Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running, running, running.

So today I managed to run outside with both the peanut and the monkey in the double stroller. I think it went awesome! We ran 6km outside on a beautiful sunny day. Both ladies enjoyed themselves, and I found a way to put my ipod and mini speaker on the stroller so the girls got to have their tunes while we ran. It just doesn't feel quite the same when you run to "wheels on the bus" or "old mac donald" but it's worth it if I can get my run in.

Kisses for the baby!
On hard thing about running with two is the pushing the two. My stroller loves the Newton's laws of motion, since I can push it gently and it'll keep going while I jog after it. But when you have to push it that's 50lbs I'm pushing! Lillian is 25lbs, Katrina is 13lbs, 5lbs roughly for the stroller, and 2lbs of baby stuff like blankets, shoes, etc... I'm sore from that little 6k jaunt but it was worth it and I know the next run will get a little bit easier.

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