Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things are looking up.

So today my babies behaved a tiny bit better. Both decided to nap really late but they did nap, and then I did my speed run. It was only 30 minutes but I ran and I felt amazing. At this moment both girls are sound asleep and hopefully will stay that way (except Katrina, she needs to eat once and then go right back to sleep) and I'll get some great rest. Then tomorrow, I can try to get a nice long run in and take a rest day on Thursday to prepare for my run with my girlfriend on Friday. That run will be the first time we take both little ones on a run. We need my friend to get some more practice pushing one of the babies. It'll also allow her to try pushing both so she can decide which one she'd rather push, Lillian or Katrina. I figure I can handle either one so she should get to pick who works better for her. Then in a week after that we'll have the AHS fun run and I forgot about it until just now and am now really nervous. I now have to figure out how much more to run in order to hit my goal this month and get my race in.

I also have been having a nice visit with my mom. I cooked a wonderful meal of stuffed mushrooms, salmon with mango/blueberry salsa, green beans and tomato mozzarella salad. It was delicious, the adults all got to eat together and Lillian had her dessert with us while Katrina sat in the bouncy chair. So this time my mom got to enjoy some of my great cooking instead of just coming and taking care of my babies. I hope she's enjoying her time here because I like having her around. I'm a bit overwhelmed some days and I am working hard to make sure that she still has time to do homework. That way she can visit more without falling behind on her school work.

"Muhahahaha. I've got you now!"
Here is my new photo of my girlies. To be funny, I put Katrina in Lillian's doll stroller and she thought it was awesome! She started trying to push her around and was very excited about the whole thing.

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