Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favourites - Excuses!

Okay this week is a funny Friday favourites! Below are our favourite excuses (my hubby and mine) and how we handle them!

Excuse 1: "I'm too tired to run"
Reply: "Running makes you feel better and gives you energy"
This is actually true for me 98% of the time. Somehow running gives me this rush to keep going, and the energy to push through my mommy sleep deprivation.

Excuse 2: "The babies are asleep. I might wake them."
Reply: "Umm... they're asleep take advantage of it."
We have a treadmill in the basement so they can't hear me running, and with a curious toddler like Lillian you can't run on a treadmill while she's awake because she'll try to investigate it and what I am doing.

Excuse 3: "The babies won't sleep, so I can't run."
Reply: "Run with them, and they'll sleep."
My toddler has been riding in the running stroller since she was 2.5 months old, and the baby since she was 6 weeks old and I was approved for running. The bouncing of the jogging stroller puts them to sleep, and since they started early they enjoy it.

Excuse 4: "I don't feel like it. I just want to sit here."
Reply: "You'll feel awesome after you do it."
The days that I just want to sit around are usually improved when I get off my butt and run. There have even been days where I ran with "lead legs" and still felt better after the run. I did have one time where I didn't feel better but only one time where I didn't feel better and the rest where I did!

Excuse 5: "It's too hot/cold/windy outside."
Reply: "Go on the treadmill."
If the baby's don't sleep and it's too cold or too windy I can't take them out in the stroller. When the wind is over 30km/hr the stroller becomes a sail, and if it's too cold that I don't think they'll be safe I won't take them outside. Here I have to wait until they go to sleep, even if that means down for the night and I run at 9:00pm.

Excuse 6: "I just don't have the time."
Reply: "The dishes/laundry/cleaning will wait. If the girls have been loved and their needs are met you need your mom time."
Running makes me a better mom. This is a fact, not a theory. It relaxes me, makes me less moody, keeps my temper in check and helps me feel more confident about myself since it helps me lose weight and be healthier overall. When I don't make the time to run, I get moody and lose my temper a lot more.

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