Sunday, October 30, 2011


Katrina loves her pumpkin.

Lillian does not love the pumpkin.

Katrina says "It's okay slugger."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Race Results.

Okay so I ran my race today went well. I had three goals for this race:
1. Finish all 15km.
2. Finish the race faster than last year (<2:03).
3. Finish the race in under 2 hours.

I managed to achieve all 3 things today, but there was a really hard part of the race that I didn't feel like I would make it, and I came in last.With 3km left in the race I did the math of how fast I'd have to go per km and looked at my pace and knew it wasn't going to happen. I fought back tears and told myself to just do my best and know that I am only competing with myself. I closed my eyes, breathed through it and stopped looking at my watch and just ran, and when I hit the final hill, the hill I worked hard to prepare for, I booted it up that hill and looked at my watch and had less than 2 minutes to go to hours and I could see the end. So even though my legs felt like lead I pushed it and made my goals. I am also proud because my fastest 15k post baby training run was actually 2:09:41 which means I ran 10:01 faster today than my best this year.

The weather was perfect today. It was 0 degrees, when I left home and 6 when I got back. The weather was sunny with some clouds and a bit of wind (at the end of the race of course) so it was beautiful, especially since it was supposed to rain today. I'm so happy that it wasn't raining.

I'm also happy that my hubby brought my girls to the first 5k of the race so I could give them a big kiss and hugs. I know it's not easy to get the girls ready to go outside and taking them to a road for the race (lucky for him he only had to go 1.1km away from our house to hit one of the roads the race is on) so I could love them. But a lot of people asked him if he was the husband of the woman who just had a baby. I made a lot of people feel better at the start. People who were nervous about coming in last. I joked to them that coming in last was my job so they were set. I also liked him coming there because I got to hand off my warmer coat, my empty water bottle, the bar they gave out at the start line and such.

So now I'm a happy camper and need a good long rest!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favourites - guilty food pleasures

Tomorrow is my race! That's 1 day people!

So in honour of Halloween, this week I'm focusing on my guilty food pleasures. I figure with all the little goblins and ghosties running around trying to get a sugar rush I would focus on my guilty treat pleasures.

1/ Chocolate
Seriously, is there really someone who doesn't love chocolate? If there is, I have not met them yet! So I have my guilty chocolate pleasure. I prefer to enjoy it either with nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) in it, as mousse, or as dark chocolate 60-75% cocoa. It's rich, creamy and yummy. Lately I've been making a lot of things from scratch with good quality chocolate, like my pumpkin bark and triple chocolate biscotti. A nice way to enjoy some yummy chocolate.

2/ Cake
Cake is one of those things that I am a bit more picky about. It used to be that I would just inhale any cake no questions asked. But now I'm becoming much more particular about what I will put into my body. I don't eat packaged cake mix, I don't eat flavours I don't love, I don't eat ones with too much icing (unless my hubby is there to eat the extra icing for me - icing is one of his guilty foods) and I don't eat cake that I don't know who made it. What I enjoy is a fresh, from scratch cake made with quality ingredients that tastes amazing, not store bought, oil cream, overly iced cake.

3/ Lattes
I am a major latte-a-holic, and I am not afraid to admit it. I have two different sized stove top espresso makers.  One that makes enough espresso for a venti-sized latte, another that does enough for 2-3 ventis. I also have anywhere from 7-12 flavours of syrup or sugar at any time. Currently I have vanilla, sugar free hazelnut, mocha, ameretto, maple sugar, coconut, chai, and homemade pumpkin butter to make pumpkin spice lattes. I also have large starbucks mugs and large spoons to go in the mugs. My husband teases me a lot about it, but everyone loves coming to my place since I usually have homemade goodies to go with my fancy coffees, when it's snack time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

To start I have 3 days until my race! Eeeeeek!

Woot. Feeling pretty good today since I have won the scale wars battle this week! My friendly scale has given me a lovely, 175.8 today. That's a lovely drop of 1.8lbs! Go me!! That also means I've lost over 1/3 of the total weight I want to drop. So overall I feel awesome!

So I know I may not be hitting my running goal this month, because I took an unplanned day off on Wednesday. My toddler doesn't want to sleep since her daddy is on a business trip and he's the one to put her to bed. So that means I'm not sleeping as well as normal and frankly the lack of another body in my bed is also adding to that. I figured since I was rather tired, and honestly felt rather dehydrated, I would just take the day off. So what that means is that I'll be about 10km short of my goal after the race with only Sunday and Monday to hit it. Usually that's not too bad but the two days after a race are rest days, and Monday is Halloween so I am really busy. But that's okay, life will go on.

Sisterly love!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adventures worth three generations.

So the visit with my mom is going WONDERFULLY!
Oma with the girls after arriving.
After my mom arrived last night she got right to the job of being a wonderful Oma. I had a great meal waiting for her and after that she got to snuggle her some little ladies. She was a big help at bedtime too, handling putting Lilly to bed.

Me with Katrina at the pumpkin patch.
Today has been a blast. We started out at the pumpkin patch we went to last week. It was so much fun we came back and Lillian loved it. She did the rope maze, the straw bounce, the giant hay pile. It was a great time. We had a hard time getting her to sit still long enough to take a picture. Lucky for us Katrina was happy to pose for a few.
Lillian bolting to play at the pumpkin patch.
In the afternoon it rained, so after nap time we ended the day with a trip to the mall. My mom got some Christmas shopping for me and the girls done (it's so much easier to pick when I'm there and they are there to measure things on) and we all stopped by the food court for a kiddie cone of ice cream. Lillian couldn't decide between hers and Oma's so she ate both! I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.
Lillian eating her and Oma's ice cream.
Oh yah, I have only 4 days until my race!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day of rest.

So now I'm down to 5 days until my race, and today is a rest day.

I didn't get to bed until really late last night so I'm glad that I have a day to rest today. I managed to do the cleaning that I needed to, except for the dishes, but I'm waiting for a baby to finish napping before I do them. I had a nice morning with my girls today. Katrina has been very sleepy today so Lillian and I had some mommy and toddler cuddle time and read some books together on the couch. She also managed to find herself a banana for her morning snack and ran up to me with it saying "nana". I was then told to "open nana" and when I gave it back to her she threw her arms in the arm and said "hurray nana!" and ran off to eat it. Such a cute little monkey. She went down for her nap really well for me so that was a good thing and Katrina has been dozing in and out of sleep all day.

I have realized how much my husband really does do while he's gone. I've only had 1 day without him and I'm exhausted. I am looking forward to him coming back because while he doesn't always do everything I want him to do he does a lot that I apparently don't notice because while he's gone I feel like I have so much extra stuff to do that it's kind crazy. I don't have to pack his lunch or make his side of the bed, or pick up his laundry. But I did have to clean the bird cages, take out the recycling, do the dishes every day and put both girls to bed. Long days so I now realize how much he really does. I think this trip was a good thing, since I've been really hard on him lately because I felt he doesn't do enough, but maybe I was wrong.

I guess I have a few days to figure things out and realize how much he really does do, and probably will owe him an apology when he gets home.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tired, hungry and so much to do.

So it's now 6 days to my race and I don't care. I'm more concerned with the 4 days left before my hubby comes back from his business trip. Today went really well until dinner time. Lillian ate but Katrina cried so I had to feed her during Lillian's dinner. Lillian took advantage of this to smear yogurt EVERYWHERE. Not what I needed. Then I had to put away a lot of laundry, followed by bathing Katrina and then trying to feed her. She was not interested in it and just fussed/screamed. So I bathed Lillian, and then put her to bed. Katrina was awake again, so I brought her down with me to clean up the downstairs. All she did was SCREAM. I barely got the toys picked up and dishes washed before I thought I would lose my mind. And again she would not eat, and none of the usual make her happy things worked. Cuddling didn't cut it, baby movements got no reaction, and nosey nuzzles/neck and tummy kisses didn't even get a smirk. Finally I gave up and put her in her swing and she's quiet now.

So now it's almost 9pm and I have a stupid amount of cleaning and laundry to still take care of and tomorrow my mom comes. I love my mom and she's wonderful but she's sometimes overly critical of me so I don't know whether to be excited or dread the visit. All I know is that no matter how much I clean or work on the house it will not be enough and she will comment on it. Even though I called her and told her not to be critical of me when she comes up because it's been a long week and I don't want to deal with there is no guarantee that she won't comment on it.

So wish me luck because right now I feel like crap, and am starving but too tired to even bother to feed myself. It's going to be a long week and I already need a good cry.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busy, busy sewing bee.

So today my running BFF came over and we had a wonderful 10.6k run while my darling husband stayed home with the two little ladies. It allowed him to cuddle our babies before he left on his business trip. After lunch he headed off to Boston, and my ladies went off for naps, or at least they should have. Lillian decided not to sleep. But we set up a lovely sweat shop in the basement and created some lovely baby sleep bags. They are adorable and brightly coloured. We have many more t-shirts that will still need to be cut up and sewed into sleepers and shall have another sewing date.
All 6 lovely baby sleepers.
So I have had a fabulous day, even though my hubby is off for a while. My running is going well this month. I really enjoyed my run today, and especially am excited that I have run over 130km so far this month. That leaves me with only 40km to go with 15 happening on Saturday for my race. Then I have 25 remaining to spread out over 4 days which is very doable. Tomorrow if all goes well, I will run on my treadmill and do what I can. Here's hoping it's at least 6 or 7km.

Now I have only 7 days remaining before my race. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favourites - Excuses!

Okay this week is a funny Friday favourites! Below are our favourite excuses (my hubby and mine) and how we handle them!

Excuse 1: "I'm too tired to run"
Reply: "Running makes you feel better and gives you energy"
This is actually true for me 98% of the time. Somehow running gives me this rush to keep going, and the energy to push through my mommy sleep deprivation.

Excuse 2: "The babies are asleep. I might wake them."
Reply: "Umm... they're asleep take advantage of it."
We have a treadmill in the basement so they can't hear me running, and with a curious toddler like Lillian you can't run on a treadmill while she's awake because she'll try to investigate it and what I am doing.

Excuse 3: "The babies won't sleep, so I can't run."
Reply: "Run with them, and they'll sleep."
My toddler has been riding in the running stroller since she was 2.5 months old, and the baby since she was 6 weeks old and I was approved for running. The bouncing of the jogging stroller puts them to sleep, and since they started early they enjoy it.

Excuse 4: "I don't feel like it. I just want to sit here."
Reply: "You'll feel awesome after you do it."
The days that I just want to sit around are usually improved when I get off my butt and run. There have even been days where I ran with "lead legs" and still felt better after the run. I did have one time where I didn't feel better but only one time where I didn't feel better and the rest where I did!

Excuse 5: "It's too hot/cold/windy outside."
Reply: "Go on the treadmill."
If the baby's don't sleep and it's too cold or too windy I can't take them out in the stroller. When the wind is over 30km/hr the stroller becomes a sail, and if it's too cold that I don't think they'll be safe I won't take them outside. Here I have to wait until they go to sleep, even if that means down for the night and I run at 9:00pm.

Excuse 6: "I just don't have the time."
Reply: "The dishes/laundry/cleaning will wait. If the girls have been loved and their needs are met you need your mom time."
Running makes me a better mom. This is a fact, not a theory. It relaxes me, makes me less moody, keeps my temper in check and helps me feel more confident about myself since it helps me lose weight and be healthier overall. When I don't make the time to run, I get moody and lose my temper a lot more.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thinning Thursday.

So here is a quickie thinning Thursday post. I stayed the same this morning, so I'm still 177.6 lbs. That's okay though. I know that I actually lost but since I am a bit, shall we say delayed, in a usual morning routine it won't show up until next week. It's from all the longer runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. They have thrown my schedule off a bit, and my busy life yesterday evening added to it.

But staying the same is great, and next week will be a great loss for me to enjoy! To keep up the great work and I will too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Countdown and a Vent.

Okay, so now I have 10 days until my race, not that I'm counting or anything.

Today was a good day and here are some of the things I'm excited about!

I'm excited because I set myself a goal of running 170km this month and I'm at 113.31km which is 66% of the way to the goal! I love math. So 2/3 done with only 61% of the month over! That is progress, especially since I need to rest a few days before the race and probably won't feel like running too much the two October days after the race.

I'm excited because we have all our Halloween candy and we've picked through the boxes and now have a smaller box of all our favourites, making it the perfect candy box. I also love that beacuse all the candy is the perfect chewing toughness for our toddler so I don't have to worry if most of her candy is too hard or soft for her. She'll still have an awesome Halloween filled with yummy goodies.

I'm excited because I'm having a good week, and even though my husband is going away on business next week I have a lot of plans for fun. My mother will be coming up for a few days and we'll be heading back to the pumpkin patch to get some more pie pumpkins in order to make more pumpkin puree to freeze and another large load of yummy pumpkin seeds.

But there is something I'm sad about. A lot of the blogs that I've been reading for a while have stopped writing lately. Either they are writing less often or just not at all. I miss reading them, but at the same time I know that people's lives are busy. But I also noticed that several of them who write less often are writing about how they are not doing well on their weight loss journey, or coming back to the blog after months away and it makes me wonder if there is a tie between not blogging and not losing weight. I find my blog is a great sounding board and almost like a journal for my journey. I feel like my blog keeps me accountable and gives me a place to air my frustrations. I feel that if people can't be committed enough, (or find the time in their busy mommy lives) to spend a few minutes each day or two, expressing their feelings then they probably put that same effort into their workouts and diet/healthy eating. I don't mean to sound harsh, but being a mom is a lot of work, as I know, and I find time to eat healthy and exercise in my busy day so I believe that anyone can. Sure having to work around their schedule or wait until my husband gets home is hard, but I do what I have to do. I make salad or egg white veggie omletes while holding a 4 month old. I get up at 6:30am on Saturday (almost every week) to go to the farmers market for stuff I need. It sucks to NEVER get to sleep in but that is the price I pay for my family and our healthy life style. It's also what allows us to eat barely any processed food and why I believe my children are rarely sick. But that's just my vent of the day!

I apologize if anyone feels that is harsh or that it's aimed at them. I am not trying to put anyone down. It is just something I've noticed for the past few months and needed to vent about.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Countdown Begins

11 days to go.

It's only 11 more days and I will be running my first real post-baby race. Right now I'm feeling really conflicted about it.

I feel nervous about it because it's a long and challenging race. I am also worried I won't beat my record from last year, and will come in last again. I don't want to do that again. I will survive if I do, but I am not looking forward to it. I'm also concerned because I have a really fussy baby because she's teething and that makes her cry and cry and cry. I'm scared she'll cry all night the night before my race and I'll be absolutely exhausted and just SUCK! But that's the risks you take being a running mom.

I feel good about it because I know (thanks to my friend Cecilia) that this race is NOT a starter race and rather is a race that advanced runners pick, which makes me feel like I'm on a different level. I also feel good because I decided to figure out my resting heart rate yesterday and it falls into the Athlete area. I couldn't believe it. I made Steve take it for me again and he got the same number I did. So that is really exciting for me. I may not be totally skinny like I want to be but the health benefits for me are already there. It's a good feeling, especially since I have a nasty temper and my hubby is convinced it'll give me a heart attack one day but my heart is getting good and strong, while my exercise keeps my temper in check.

Lillian being cranky that mommy, not daddy is pulling her.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What started it all.

Two years ago my baby girl, Lillian was born into our family and my journey of loving running started! Today was dedicated to our girl! She woke up and searched the play area for her gifts, while feasting on waffles. Then we enjoyed our time at the pumpkin patch where we bought our pumpkins and she played with all the fun games there. Then we got pizza for lunch, she napped like an angel! After her nap we did her candles in the pumpkin bark I baked on the weekend. Then she played with her new toys, nibbled on dinner and went to bed peaceful and on time!

It was a beautiful and perfect day! I could not have asked for more!

Family photo on the pumpkin patch hay pile.

Blowing out her birthday candles.

Yummy, yummy, pumpkin bark!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Serious case of the jelly legs.

Do you ever get that feeling? Like your legs are made out of jelly? I've been getting it a lot lately. For almost two weeks now, my legs feel like jelly and are sore all day, and yet when I hit the treadmill they come alive. It's almost as if running makes them better, which doesn't make any sense to me since exercise usually makes you more tired. What does make them worse is the stairs (God I hate stairs and we have two floors and a basement - grrr).

But I think I may have an idea why they feel so crappy. At first I thought I was over training but I'm resting three days a week and running four, and ranging around 30 or 40km a week, which is not excessive. But, I am wearing the same two pairs of shoes I've always worn for running, other than my travel shoes. So that could mean that they are dead, and not just dead but DEAD! So today I wore my brand spanking new shoes and am hopeful that it will help my jelly legs. I'll know tomorrow and I hope it's good news! I run my horror hill race in only two weeks from today and I need my legs to be back to normal and not this lead, jelly nonsense.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not a Friday Favourite

Okay so I usually do a Friday favourite but this week I didn't have time to write one in advance and tonight I feel like bragging and since that's so rare I figured I'd take advantage of it.

These tiny little toes were so worth the effort that I am going through
now to lose all this weight.
What's up with me?? Simple, I have lost 14 lbs and when I hit 15.5lbs I will have lost 1/3 of the weight I plan to lose. I've been feeling so down lately, but I had to repeat that sentence to myself again. "I've almost lost 1/3 of the weight I want to lose". How on earth did THAT happen? I feel like I'm getting somewhere, like it's not hopeless. I can't believe how awesome I'm doing and that feels amazing. I know that there will be bumps on the way but I am starting to feel much better about this process.

My kids are stressing me out to the point that I want to pull out all of my hair but that's okay. I love them and tomorrow will be a new and better day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thinning Thursday

So this week went very well! I lost 1.4lbs today!

I lost that weight despite Thanksgiving dinner, despite munching on my recently purchased Halloween candy (darn you mini Twix), despite the crazy snacking I did on Tuesday!

I lost this weight because I ran a lot this week, because I ate well everyday even if I indulged, because I got loads of healthy food in my body to make myself run effectively, because I worked hard.

Now I'm going to try really hard to keep up the good work this week as well. I know I can do it, and there aren't any major events this week other than my daughter's first birthday, but I'm going to bake a mini cake only since we're celebrating in November when her baby sister gets baptized and the whole family is here. So a few slices pizza and a cup cake won't destroy my week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Before and After - here we go again - 3 month update!

Okay, so here we go again. It's been 3 months since I started this crazy journey to lose weight and be healthy for my baby girls! I feel good, but I must say I wish I were a little bit further along in this journey than I actually am (with Lillian I lost 20.2lbs at the end of 3 months, but I am starting from a much healthier point, and my 3 month mark with that loss was actually 6 months into her life so this time I started earlier). But I am doing an amazing thing and showing my girls what healthy looks like. I am so proud to be setting a wonderful example for my girls. I am working my butt off day in and day out and sure there have been some slip ups, some hard days, and some really wonderful achievements on the way but the best is yet to come!

Due date with Katrina:
That is one big baby belly!!

1 month after Katrina was born (July 12th):
Ready to start shrinking.

Chest: 44 inches
Waist: 42 inches
Abdomen/Bellybutton: 45 inches
Hips: 46 inches
Weight: 189 lbs

3 months after starting my journey (October 13th):
3 months into the journey.

Chest: 42 inches (down 2 inches)
Waist: 40 inches (down 2 inches)
Abdomen/Bellybutton: 42.5 inches (down 2.5 inches)
Hips: 44.5 inches (down 1.5 inches)
Weight: 179 lbs (down 10 lbs)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day of rest, sort of.

Okay, so today is my rest day from running. I spent it running errands for 2 hours this morning with both babies so that is a workout in itself. But I did manage to pick up a Christmas gift for me (my mom is buying it for me and it was on sale for 65% off today at Canadian Tire), hit the bank, and went to Walmart to pick up the Halloween candy and a few decorations.

I'm really excited to do the Halloween decorations this year. Usually I'm happy to do it, but this year I'm crazy excited. We're going to do cobwebs on the inside of the door, a spooky man on the porch, caution tape in the yard, arms sticking out of the rock, tissue paper ghosts on the bush, and I've bought liquid fog for the night of, and my hubby has a fog machine. I have no idea why he does, but he had it when we met, and this year it will come in handy. We're even thinking of putting a fake man in a chair, and then Steve may swap places with it after Lilly goes out trick or treating and scare the older kids who come to our house!

My lovely new shoes!
Lastly, to the left, you can see my lovely 2000km run reward! I love my new shoes but I need a day where I run outside for only 5k so I can try them out on a run. I figure my 10 and 15k runs are just too far to risk the shoes hurting my feet. Here's hoping tomorrow or Thursday will be the day!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not feeling as good as I should.

My cake batter tester!
So I have managed to accomplish so much in regards to my running and in one sad little run it all came crashing down. My self esteem is too fragile right now to hold up against any sort of competition, especially competition that wasn't supposed to stand a chance.

I went running with my hubby and my girls in the stroller today. I held the stroller for the first 2.5km over the hilly part and then let him take them for the next 5k and I took them for the final 2.5km. I figured that with him not having run since his May half-marathon (except for AHS fun run) and my having been training for months I would be able to get a few hundred metres ahead of him easy as pie. But NO, that is not how it happened. I didn't even get 100 metres ahead of him, and he was pushing both girls in the stroller and I was on my own. I ran a 7:40 km twice, but when I got to the end and turned around and he was right there.

Cecilia, Steve, Alice with the girlies.
I just got horribly depressed. I didn't even want to run at all anymore. I completely gave up for the rest of my run. I just felt like a total loser and it made me feel like why do I both running, when I can't even beat my husband after 5 months of NOT running. I don't want to keep coming in last for all my races, and now I'm worried that I will just end up being last in all my upcoming races. I feel bummed and sad. I hope I get out of this funk when I go for my horror hill training run on Monday. Wish me luck.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favourites - Running Mama Tips

ISo this week I want to focus on my favourite tips for running when you're a mom.

1/ Start with the jogging stroller ASAP!
The sooner you get that baby into the stroller the better. It means you'll get used to pushing a stroller with a newborn, the sooner you'll get used to pushing a 20-something pound toddler. I found that as my baby gained weight I didn't even notice the extra weight in the stroller. And once the car seat was gone the whole thing actually got easier for a bit too. I also found that getting my girls into the stroller while they were really small is allowing me to be able to get them into the stroller easily now that they're older. Lillian doesn't cry or complain about going in the way some babies that I've read on other people's blogs do. My girls love the stroller and I'm thankful for it.

2/ Make time for your runs regardless.
Sometimes being a mom is tough. Someone always wants you, needs you, there is always something to do or clean and you can easily forget about you as an individual and not a mom. But making even a half hour of free time to run makes you a better mother. It'll clear your mind, calm your nerves and help rid you of the baby weight, which helps your confidence. If you have sleepless nights, then just walk or easy jog. If you have babies who will not sleep, stick them in a stroller and go. You'll be amazed about how well a baby sleeps after being in the fresh air. And don't give me any crap about it being too cold to take the baby out. I ran with my monkey in -12 degrees while it was snowing. She wore two snowsuits and had a cover over the stroller. If you want to do it, it'll work out.

3/ Find ways to keep your kids happy while you run.
I find that running during nap time on the treadmill helps keep me feel less guilty about the me time. I also try to run during nap time on weekends so that my hubby only has to juggle 1 baby, though if the big girl wakes up then he gets them both. I've also figured out a way to attach my Ipod and a mini speaker to the double stroller so the girls can have their music while I run. It's not quite the same running to "the wheels on the bus" and "old macdonald" but if it keeps them happy while I run, and lets me get out it is worth it!

4/ Get your partner on board too.
I'm not saying the only mom's who can run are married, because not all men are helpful like that. If you don't have a partner who can help you with this branch out to friends, and other moms who share your desire to run so that you have a group of 'partners' to help you with. You can swap kids for runs or meet up for mommy stroller runs. The more support you end up with the better it'll be for you and the more likely you are to stick to the whole thing.

5/ Remember you are only human.
I am always trying to do everything for everyone and suddenly it hit me that I can't. I'm a good mom and a loving wife, but I can't just work 24/7. I make lists and do what I can everyday but some days I can only do a few things and some days my runs just don't happen because both girls are awake and won't nap and are cranky and unhappy but that's life. Somedays when this happens they go into the stroller and off we go, while others it means cookies and ice cream for all. I do my best and take it all one day at a time.

The most important advice I can give, is that you have to make the time for your runs and stick to it. A lot of moms come up with reasons why they can't run or shouldn't take the time to go, but I've had two babies, and ran during my 2nd pregnancy and after both girls, and have learned that putting yourself first for 30-60 minutes a day makes everything better for your whole family.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinning Thursday

In the epic battle of the scale wars, the score is set at 7:2 for Alice! This week I went down from 179.8 to 179! I feel like a million bucks. I've lost a total of 12.5lbs and while I wish it was more that's 26.9% of my goal loss. I have to remember that slow and steady will win this race (even if it's not true for the races I've run) or in my case will finish the race. Next week I have to do my update for my weight loss journey so be ready for it! Below you'll find some fun photos of my family!

Reading the morning paper.

Cuddles with a very tired daddy. She takes his blackberry
while he sleeps and then kisses him,
but unlike sleeping beauty he didn't wake up.

Mommy making the girls laugh.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2,000km hit.

Exciting news!! I have officially run 2,001km since I started running in January 2010.

Girlies on the run!
If you had told me in 2009 that I would be sitting here today having run 2000+1 km I would have called you CRAZY! But here I am rocking it and working my butt off (literally) and loving it. Discovering this love of running has truly changed my life. I feel happier, less stressed and all around healthier. I never thought I could feel so healthy and happy every day and that I would love the feeling of exercising.

I know I have a lot of work to do in order to get back to where I was pre-baby speed wise but this is a lifelong commitment and journey. Distance is not an issue since I can rock 15km hill runs, but my speed is not there. So while I may not rock my upcoming Horror Hill run as much as I want to, I will have 6 months to train for the Waterloo half and already be running 15km. When I ran the first I trained in 4 months, and the second one I trained for 3 months. So I am hoping with 6 months and starting from a better place I will at least be able to seriously ROCK that race.

My reward for hitting my 2,000km is a new pair of running shoes! So tomorrow I get to go to the Running Room and find myself a new pair of shoes.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Running, Cooking, Cleaning, Finding, Sewing mama!

Katrina LOVES the jolly jumper.
That's me. I have loads of titles and hats and I love them all!

Yesterday I managed to sew a bag to put Lillian's birthday present (books) into. It's closed with velcro so I can reuse it when Christmas rolls around.

I managed to find two books for my hubby that he couldn't find. One is a library book that he's been renewing for months because he had no idea where it was (in a bag of his receipts) and the other is a programming book he wants to use for a project he's working on (that one was buried in a pile of magazines).

Last night I put away all my baby laundry, and today I tidied up the house for our cleaners (they help me out monthly) and did a load of laundry last night, and Steve and I cleaned up the sewing stuff in my mom's basement.

For cooking, I made a yummy roast this weekend. From that we had spicy thai beef wraps, Steve has a roast beef sandwich, there will be either stew or pasta with roast tonight and then tomorrow it will be gone. So sad but yummy, and next week I'm going to try for a roast chicken and see how long that goes for.

So I'm feeling pretty good today even if my baby only let me run for 3km this afternoon. She didn't want to nap or play or anything that didn't involve being cuddled (I'm glad that at least one of my babies really loves me). The plan is to run another 5k after daddy gets home tonight, and as of right now I'm only 9km away from having run 2000km!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Warrior.

So this weekend I was a weekend warrior both domestically and running wise.

On Saturday I ran my horror hill, hill training run for the second time and made a huge improvements!
Sunday, Sept. 25 --> 15.2km in 2:17:21 so pace of 9:02min/km, weather was fine.
Saturday, Oct. 1 --> 15.24km in 2:09:50 so pace of 8:31min/km, weather had 40km/hr wind gusts!
As you can see I not ran faster dropping 7:31 off my time, and 0:31 off my pace, but I did so on a crazy windy day! I really felt the wind but that's fine because I rocked the run and am so proud of myself! I have 4 Saturdays left to train and the 4th one will be the actual race! So here's my plan:
Oct 3-9 I'll take it easy because of Thanksgiving and only run on Saturday and then rest on Sunday.
Oct 10-16 I'll kick butt and do the hilly run Saturday and an easy 10k on Sunday.
Oct 17-23 I'll do the hill run Saturday (possibly a reduced version) and rest Sunday to start my tapper.
Oct 30th I'll rock the race like nobody's business.
The crazy thing is, I almost didn't run because my knee was a bit sore, but I know it's from squatting and picking up Lillian always on the left, so I've made a mental note to pick her up on the right now to balance it, and before I even finished my warm up my knee felt great.

On Sunday I decided not to run since I am having lunch with a girlfriend and I need to use my rest day on that day. Usually I rest Mondays so we planned lunch that day but since we need to move it, I will rest today, run Monday and rest the day we have lunch. I think it's a good plan. :)

As for the domestic front I was a busy wife and mommy this weekend too. We went out for a family breakfast on Saturday and after we got back I did my run. Then while my hubby took care of mowing the lawn (last time for 2011) I got dinner ready. We are not big meat eaters in this house but I felt like it this weekend so we had (brace yourself - and YES it's all homemade) a roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, butternut squash, gravy and cheddar biscuits. I told Steve that if Lillian can't find something she likes in that she's crazy! On the funny side, she fell asleep watching the Secret of Nimh while I was cooking. Both babies were passed out and soooo cute! Sorry when I tried to get the camera everyone woke up.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Updates Day.

I feel like me again!!!

This whole week I've felt like myself again. My hubby married a wonderful lovely woman who gets cranky and moody at times and he's okay with that. This week I lost the pissed off, I want to stab you with a fork attitude and went back to my happy go lucky self who occasionally gets annoyed about things. I'm telling him when I don't like what he's doing instead of screaming and throwing things. I'm letting go of things like the toys not all being picked up, and the crumbs on the floor because it is not physically possible for me to do it all in one day and still run 10km. But I'm very happy and getting back to normal.

My ladies in their double stroller. I can now run with both of them.
Running wise I have some great plans for this weekend. I'm going to do a 15km hill run on Saturday and an easy paced 10km run on Sunday. That will give me 25km in addition to my 25 already run, so I'll have run 50km this week! But even more exciting these runs will put me just shy of hitting 2,000km run! I am super excited! When I hit 1,000 I got my Garmin and after a chat with my hubby I discovered that I will be getting a new pair of running shoes, since I have been running on the same two pairs for these whole kms so I get a new pair!
Karina in the sleeper I made her.

As for my domestic hobbies, I made a lovely baby sleeper today during nap time for my baby. I made it from my husband's old t-shirt so it smells like daddy and was made by mommy. I found the tutorial on a blog that I read and I think it turned out great! (blog is here) I did it as a practice sleeper for the ones I'm going to make with my running BFF on our sewing playdate! I'm glad I made one because I know it will work and we have one to look off of when we are making ours.

So I'm excited to say the happy, crazy, running mamma is back! So look forward to more posts about crazy back to back runs and late nights and lots of creative projects! Oh yah. I've hit the end of my pre-written Friday favourites, please let me know if you've enjoyed them. If you have I'll continue writing them.