Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend wrap up.

So I must say, we had a lovely weekend. We went to the birthday party on Saturday and we all had such a good time! I went in knowing that it was a party and there would be snacks so I planned and I think things went well. I enjoyed the pizza very much, and didn't bother with the birthday cake. I figured if I'm going to eat cake I want it to be more adult and taste yummy and not just be a store bought or boxed cake. Though with the right icing those can be nice too.

My monkey and her daddy. She's such a daddy's gir
I've found that with my current plan of eating what I want for two days a week, and then staying within my points (or a few over) the rest of the week. So this weekend I enjoyed my days of Saturday and Sunday and then tomorrow I will be back to my standard food. I really enjoyed my pizza on Saturday and tonight we had Indian food. It was wonderful, I enjoyed it, and now I can have my usual food during the week with my special snacks and good food that I enjoy. I've even got a giant pot of my 15 bean soup with loads of veggies in it. I did not accidently dump a bunch of hot stuff into it this time so I can enjoy it more this time.

My peanut and me. She was happy at the party too.
On a happy side note I did an amazing run today. I got 12.61km in and it had so many hills! I think there was around 7 large hills, of which 6 are on my race in October so that's great to have run those. I really didn't feel like running today. I wanted to stay home and rest on the couch and do nothing. But Steve pushed me out the door (Literally) and let me tell you it's not easy when your 183lbs wife pulls the toddler reaction of going limp on you when you try to make them go outside. I even tried the pet to the vet bit and tried to stop him from pushing me out the door. It didn't work. He got me out and I had a good run, even with a cramp from kilometre 3-7. I am a bit disappointed though since I realized I'd run 39kms this week and if I had known that I would have pushed myself that extra km.

So I had a marvelous weekend and tomorrow we start potty training Lillian. So out with diapers and in with her undies and dresses and mommy putting her on the potty every hour and cleaning up a lot of messes! Wish me luck!

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