Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Update

It's a wonderful day here, and is the start of the long weekend.  We've got a great weekend planned. I want to run some long runs on Saturday and Monday with a quick little run on Sunday just to get a few extra kms in. The rest of the time I'll get some work done around the house, and relax with my hubby. I'm sure if weather permits we'll make several park runs as well. I really am looking forward to a nice weekend with the family. On Monday my father-in-law is coming down so we'll have extra special family time too.

Mustard nose!
I had my weigh in on Thursday and it didn't go so well. Up 0.4lbs this week. I'm feeling a bit frustrated since I gain, then lose, gain, then lose over and over again. I know this week I snacked WAY too much so my plan is to focus on whole foods for snacks, such as veggies and fruits, with hummus, yogurt or tzatziki sauce to dip them in if I need it. I also want to avoid eating all my weekly points. I am giving myself two days to eat what I want and go into those points. One was Thursday, and my apple fritter was lovely. The other is today, since we're getting Thai food for lunch. Mmmmmm thai food. I figure if I have these two days to splurge I shouldn't have too much trouble staying within my points the rest of the time, and that should help me eat better and hopefully drop some more weight. I know slow is the best way to lose weight, but I really want to be in the 170s since 180 has always been my most difficult plateau and I would like to just get past it.

At least my running is starting to get better. I am excited to try my new speed run next week. I don't want to do it this weekend since I want to do two long runs so close together, and I know doing a speed run should be followed by an easy run, which I don't want to do this weekend. I figure with 3 days of my husband being home I should take advantage and get some nice distances in. I've only got  I'm going to am for 150km this month. I beat 100km last month, so I am hopeful that I can get it up to the 150 mark, and maybe that will assist me in my weight loss journey.

If that doesn't work I may have to sign up for my boot camp sooner than I planned to in order to change my routine up since that often helps with the weight loss journey.

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