Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Updates Day.

I feel like me again!!!

This whole week I've felt like myself again. My hubby married a wonderful lovely woman who gets cranky and moody at times and he's okay with that. This week I lost the pissed off, I want to stab you with a fork attitude and went back to my happy go lucky self who occasionally gets annoyed about things. I'm telling him when I don't like what he's doing instead of screaming and throwing things. I'm letting go of things like the toys not all being picked up, and the crumbs on the floor because it is not physically possible for me to do it all in one day and still run 10km. But I'm very happy and getting back to normal.

My ladies in their double stroller. I can now run with both of them.
Running wise I have some great plans for this weekend. I'm going to do a 15km hill run on Saturday and an easy paced 10km run on Sunday. That will give me 25km in addition to my 25 already run, so I'll have run 50km this week! But even more exciting these runs will put me just shy of hitting 2,000km run! I am super excited! When I hit 1,000 I got my Garmin and after a chat with my hubby I discovered that I will be getting a new pair of running shoes, since I have been running on the same two pairs for these whole kms so I get a new pair!
Karina in the sleeper I made her.

As for my domestic hobbies, I made a lovely baby sleeper today during nap time for my baby. I made it from my husband's old t-shirt so it smells like daddy and was made by mommy. I found the tutorial on a blog that I read and I think it turned out great! (blog is here) I did it as a practice sleeper for the ones I'm going to make with my running BFF on our sewing playdate! I'm glad I made one because I know it will work and we have one to look off of when we are making ours.

So I'm excited to say the happy, crazy, running mamma is back! So look forward to more posts about crazy back to back runs and late nights and lots of creative projects! Oh yah. I've hit the end of my pre-written Friday favourites, please let me know if you've enjoyed them. If you have I'll continue writing them.

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