Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Suddenly scared.

It's funny how sometimes you are feeling good about something and suddenly you are very frightened. I ran 10.6km yesterday, tackled the evil horror hill, ran a bunch of random little hills and felt awesome. But today, I signed up to run the race, and now I am freaked out! I am really thankful that I saw my running BFF today and was able to talk to her about my nerves. At the rate I ran yesterday I will be slower than I was when I ran the race last year. She reminded me that a larger proportion of my run yesterday was the horror hill, and the last 5km of my race will be mostly flat so I will do better than I feel like it right now.
So now I'm conflicted. I feel nervous about my race, and wanting to run faster than last year, which was 2:03 but I don't know if I will manage to do it. So now I'm trying to figure out how to improve my time in order to beat last year's time before I race in just under 8 weeks. Lucky for me I have such an awesome friend in Cecilia. She made me feel better and let me know that I have lots of time to improve my speed, and she's going to help me do it!

So I ran my first two training runs yesterday and today and am on my way to a 15km hill run finishing in under 2 hours!

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