Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinning Thursday

Okay, so I'm going to lie to my tracker for my weigh in this week, but before you say not to it isn't what you think. I weighed in a 181.4 which would make me hit my 5% goal and have lost 10lbs so far, so instead I've recorded the weight at 181.6 so I hit my 5% loss this week and can save the 10lbs lost until next week. So this gives me a lot more incentive to stay on track this week, and even if I stay the same next week I'll still have made an achievement so I think that's a win win.

Yesterday I did a great run of 7 miles, and on Tuesday I did my speed run. I forgot that you are not supposed to do them back to back so that was a woopsie but today is a rest day and I'm planning on taking full advantage of it while my girlies rest. Then tomorrow is my running day with my running BFF and we're going to be testing running with both babies in two strollers. I'll let you know how that goes.

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