Monday, October 24, 2011

Day of rest.

So now I'm down to 5 days until my race, and today is a rest day.

I didn't get to bed until really late last night so I'm glad that I have a day to rest today. I managed to do the cleaning that I needed to, except for the dishes, but I'm waiting for a baby to finish napping before I do them. I had a nice morning with my girls today. Katrina has been very sleepy today so Lillian and I had some mommy and toddler cuddle time and read some books together on the couch. She also managed to find herself a banana for her morning snack and ran up to me with it saying "nana". I was then told to "open nana" and when I gave it back to her she threw her arms in the arm and said "hurray nana!" and ran off to eat it. Such a cute little monkey. She went down for her nap really well for me so that was a good thing and Katrina has been dozing in and out of sleep all day.

I have realized how much my husband really does do while he's gone. I've only had 1 day without him and I'm exhausted. I am looking forward to him coming back because while he doesn't always do everything I want him to do he does a lot that I apparently don't notice because while he's gone I feel like I have so much extra stuff to do that it's kind crazy. I don't have to pack his lunch or make his side of the bed, or pick up his laundry. But I did have to clean the bird cages, take out the recycling, do the dishes every day and put both girls to bed. Long days so I now realize how much he really does. I think this trip was a good thing, since I've been really hard on him lately because I felt he doesn't do enough, but maybe I was wrong.

I guess I have a few days to figure things out and realize how much he really does do, and probably will owe him an apology when he gets home.

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