Sunday, September 25, 2011

My busy Sunday.

So my busy me day went fairly well. I got my run in, I hit up Lens Mill for some fabric supplies, we had a family breakfast and I feel pretty good. My hubby took the girls for the day and let me do my own thing and that was nice, even if nothing I normally do on Sunday got done, so now it all has to be done tomorrow, but I digress.

So my run was impressive today. I'm usually anti morning runs but at 10:30 was fed and feeling tired and figured I wouldn't magically snap out of it right after lunch so I go dressed and went for the run. I did the route from last weekend but doubled up on the large hills (meaning once at the top I turned around ran to the bottom and trucked back up them again) so that added another 2.5km pushing me over the 15km mark. How did it go? Well I ran slower than I would have liked, taking 2:17 to finish it all, but that extra distance we pure hills! PURE HILLS people! On the plus side I did not cramp up today, thanks in part to drinking crazy amounts of water yesterday and this morning, but also my friend Cecilia told me to breathe from my diaphragm if I cramp and I did that on all the hills to keep my oxygen levels good. So even if my pace was only 9:01 I am trying to stay positive and remember that I have 5 more weeks to improve my skills for this, and while these hill runs REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hurt the day of and after, I have to say that the hills were not as bad today as they were last week so something is working.

Another good thing is that the weather was prefect today for a run. But also, I realized that I was afraid of my race because it would be my first race without someone there to push me or inspire me to finish and it would all be on me for the first time. Then today I realized I'm on crack, because I already had that at the St.Catherine's half last year, in September, and there I didn't even know the city, never ran a foot of the race area before, and was doing 21km. At that rate a 15k hill run, in my town, where I train on the hills regularly should not be a problem! Sorry for being so whiney lately. I promise to try and be my perky self more often and be less of a downer!

And what would a blog post be without an ADORABLE photo, or two of my peanut! In the second one she is literally chewing on my shirt. Apparently is was very NOM NOM!

A reminder of who I run for!
Yummy mummy!

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