'm going to work hard and keep at it, and the pounds will come off, when they want to, and as long as I keep up my running.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feel like a Failure (mommywise).

I must remember to smile because she loves me.
I feel like such a failure this morning. My monkey is back in a diaper after peeing 4 times in a half hour this morning. In front of the high chair, in the chair, and twice in the play area. One was HUGE and then she went again. It was kinda crazy, but makes me wonder if she can hold it properly yet. I don't think she can. I'll still put her on the potty after nap time and in the morning when she wakes up (providing she has a dry diaper when she gets up). But I feel like a failure for not getting her to potty train. I feel that after two days of not going once successfully she's just not ready. I plan to try again in October, but I still feel like a failure and my hubby didn't help today. I was really upset this morning, because Lillian was crying and Steve was still here and if she sees him in the morning she gets crazy upset when he leaves. And she was because he takes forever to get all his stuff together to leave. And I was getting cranky from her crying and him not leaving, and growled a bit, and he told me I couldn't handle this potty training thing and should stop. I've been feeling really down again lately and feel like a failure as a mom every single day lately. So if he can't even have faith in me how can I have faith in myself right now. So feeling really sad today.

On the bright side at least my running is going well.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Case of the Mondays!

If motherhood were a job you could quit, I would be on the unemployment line.

I seriously wanted to get into my car and just drive far away from the crying, the slapping, the mess, the everything. I love my girls with all my heart, but it was a bad day. My toddler is starting to potty train this week and so we had a lot of pee accidents today. I did figure out that when she's only in pants (without undies) it makes a bigger mess but she notices it more and it upsets her. So even though I don't like the large mess, if she notices more then I may have to suck it up. Since she's in cloth if she pees in her pants (with undies) it feels like the diaper does and doesn't bother her. I found her on the couch with wet pants happy as a clam. So I guess tomorrow will be a very messy day but maybe she'll learn what's going on.

Worst of all they would not overlap their rest times today. Katrina napped all morning, and then a minute or two after Lillian finally fell asleep Katrina was wide awake and not a happy little lady.

But I got through it. I know there will be awful days and that's okay. I love my girls and once my husband got home I just felt much more as ease. So here's hoping that tomorrow goes better! Though I'm a firm believer that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend wrap up.

So I must say, we had a lovely weekend. We went to the birthday party on Saturday and we all had such a good time! I went in knowing that it was a party and there would be snacks so I planned and I think things went well. I enjoyed the pizza very much, and didn't bother with the birthday cake. I figured if I'm going to eat cake I want it to be more adult and taste yummy and not just be a store bought or boxed cake. Though with the right icing those can be nice too.

My monkey and her daddy. She's such a daddy's gir
I've found that with my current plan of eating what I want for two days a week, and then staying within my points (or a few over) the rest of the week. So this weekend I enjoyed my days of Saturday and Sunday and then tomorrow I will be back to my standard food. I really enjoyed my pizza on Saturday and tonight we had Indian food. It was wonderful, I enjoyed it, and now I can have my usual food during the week with my special snacks and good food that I enjoy. I've even got a giant pot of my 15 bean soup with loads of veggies in it. I did not accidently dump a bunch of hot stuff into it this time so I can enjoy it more this time.

My peanut and me. She was happy at the party too.
On a happy side note I did an amazing run today. I got 12.61km in and it had so many hills! I think there was around 7 large hills, of which 6 are on my race in October so that's great to have run those. I really didn't feel like running today. I wanted to stay home and rest on the couch and do nothing. But Steve pushed me out the door (Literally) and let me tell you it's not easy when your 183lbs wife pulls the toddler reaction of going limp on you when you try to make them go outside. I even tried the pet to the vet bit and tried to stop him from pushing me out the door. It didn't work. He got me out and I had a good run, even with a cramp from kilometre 3-7. I am a bit disappointed though since I realized I'd run 39kms this week and if I had known that I would have pushed myself that extra km.

So I had a marvelous weekend and tomorrow we start potty training Lillian. So out with diapers and in with her undies and dresses and mommy putting her on the potty every hour and cleaning up a lot of messes! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favourites - Running Book part 1

If I haven't mentioned it before, I have a degree in English Rhetoric and Professional writing. That means I love, love, love, love books. I try to read as much as I can, though sadly with two little babies, one who is up really late eating, usually means I don't get too much time to read. I usually can manage to read magazines but that is another blog entry. So my Friday favourite this week will be a review of my favourite book for marathon training. Overall I enjoyed the book and plan to start reading it again to help me train for my half marathon in 2011.

Title: Advanced Marathoning -2nd edition

Authors: Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas

How I found it: I bought this book when I started running in early 2010. I wanted a book that was scientifically informative and not so much fluff. I actually sat on the floor of chapters for a good half hour going through all the books on the running shelf to pick it. Lillian was in her stroller and I kept pushing the stroller with my right arm and flipping throw books with the left. I considered one that focused on women running but I wanted one that my hubby could use too. So this one was a great fit.

Summary: This book is very knowledgeable about many things. It details the importance of nutrition and taught me a lot about hydration which I was very worried about. It also focuses on training and recovery. The first chapter Elements of Training explains a lot about the science behind running, and goes into detail about VO2max oxygen, the importance of glycogen. It also has a large portion of the book dedicated to training programs. These programs, are divided into number of miles you plan to run per week.

Likes: I really found a lot of the information about glycogen, hydration, iron, and protein helpful. I have issues with iron so getting a bit of knowledge about what running does to your iron levels was helpful. I also like the VO2max information since I wonder whether I could be a better short distance runner if I managed to get my lungs to keep up with my legs when I run. Usually I feel the pain in my legs first on a long run, but my lungs give up on a hard short run. I also like the race day strategy chapter, as I read it a few times before my first race and it helped me feel less nervous.

Dislikes: Half the book is training plans, which are great, but I have a living trainer who helps me, and I felt like the book ended too soon. I wanted to read more about the nutrition or science of running and it just seemed to end too quickly. A lot of the chapters have little blurbs about famous runners, and I felt like they were breaking up the chapter a bit. When they were discussing the nutrition and levels of things in the body, they used a lot of more scientific terms and sometimes it was a bit harder to understand.

Facts and/or Wishes: I was amused to find out that my running BFF has the same book in the first edition. I loved the fact that it tries to teach you how to grab water while running. I wish the book was longer, and that it went a bit more into detail about differences in how women and men run, how things change with age, and other topics that effect the people who are reading the book.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinning Thursday

Okay, so I'm going to lie to my tracker for my weigh in this week, but before you say not to it isn't what you think. I weighed in a 181.4 which would make me hit my 5% goal and have lost 10lbs so far, so instead I've recorded the weight at 181.6 so I hit my 5% loss this week and can save the 10lbs lost until next week. So this gives me a lot more incentive to stay on track this week, and even if I stay the same next week I'll still have made an achievement so I think that's a win win.

Yesterday I did a great run of 7 miles, and on Tuesday I did my speed run. I forgot that you are not supposed to do them back to back so that was a woopsie but today is a rest day and I'm planning on taking full advantage of it while my girlies rest. Then tomorrow is my running day with my running BFF and we're going to be testing running with both babies in two strollers. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things are looking up.

So today my babies behaved a tiny bit better. Both decided to nap really late but they did nap, and then I did my speed run. It was only 30 minutes but I ran and I felt amazing. At this moment both girls are sound asleep and hopefully will stay that way (except Katrina, she needs to eat once and then go right back to sleep) and I'll get some great rest. Then tomorrow, I can try to get a nice long run in and take a rest day on Thursday to prepare for my run with my girlfriend on Friday. That run will be the first time we take both little ones on a run. We need my friend to get some more practice pushing one of the babies. It'll also allow her to try pushing both so she can decide which one she'd rather push, Lillian or Katrina. I figure I can handle either one so she should get to pick who works better for her. Then in a week after that we'll have the AHS fun run and I forgot about it until just now and am now really nervous. I now have to figure out how much more to run in order to hit my goal this month and get my race in.

I also have been having a nice visit with my mom. I cooked a wonderful meal of stuffed mushrooms, salmon with mango/blueberry salsa, green beans and tomato mozzarella salad. It was delicious, the adults all got to eat together and Lillian had her dessert with us while Katrina sat in the bouncy chair. So this time my mom got to enjoy some of my great cooking instead of just coming and taking care of my babies. I hope she's enjoying her time here because I like having her around. I'm a bit overwhelmed some days and I am working hard to make sure that she still has time to do homework. That way she can visit more without falling behind on her school work.

"Muhahahaha. I've got you now!"
Here is my new photo of my girlies. To be funny, I put Katrina in Lillian's doll stroller and she thought it was awesome! She started trying to push her around and was very excited about the whole thing.

My kids are out to get me.

I'm pretty sure that my children are not actually out to get me but it really feels that way tonight. Yesterday (Monday) I was feeling great and couldn't wait for my run. So after lunch I did the usual routine, brought Lillian upstairs for her nap and before I could do that Katrina had already fallen asleep for her nap. Lately Lillian has been great about her nap and all day Katrina has slept in 3-6 hour chunks. I'd slept well, Sunday was a rest day and I knew I could rock a run. I got on the treadmilll and started to pound out an amazing run. I felt as if I was flying and could go on forever. My goal was 90 minutes and 30 minutes in I hear Lillian in her room WIDE awake. I hurry to her and try the re-tuck in method, no crying (yes) but still chatting. Once running again Katrina squeaks so I check on her and she is back to sleep. Running again, Lillian is getting louder, and by the time I went just past 43 minutes both babies were crying/squealing that it was obvious I was done, and seriously depressed now.

I slept well, my legs and lungs were both loving it, and no one wants to cooperate for me. On Sunday both were great, all morning they were great but as soon as I feel amazing on my treadmill both have to ruin it. I was so angry I didn't even have words. It was one of those cases where running only made me feel worse because I wanted to keep going and couldn't whereas if I had never run I wouldn't feel that horrible sense of disappointment I now did. So my mother was coming up Monday night for a few days and I just pushed all my long, awesome running hopes onto Tuesday. But now it's 5:20am, I've been up with Katrina since 4am and I can just kiss any hope in hell of getting a decent run in pretty much good bye, again. So now I'm exausted, seriously pissed off and there is nothing I can do about it.

Welcome, to the dark side of motherhood.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Playing catch up.

So I didn't get to write much the past few days so here is my catch up!

Thursday I spent a much needed day with my out of town mommy friends! It was a hoot to see them and Lillian had a good time playing with her little friends, though she did get a little bit aggressive at times which did concern me but that's why we have these play dates so the kids can learn to play nice with other kids, and in fairness Lillian is the one with the baby sister. Ethan and Tristan are cousins who are only 6 weeks apart, and are both taken care of by Ethan's mom since she's a stay at home mom and her sister-in-law works. Emma has an older sister (Addy is 4 and Emma will be 2) so she is used to playing with her, while Lillian only has a 3 month old sister and can't really play much with her, so she's not sure how sharing and playing with someone all the time works. I had a nice visit with my friends and got to see my one friend about to pop with her third baby and I have never seen her that pregnant before and she just looks wonderful. The only bad thing was that I had to drive an hour and a half to get there, and of course Katrina was up until after 12am and awake again at 5:30am. So that made for a very long night and I didn't feel so great in the morning, but I pushed through to have my visit.

So with a play date and lack of sleep, Thursday was a rest day. Friday was also a rest day because I had to wait for a delivery between 1 and 4pm. Even though they rarely come on time, I couldn't risk them showing up while I was running and ringing the door bell, which would wake Lillian up. Nap time is sacred in this house, so I decided to take another rest day and focus on making my weekend runs good runs. This morning, I met up with my friend Cecilia to do our Saturday park run with Katrina, followed by some shopping. We needed to go to Value Village (or the VV Boutique as I refer to it) to get some cool t-shirts to turn into baby sleepers (more on this later) We found a bunch of great shirts for pretty cheap so I was thrilled!!

Steve pushing the girls home in the stroller.
In other exciting news we tried the girls in the double stroller together with positive results. I think Katrina will be okay in the stroller for jogging on paved roads so I may try them in the stroller together this Sunday or next weekend depending on weather, distances I need to run, and such. I want to do it while Steve is at home and take the cell phone with me so if Katrina is really unhappy and fusses I can call him to come get us. But if I take them both and want to do a long run I can do my 5km low hill paved route, and then drop them off and do my 6.5km hilly route alone. Sounds like an intense workout to me, since the stroller will have almost 40lbs of baby in it!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favourites - Race Distances

Okay, so I'm running a 5k at the end of September on campus (the Waterloo Homecoming AHS fun run) and I'm more intimidated by that run than my 15k at the end of October! Why you might ask? Because I'm a long distance runner.

I believe that runners come in two types. The first I call speedy sprinters like my hubby and running BFF who have long legs, take long strides and can zip off and do a short 5 or 10k really powerfully. When my husband runs a long race he usually goes out of the starting gate really strong and then slows down as he runs, and gets passed by a lot of runners at the end of the race. He improves his times in the long races, as he does them but he has a hard time pacing himself on long runs. But when he does a shorter run he can push himself and do a great job. Though he'd probably disagree with me, and say he can't go hard enough for short distances, but now that he's learned how to do speed training he'll rock his next shorter race.

The other kind I call power runners, who like me don't always have the strength to really push it out of the gate, but instead have the ability to pace themselves and can actually push harder at the end of a 21k than at the start. I do not have the ability go push myself hard enough to do any decent time in a 5k but I can rock a 21k. I manage to get through a long race and still have the umph at the end to pass people. In my Waterloo Half-marathon I passed four or five people in the last few kms and in St.Catherine's I passed nine (I actually counted because I was so proud to be passing people).

Honestly, I'm not just crazy about my distance theory, I have math to back this up. My pace at the Waterloo Classic (10k) was 7:14 and my pace at the Run for the Grape (21k) was 7:06. Both had a similar little hill and were city races. If anything the Run for the Grape, went into the country which provided more stuff to look at and distract me, and had a pit stop in it which is counted in the pace. So while my little legs can't push myself crazy hard for 5 or 10 km straight, they can do it for a few km and then do a little bit slower and then push again soon after. I need a small amount of recovery time to restart my crazy speed push, which a long race allows you to do!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thinning Thursday

Just a quickie post since I'm really tired. The scale was nice to me today. I dropped 1.8lbs which puts me at exactly 183. I am super excited about the results and if I drop another pound I will have lost 20% of the weight I want to lose which is actually quite a bit.

So I'm feeling pretty great today.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Suddenly scared.

It's funny how sometimes you are feeling good about something and suddenly you are very frightened. I ran 10.6km yesterday, tackled the evil horror hill, ran a bunch of random little hills and felt awesome. But today, I signed up to run the race, and now I am freaked out! I am really thankful that I saw my running BFF today and was able to talk to her about my nerves. At the rate I ran yesterday I will be slower than I was when I ran the race last year. She reminded me that a larger proportion of my run yesterday was the horror hill, and the last 5km of my race will be mostly flat so I will do better than I feel like it right now.
So now I'm conflicted. I feel nervous about my race, and wanting to run faster than last year, which was 2:03 but I don't know if I will manage to do it. So now I'm trying to figure out how to improve my time in order to beat last year's time before I race in just under 8 weeks. Lucky for me I have such an awesome friend in Cecilia. She made me feel better and let me know that I have lots of time to improve my speed, and she's going to help me do it!

So I ran my first two training runs yesterday and today and am on my way to a 15km hill run finishing in under 2 hours!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Great weekend!

So I managed to keep my great weekend going. The BBQ went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. My husband really enjoyed the visit with his family, and we got some wonderful photos and videos of our girls with their great-grandmother and I know Steve will treasure these for ever. I even managed to squeeze some me time in to not only run but also knit and spend some nice time with my husband. We actually managed to have a conversation without someone screaming or puking on me. I was disappointed in our Thai lunch because the food sucked, but the dessert today was super yummy and that made up for it.

I ran outside, on my own on Monday after the visit and went 10.6km and hit several hills. I don't know if that makes it a hill run or a long run but I felt great! I called the run my Holy Crazy Hill run since I just ran where I wanted to and let my Garmin do it's thing! The run wasn't my fastest or furthest or anything else like that, but it made me feel alive and reminded me why I love to run outside. I was even brave enough to tackle the horror hill today. I am trying to get myself out more often, even if it means running in the morning. I'm going to set my alarm this week for 7:30 and try to get up by then, then next week it'll be 7am and then 6:30am. If I can get up at 6:30 I can do a 45 minute hill training run before my husband leaves for work at 8am so let's see how well I do getting used to dragging my butt out of bed. Lately I've been feeling very nervous about my horror hill run because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cut it, but after today's run I'm feeling a bit better. I'm not sure whether I'll rock it as much as I want to but I'm going to do my best!

Feeling more like me.

So today I woke up on the right side of the bed, and I feel more like me than I have in a while. It's nice to feel like me for a change. I went to bed planning my family breakfast, how to get my stuff ready for my in-laws visit today and when I would get to run!

Breakfast was a feast of waffles, with fruit, whipped cream and syrup for toppings. Lillian ate half a waffle! I enjoyed the fruit on top of mine and Steve loved the new recipe too. I used one with butter milk and corn starch and they were super crispy! We also had tea and coffee. Everything was nice and Katrina slept the whole meal so we really enjoyed some family time with Lillian during the meal.

One very happy Baby K.
My father and grandmother-in-law are coming for lunch today. To make things easy on us, we decided to BBQ burgers, and hotdogs and make a salad and some french fries. I figure that is something everyone (including Lillian) would enjoy so we shouldn't have a problem feeding everyone. I also make a half-sized Mocha pound cake for dessert. I also made a large cake for my neighbors. They gave us two large boxes of old toys for Lillian, one of my little ponies and one of kitchen supply toys. So the food will taste good and be easy to prepare once I've finished my morning coffee.

Finally I plan to do a long, outside run today. It's going to be a colder day today with a high of 20 and cloudy. In my humble opinion PERFECT for running outside. So I am very excited to run outside. My garmin and ipod are both charged, and I told Steve if he needs a break I can take a baby on the run with me, though it would be nice to have a break and not push someone but I want to give him some time to do his own thing too. I'll let you know if I end up taking one. I could always do my 5.2km route twice and take a kid on the first part of the run and do the second round myself. That way everyone would win. We'll see though.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feeling broken.

So tonight I'm feeling a bit broken. I had a horrible Saturday morning, feeling sad, angry, trapped and depressed. I've had a hard couple days with the babies screaming a lot, feeling tired, not losing weight and just not getting anything done. It's just worn me down, and when you add that to the fact that I'm feeling pretty bad about myself, and my hubby not doing things exactly as I want him to, and it's lead to me being one SERIOUSLY ticked off mommy/wife.

One cranky little missy.
Everything seems to set me off, all the time. I want to scream, yell, smash things, and sometimes just get away from my family. I hate feeling this way, and am doing what I can to improve my mood. I'm running, trying to sleep more, eat right, and rest when I feel drained but I am still feel cranky despite my little one sleeping more, my toddler napping regularly, and my husband trying to help. I have such a hard time accepting help when he offers and an even harder time asking anyone for help, especially him. I don't know why I can't ask the man I love, who is good enough to be the father of my children, for help, but I just can't.

So our family day together got off to a really bad start but once I ran this afternoon I felt better and my mood improved we had a nice evening. So we're going to spend tomorrow together relaxing as a family. We're also going to go to church with the little ones, and hide in the basement away from the heat. The cooler weather should help my mood a lot too. Wish me luck. I hope I don't scream at anyone tomorrow.

Weekend Update

It's a wonderful day here, and is the start of the long weekend.  We've got a great weekend planned. I want to run some long runs on Saturday and Monday with a quick little run on Sunday just to get a few extra kms in. The rest of the time I'll get some work done around the house, and relax with my hubby. I'm sure if weather permits we'll make several park runs as well. I really am looking forward to a nice weekend with the family. On Monday my father-in-law is coming down so we'll have extra special family time too.

Mustard nose!
I had my weigh in on Thursday and it didn't go so well. Up 0.4lbs this week. I'm feeling a bit frustrated since I gain, then lose, gain, then lose over and over again. I know this week I snacked WAY too much so my plan is to focus on whole foods for snacks, such as veggies and fruits, with hummus, yogurt or tzatziki sauce to dip them in if I need it. I also want to avoid eating all my weekly points. I am giving myself two days to eat what I want and go into those points. One was Thursday, and my apple fritter was lovely. The other is today, since we're getting Thai food for lunch. Mmmmmm thai food. I figure if I have these two days to splurge I shouldn't have too much trouble staying within my points the rest of the time, and that should help me eat better and hopefully drop some more weight. I know slow is the best way to lose weight, but I really want to be in the 170s since 180 has always been my most difficult plateau and I would like to just get past it.

At least my running is starting to get better. I am excited to try my new speed run next week. I don't want to do it this weekend since I want to do two long runs so close together, and I know doing a speed run should be followed by an easy run, which I don't want to do this weekend. I figure with 3 days of my husband being home I should take advantage and get some nice distances in. I've only got  I'm going to am for 150km this month. I beat 100km last month, so I am hopeful that I can get it up to the 150 mark, and maybe that will assist me in my weight loss journey.

If that doesn't work I may have to sign up for my boot camp sooner than I planned to in order to change my routine up since that often helps with the weight loss journey.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favourites - Running food

So I typically have a lot of tummy troubles. I have issues with greasy food making my tummy hurt, I get nausea easily, I get car/sea/air sick, so when I say I have an iron running stomach it's a strange thing. I am one of those people who can eat dinner and take off for a 10k like 5 minutes after I wash the dishes. I have no idea why, but I can do a lot of working with food in my belly. My theory is that my family is german and I come from really hard working people so we tend to eat and go right back to working, which is how I function too. So probably it comes from my genes. I actually found this week, that my stomach is more bothered by running on little food, than a lot. I drink a lot of water on a run, so if there isn't much food I end up with a lot of liquid sloshing around in there, and that makes me uncomfortable. So here are my favourite foods to eat while running and some foods that I am planning to try when I do my marathon training.

1/ My running cookies!
I use my standard oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I add flax seeds, dried cranberries, and almonds. I can munch them while I run and if they crumble in my pocket who cares, that just makes them easier to eat. I take 1 on a 10k route and 2 if I go 12-20km. I love the taste, and they sit wonderfully in my tummy. I just have to make sure I have water when I eat them, in case I swallow a chunk without chewing it enough, but that only happened once. I store them in the freezer so I can bake a huge batch and take them out before a run.

2/ Bag of nuts / Nutty granola bar.
I love almonds so I often will take 10-20 almonds in a ziploc bag in my water belt in case I need a little pick up after my cookies are gone. I find that they don't give me the same pick up that my cookies do (probably the lack of sugar) so I keep them for after my cookies. If we're out of almonds, I'll take a nutty granola bar. I'm not a big fan of granola bars so I avoid using them. I also don't like the processed stuff in the in those bars. My cookies are all natural so I prefer stuff that is real.

3/ Eat before or after -- a/ before
If I eat something specific for a run, I eat homemade blueberry/banana oatmeal made with large flake oats, or a piece of wheat toast with nutella and peanut butter and banana bits if I have one. If we are down to 1 banana I won't eat it because Lillian loves bananas and I can't eat it away from her.

b/ after
I'm a snacker so I usually have eaten within 3 hours of a run. Plus with two little babies, I don't always get notice of when I can run. Sometimes I turn around and both kids are asleep and I just rush into the basement and hop on the treadmill until someone cries. On days that my run magically appears out of no where I eat after. Usually I enjoy a bowl of yogurt, with Kashi cereal or bran buds, and fruit (usually what Lillian left on her plate). In all honesty, if I'm in a rush I'll eat a bran cookie and small glass of milk too.