Friday, September 30, 2011

September Summary

I managed to lose and my running numbers are going up this month! Woot!

Running wise it has been a great improvement. I am starting to feel like my old running self. I ran a total of 140.75km this month or 4.69km a day. A nice improvement over last month's 103km! I also ran for a total of 19 hours 0 minutes, or 38 minutes a day! Several of those runs were with babies in strollers, and even one run with both of them in the double stroller. I hope to have many more of those next month, even if it slows my pace down.

As for weight, I managed to drop 4.6lbs which is great and is the highest amount lost in a month since Katrina arrived. I couldn't be prouder about that. Let's home October goes as well.

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