Saturday, September 10, 2011

Playing catch up.

So I didn't get to write much the past few days so here is my catch up!

Thursday I spent a much needed day with my out of town mommy friends! It was a hoot to see them and Lillian had a good time playing with her little friends, though she did get a little bit aggressive at times which did concern me but that's why we have these play dates so the kids can learn to play nice with other kids, and in fairness Lillian is the one with the baby sister. Ethan and Tristan are cousins who are only 6 weeks apart, and are both taken care of by Ethan's mom since she's a stay at home mom and her sister-in-law works. Emma has an older sister (Addy is 4 and Emma will be 2) so she is used to playing with her, while Lillian only has a 3 month old sister and can't really play much with her, so she's not sure how sharing and playing with someone all the time works. I had a nice visit with my friends and got to see my one friend about to pop with her third baby and I have never seen her that pregnant before and she just looks wonderful. The only bad thing was that I had to drive an hour and a half to get there, and of course Katrina was up until after 12am and awake again at 5:30am. So that made for a very long night and I didn't feel so great in the morning, but I pushed through to have my visit.

So with a play date and lack of sleep, Thursday was a rest day. Friday was also a rest day because I had to wait for a delivery between 1 and 4pm. Even though they rarely come on time, I couldn't risk them showing up while I was running and ringing the door bell, which would wake Lillian up. Nap time is sacred in this house, so I decided to take another rest day and focus on making my weekend runs good runs. This morning, I met up with my friend Cecilia to do our Saturday park run with Katrina, followed by some shopping. We needed to go to Value Village (or the VV Boutique as I refer to it) to get some cool t-shirts to turn into baby sleepers (more on this later) We found a bunch of great shirts for pretty cheap so I was thrilled!!

Steve pushing the girls home in the stroller.
In other exciting news we tried the girls in the double stroller together with positive results. I think Katrina will be okay in the stroller for jogging on paved roads so I may try them in the stroller together this Sunday or next weekend depending on weather, distances I need to run, and such. I want to do it while Steve is at home and take the cell phone with me so if Katrina is really unhappy and fusses I can call him to come get us. But if I take them both and want to do a long run I can do my 5km low hill paved route, and then drop them off and do my 6.5km hilly route alone. Sounds like an intense workout to me, since the stroller will have almost 40lbs of baby in it!

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