Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feel like a Failure (mommywise).

I must remember to smile because she loves me.
I feel like such a failure this morning. My monkey is back in a diaper after peeing 4 times in a half hour this morning. In front of the high chair, in the chair, and twice in the play area. One was HUGE and then she went again. It was kinda crazy, but makes me wonder if she can hold it properly yet. I don't think she can. I'll still put her on the potty after nap time and in the morning when she wakes up (providing she has a dry diaper when she gets up). But I feel like a failure for not getting her to potty train. I feel that after two days of not going once successfully she's just not ready. I plan to try again in October, but I still feel like a failure and my hubby didn't help today. I was really upset this morning, because Lillian was crying and Steve was still here and if she sees him in the morning she gets crazy upset when he leaves. And she was because he takes forever to get all his stuff together to leave. And I was getting cranky from her crying and him not leaving, and growled a bit, and he told me I couldn't handle this potty training thing and should stop. I've been feeling really down again lately and feel like a failure as a mom every single day lately. So if he can't even have faith in me how can I have faith in myself right now. So feeling really sad today.

On the bright side at least my running is going well.

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  1. Have faith because failing as a mother would have been not recognizing the cue that little one isn't ready and to try and push her to be successful at something she is not mentally and physically ready to do.
    Trust your will now when it is the right time to try again, forget anything you have read or been told about 'when' a child 'should' be ready and just listen to your heart about it.

    You are a wonderful Mom!!!
    We all make mistakes but I know you are doing GOOD for your girls and you must focus on that!!